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Reality is to Good to be Real

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Third and final part of Chapter 4, Frankie's point of view. -Quote- “But I’m really happy to see you, Gerard. Really happy.”

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Frankie’s P.O.V.
I just regained consciousness. I wonder where I am. Why am I in a hospital? Who found me? Am I just dead? What is going on?
“Frank?” The doctor said, opening up the door.
“Yeah?” I spit out.
“You have a visitor.” Doctor what’s his face said. I wonder who it is. Probably Ray to finish me off. Splendid the thought. Then he looked back at what was presumably my visitor and said, “Go on ahead.”
It was Gerard. He looked like he’d been torn apart by something. I bet he and Ray broke up. Did Ray break his heart? If he did, that man would pay something fierce.
“Hi, Gerard…”I managed to choke out.
“Frankie!” He said, and darted over to me. Oh no. He’s going to hit me. “Why would you do that?!” He asked, sounding a little panicked.
I looked down. I didn’t want to answer that. He’d think me a fool if I told him why. Then he’d cuss me out to my face, and he’d scream and yell. I was embarrassed.
“I thought I lost you…” Ray didn’t deserve Gerard. Not one bit. “But I’m really happy to see you, Gerard. Really happy.” I answered.
He knelt down beside my bed. He still cares about me? Why? I was such a stupid slut to him. Nothing but a problem.
“Frankie… You’ve never lost me… I love you, so much, Frankie. So very, very much…” He answered. I saw him tear up. I didn’t want him to cry. I didn’t want him to cry over me. Please, Gerard. Don’t cry. I hate it when you cry.
“Ray said that you hate me… Why are you here?” I asked, terrified of the answer. But I was so happy he loved me. Even if he loved me in a friend way.
“Frankie… I love you. That’s why I’m here. I can’t imagine life without you, actually. I wouldn’t know what to do if you hadn’t pulled through.” He said, hiding his face like he was ashamed.
“Oh…” I said and started to smile a little. “G-Gerard. Would it be…Um…Out of the question to ask you to take me back?” I asked, then thinking about what a stupid question that was. No he wouldn’t want you back. You’re a whore, Frankie. A stupid whore.
“No, it wouldn’t be.” He answered, smiling slightly.
“W-Will you be with me again, Gee?” I asked, hopefully.
“Yes, Frankie.” He answered.
Then he started kissing me. I pressed myself against him more to get the full affect. I welcomed his tongue into my mouth, and moaned a low, satisfied moan. I would’ve done more, but I was stuck in this stupid hospital bed. When I started to nibble on his lip, I pulled away. I felt the urge to apologize for what I had done.
“G-Gerard…” I said, avoiding eye contact.
“Yeah, Frankie?” He whispered to me.
“I’m so sorry I did that… I’m really sorry that I did that… I’m so, so sorry.” I said, about to cry, my chin trembling slightly.
“Frankie… It’s ok… I know that Mikey came on to you. It wasn’t your fault.” He said. I don’t know how all was forgiven. I just don’t know how he can have a big enough heart to tolerate me.
I moved my lips to his so they were touching his again. When they met, there were fireworks. This kiss was more burning, because I instantly searched the inside of his mouth for his tongue. Gerard moaned into me this time, and I would’ve pulled him onto this bed and had him here, but the doctor was watching us.
“You may not want to be fraternizing with the patient yet.” He suggested with a chuckle.
Then Gee pulled away from me. I would’ve pulled him back if I wasn’t this weak. Damn it. This sucks.
“Sorry Mr. Dr. Bob sir…” Gerard said.
God, he was so cute. I needed to touch him. I wanted to touch all of him. But, last time, I wasn’t ready for that kind of thing. As soon as I get out of this damn hospital bed, I’ll be ready.
I grabbed his hand, and he squeezed mine. He made me so happy. I didn’t feel so empty and void of all emotion anymore. Gerard was here, making me complete again. I never wanted him to leave. Then he looked at me, and I guess we had a little moment of soul searching, because we stayed like that for a while.
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