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I did it

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Gerard and me were just setting up when there was a knock at the door; I left Gerard to deal with the food to answer it.

‘Hey princess’ Frankie grined at me, all his teeth showing. I laughed and hugged him, he was just too cute.

‘Hey Shorty, where your other half?’ I laughed, he glared.

‘Says you, and he will be up in a second he is just getting the presents out of the car’

‘What and you wouldn’t help him, and I’m only a inch shorter then you’ I pouted at him.

‘Uncle Fwankie’ Joshes little voice echoed through the house as he came running into frankies awaiting arms.

‘Hey buddy, how’s ya doing?’ Frankie hugged him tightly then propped him in his hip.

‘Fine, I’m 4 today’ he squealed

‘I know the big 4, and guess what’

‘What?’ Josh asked interested in what Frankie had to tell him.

‘Uncle bobby has a HUGE present for you’ Frankie smiled and watched my little boys face turn to excitement.

‘Weally?’ he squealed just as the doorbell went. I answered it to a breathless bob holding a huge present and bags with food and his and Frankie bag, as they where all staying tonight.

‘Thanks Cass, and Nice of you to help Frank’ Bob huffed.

‘Awk, baby you know I’ll make it up to you’ he winked at Bob and Bob blushed.

‘Guys please, little ears present here’ I laughed. Bob blushed even more and Frankie smirked and walked off to the kitchen.

‘Hey sexy’ we heard and Josh giggle.

‘Bob don’t you have leash for him yet?’ I question with a laugh.

‘I can’t find one small enough’ he laughed and Frankie poked his head out of the door.

‘Oi! I heard that arsehole’ he pouted and was dragged into a kiss by Bob.

‘But baby you know small thing come with big packages’ Bob winked and Frankie blushed and pushed him away.
‘I don’t think they want to here about that’ he smiled’

‘Yeah your right we don’t, this is a 4 year olds party not a Burial’ Gerard winked then laughed. I melted inside, I still was madly in-love with him and it was getting harder every time not to just touch him, but I couldn’t we were friends now and we were happy with that, well one of us were. Frankie was the only one who knew how I felt, and I really want it to stay that way.

We were all seated around the table, Josh on my Knee, Gerard, Frankie, Bob, Mikey, Alica, Donna, Don and my paps. All around this little table full of food and Drinks (minerals of course) and in front of me and Josh was his big Spider-Man cake with 4 Blue candles.

‘Don’t for get kido you get you make a wish’ Mikey piped up, Josh was mentally getting him self ready for blowing out his candles. He was like that, everything he did that he thought was big he had to get himself ready for. Its weird but so is his Dad.

‘Ok’ He squealed and we counted down





He blew out his candles and started giggling at out claps and cheers.
‘I did it mommy’ he beamed up at me.

‘You did baby’ I smiled at me; every birthday he has had now always brings a tear to my eye. This boy is my life and watching him grow and change is really emotional.

Hey guys, its a little short but its the best i could do, i've not been feeling the best lately so im a little out of sorts. please review and tell me what you think.
much love
- Cass
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