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Gerard wakes up.

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10:33 AM.

"Gerard Way is trapped in there? Like Gerard Way, the rock star?"

"The guy that sang that The Black Parade song, they can't get him out."

“I hear he helped some woman find her kid just before the building fell.”

It was 30 minutes after the earthquake. Spectators were gathered all around one particular scene of devastation. Firefighters, ambulances, and police officers were everywhere. They were all over Los Angeles. It was the "big one" California had been anticipating for some time. Traffic was horrid. Everyone was trying to get to their loved ones. Apparently, Mikey Way was no exception. People scrambled out of the way as a black Nissan car flew like a bullet onto the scene. And out of it came a very rattled looking Mikey.

People looked at him with both sympathy and interest. Mikey was trying his best to get to the police who were trying to work on the situation. Unfortunately, people felt the need to be idiots. Cameras were going off everywhere. News reporters were shoving microphones in his face. His ears were being bombarded with questions. Mikey kept his silence. After feeling like he had been mob-raped for a good 15 minutes, he finally walked over to a cop.

"What's happening? Where's my brother?", he asked in an unnaturally high voice.

"Who are you?", the cop raised an eyebrow at him.

"Mikey Way, I'm Gerard Way's younger brother.", Mikey got out his ID and showed it to the man.

"Oh right.", the cop said while looking over the ID. Mikey felt peeved --- it was like he just realized what he was talking about! How hard were they working on this anyway?

"Weeellll…" the cop said, in a casual tone that ticked Mikey off even more, "Your brother appears to be trapped underneath the rubble of this building here. It would seem he was on the first floor of the building, and got stuck between there and the basement. We used a thermal imaging camera to search through the destruction, and were able to find where he was located. He appears to be alive for now, although pinned down by an assortment of objects."

"Well can you get him out?" Mikey paled.

"We're trying kid.", the cop shrugged. "But our resources are a bit strained at the moment. Your brother isn't exactly the only person who needs help right now."

Mikey nodded, and tried to be understanding. He looked upon the heap that the building once was. The metal bars and shattered glass. He thought of the idea that Gee was trapped underneath all that. Probably hurt and scared. Resisting the urge to cry, Mikey bit his lip and silently began to pray that Gerard was going to be alright.

All he could do then was wait.


11:32 AM.

Gerard tried to blink his eyes open. Dust particles were everywhere. He tasted blood. Coughing a bit, he took in his surroundings. It was dark. There was a lot of rock displaced. He wasn't quite sure if he was on the floor, or if he was just on top of more rubble. He felt more lingering at the top of his head, just waiting to drop on him. He would have to be extremely careful with his movements. Slowly, he attempted to move a leg.

Immediately, excruciating pain surged through his body.

He let out a scream that echoed into the blackness. He realized he must be caught on something, but he couldn’t turn around to see what. There was also something rather heavy resting atop his left elbow. His right arm was fine, but the sleeve on his leather jacket was caught between some rocks. He tried to at least wrangle that free.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Gerard nearly jumped. He inclined his head to see the source of all too familiar voice.


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