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This is just a little tid bit before the actual chapter.

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Pre Script- This is just a little tiny preview, since I can't resist you people. I'm considering writing some smut, but I doubt my abilities to do so. Therefore, it may take some time for the next couple chapters to get up here. Lots of love :D

Gerard’s P.O.V.
I had told the boss at work Frankie had an emergency, and would’ve been in the hospital for a while, and may have needed some days to rest. Thank god our boss is one of my best friends, and he said it was fine with him that Frankie stay out as long as he needed to get better. Frankie had attempted suicide on a Friday, got out of the hospital on a Monday, and was back to work the next Thursday. I really tried to get him to stay home till at least Saturday, but he was so determined to go to work. I have no idea why. He always described it as his own personal hell hole. He said he something about not letting his stupid mistake hold him back from doing what everyone had to do.

Frankie’s P.O.V.
It sucked to be in the hospital. They had the shittiest food ever. I would’ve rather had hit rock bottom and eaten out of a garbage can. And lying in the stupid bed all day was not for me. I wanted to build a ramp, get a wheelchair and wreak havoc. People think that when hospital patients sleep all day it’s because they’re resting, tired, and recovering. WRONG. We’re bored out of our fucking minds. Gerard made me take naps, every day. He’d actually stay in the hospital all day, and all night, until he needed something to eat. Then he’d go out to subway and get something. I’d beg and plead for chips or a bite of the hoagie. He’d always say “No, Frankie. You’re not allowed to eat this kind of food yet. When you’re feeling better, I promise I will get you a big nice meal.” All I could respond to that was "Yes, mother." with an eye roll.
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