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Spider-Man all the Way

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Today was my baby’s 4th birthday, I was living with my Grandfather because he wasn’t very well, me and Josh moved in about a year ago, I liked it hear it gave Josh and His great grandfather time to get to know each other and I had my independence back. Gerard came around almost everyday, we had become great friend since my little josh was born. He was an amazing father and josh adored him so much.

Gerard was coming around to help me set up for his party, I had got spider-man banners, paper cups and plates, and most important his cake, which was also spider-man, I think Gerard is a little disappointed that he doesn’t like Bat man but you can’t argue with josh’s choices, he knows what he wants and that’s that. He makes me laugh sometimes. He had Light brown hair and big dark chocolate brown eyes, he was short for his age and was skinny like me. He had Gerard button nose and my slim lips. He was the perfect combination of both Gerard and I. He had Gerard little giggle and his personitaly where he had my temper and stubroness, He was a little tanned but not as tanned as me All and all he was a cute little thing, He was pale but not as pale as his daddy, all in all he was a cute little thing.

‘Mommy’ a soft little voice called from the far room. I put my Tea down and got up form the table and headed to the living room where Josh was watching cartoons with his Gramps.

‘Yeah baby?’ I said walking into the room, he was sitting up in papa’s knee in his little spider-man t-shirt and black boxer shorts; He looked up at me and smiled.

‘I’m hungry’ he gave me his cute little face that said I’m too lazy to go get it myself. Papa’s started to tickle him.

‘I thought I told you before that you’re big and old enough to get it yourself.’ My Papa chuckled.

‘Ah leave him pap’s its is birthday after all’ I laughed, I walked over and he held out his arms I picked him up and propped him on my hip. He hugged me and giggled.

‘Hmm, I suppose the little fart can have his own way today’ he smiled.

‘I’m not a fart, you are’ Josh glared at his grandfather. I taped josh on the leg.

‘What have I told you about that language mister?’ I said in a soft but firm tone.

‘Not to use it. Sorry mommy’ he kissed my cheek and smiled.

‘Good, come on baby, lets get some breakfast before daddy gets here’ I lets him down and he ran for the kitchen. I smiled at my paps as he took it and gave it a squeeze. I knew he wouldn’t last too long more; he was getting very week and paler by the day.

Hope you don't mind where i've picked up, i just don't like writing the whole baby stuff. hope you like my effort haha im shit at this lol please show your support and review, tell me what you think
-Cassie ox
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