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Trying to communicate.

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11:50 AM

Lindsey was standing outside the destruction, wiping at her eyes. Mikey had his arm around her, trying to console her, although he quite obviously needed consoling himself. They both knew the longer Gerard stayed under the rubble, the less chance he had of avoiding serious injury, or for that matter, staying alive. Mikey had just been arguing with a cop that they weren’t doing things fast enough but he was pretty much told to fuck off. It was a stressful situation for everyone. The paramedics told them there was a good chance Gerard had developed crush syndrome by now. They had at least been moved to an area where spectators were blocked off, so they weren’t rampaged by the questions of total strangers. An officer approached them, and Mikey’s grip on Lindsey’s arm tightened, both nervous and desperate for any news of Gee.

“You should try texting him.” he said.


“Text him.” the officer repeated, “Often in situations where someone is trapped, we manage to get communication with the victim by having them exchange the text messages with loved ones. The ringtone or vibrations might at least tell him where his cellphone is if he can’t find it.”

Mikey and Lindsey both nodded and pulled out their cellphones immediately. Mikey brought up the screen for a new message and jotted down:

‘Gee, its Mikey. You okay? Please answer, I’m really scared…’

He hit send and sighed, continuing to stare at his phone in his nervous state. Seconds later, his phone vibrated.

“Is it him?” Lindsey snapped up from what she was writing to look at Mikey’s phone. Mikey felt a surge of excitement as well, but both their hearts sank when they saw it was just Ray saying he was on the way.

Lindsey went back to her own message:

‘Gerard, sweetie, reply to this if you can please we’re working to get you out. We won’t stop until we do. I love you so much baby, hang in there xx.’


11:34 AM

“Frank, what the hell are you doing here?”

“I followed you when you went in.”

Gerard could only see Frank’s face, hovering a little above him. He also appeared to be atop some debris, sandwiched by the clutter.

“Are you hurt?” Gerard asked.

“No, not really.”, Frank shook his head, “Just a little crushed.”

Gerard almost laughed, “Really? You’re going to make jokes at a time like this?”

“Not much else to do.” Frank argued.

Suddenly, a snippet of the song ‘Famous Last Words’ played a little ways off.

“The fuck?” Frank jumped.

“My text ringtone for Mikey.”, Gerard explained. “The song reminds me of him every time I hear it.”

“Oh yeah? What’s your text ringtone for me?”

“You don’t wanna know.” Gerard smirked.

“Yes, yes I do!”

“No, no you don’t.”

“Is it by us?”

“No. It’s by the Nine Inch Nails.”

“The Nine Inch Nails? Damn, I don’t think I know any songs by them…”

The ringtone went off again. Gerard tried his best to look some sort of light that would indicate the location of his cell, but it was to no avail. All he could see was darkness and the faint traces of debris. And Frank. He couldn’t risk moving around for it either, lest it be the death of him.

“Everyone must be looking for you.” Frank said.

“Well I’m sure they’re looking for both of us.”, Gee assured.

“Ah, I wouldn’t be too sure of that.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know… just doesn’t seem like I’m quite so loved anymore.”

“Are you crazy?” Gerard scoffed, bewildered that Frank would say such a thing. “Everyone loves you. I can’t think of a single person who doesn’t. You’re Frank fucking Iero for god sakes! You’re like, the fan favorite!”

“Yeah…well…I won’t deny most those things.” Frank laughed, “But I don’t know…with some of the people who really matter… like Jamia…”

“What’s wrong with you and Jamia?” Gerard said rather quickly.

“Been fighting a lot. It seems like she’d pick a fight over anything nowadays, like she wants us to break up.”, Frank sighed, ”After the last one, she’s just totally stopped calling or texting me. The last thing she said was that she never wanted to see me again….”

Gerard could hear the sadness in Frank’s voice by the time he finished talking. It broke his heart. He hated when Frank was sad, as Frank was always the shining light on everyone else’s gloomy day. So, when Frank was sad, everything just felt hopeless. And Gerard was never really good at cheering people up like Frank was.

“That’s horrible Frankie, I’m so sorry.”, Gee attempted. “If you ever need a place to stay, my door is always open.”

“Actually, I was meaning to talk to you about that tonight. Um…this isn’t exactly how I imagined it.”

Gerard really did laugh that time, but it ended with a sharp yelp.

“Your leg?” Frank frowned.

“Yeah… it really hurts…”

“I know babe, just hold on a bit longer…”


12:22 PM

Mikey was playing with his phone anxiously, checking for new texts every 3 or so seconds. Although deep down inside he knew Gerard would have answered by now if he could, Mikey was desperate for some form of communication with his brother. He typed out yet another message:

‘Gerard, please please answer me, this is killing me seriously… :(’

Lindsey was crying again. Ray had finally joined them. Not that he could do much, but he was doing his best to provide emotional support to Mikey and Lindsey.

'Where the fuck is Frank?' Mikey thought with annoyance. He had both texted and called him a couple of times but had gotten no answer. He better have a damn good reason for this. He began to type another text message when Ray approached him.

“Are you texting Gee again?”, he asked. Mikey said nothing but had a guilty expression that said ‘yes’. Ray sighed, “Mikey, he’s obviously too hurt or….” Mikey looked at him with wide eyes and Ray realized he was going about this the wrong way.

“Just try to calm down yeah? Everything’s going to be alright. There are a lot of people working really hard on this. Panicking isn’t going to do anyone any good.”

Mikey nodded and put his phone back into his pocket. He was just about to walk off and see how Lindsey was doing, when he felt the ground move underneath him. An aftershock.

Immediately, spectators starting running away. They were urged to move back, but Mikey stayed rooted on the spot, staring at the heap of rock and metal that his brother was buried under. The remains of the building was shifting, more rubble was capsizing into the heap. Much of the digging they had done was completely wasted. Mikey wanted to run towards the pile of rubble instead of away from it, he wanted to just dash towards it and start digging through it himself.

However, in seconds time, it was over – but everyone was left feeling shaken.

“Gerard?”, he heard a small voice go. He looked over and saw Lindsey standing next to him, staring at the former building as well. Her hands were over her mouth and a look of terror was in her eyes.

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