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The earthquake hits.

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A/N: Geez, okay. Um, this was supposed to be a one shot. Until I realized how long it was turning out to be. So I’m giving it to you in parts. But it’s not exactly a series either. Like five chapters --- something real short. Anyway, enjoy. This is what I’m offering until I can get to posting my next

Just Sleep.


9:54 AM.

Gerard was visiting his old friend who he hadn't seen in quite a few years. In truth, he really wanted to ask him for his assistance on the artwork for his upcoming Killjoy comic -- but a lunch and some catching up would be nice too. He wandered into his office building and asked the receptionist to call down a Jerry Alto.

He was waiting somewhat impatiently, constantly checking his iPhone when it happened.

A great rumbling noise was heard. Before he knew it, the ground was shaking. People were screaming. Snapping to his senses, he tried to walk quickly out of the door, while everyone else was scrambling for it.

Then he saw her. A little girl no older than 4, crying for her mother, wandering around in a circle over by the corner. She looked lost, confused. Her black hair and fair skin reminded him of Bandit. Even her mannerisms reminded him of her just a bit. Making up his mind, he turned away from the door and wandered over to her.

"You need help sweetie?", he bent down and asked her.

"Mama?", she cried out.

"Where did you last see mama?", he asked, trying to make himself understandable to a 4 year old.

Her face lit up and she pointed a finger in a direction behind him. An Asian woman who looked to be in her twenties was running towards them. She seemed panicked. She reached over to them and picked her baby up.

"Oh Marie!" She cried out, "Don't ever wander off like that again!"

As her daughter wrapped her arms happily around her mother's neck, the woman noticed Gerard.

"Who are you?", she asked with a slightly suspicious tone.

"Oh! Sorry, I was just trying to help her find mom. She seemed really upset.", he replied.

"Well, thank you for your concern.", she smiled at him.

"No problem miss.", he nodded.

She carried her daughter away, but turned to look at him one more time.

"Hey --- aren't you..?"

Gerard raised an eyebrow at her, slightly curious to see if she'd realize his identity. After a second, she shook her head.

"Never mind.", she said, and turned away again, practically running out of the still shaking building.

Gerard made to follow suit, while taking one look back and wondering if his friend was okay. Knowing there was nothing he could do about it, he began to walk out.

He was halfway to the door, in the middle of the room, when the building collapsed. An assortment of objects rained down on him, he felt the floor below him give in, and everything went black.

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