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Sweet Dream's My'Dear

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Everyone was alseep, Frankie and Bob in the spare room, Ray, Gerard, Mikey spread out in the iving room and Alicea was in with me. Josh or course was fast alseep in his own room. I woke up at 4am, i really needed to pee so i got up carefully not to wake Ally. The house was quite warm since it was the middle of summer. After i finished in the bathroom i checked on Josh, he was amees, arms and legs everywhere, i laughed quitly and fixed him up curretly so he wouldn;t fall out of his bed.. again. I kissed his forehead and left his room. I past my Papa's room but stopped, something wasn;t right, i opened his door and peeped in, he was sleeping soundly, i crossed over to his bed and pulled up his blanket and kissed his forehead. He was ice cold.. then i knew what was wrong..

'Papa's' i gasped as a tear rooled down my cheek, i crawled over him and got in beside him, i culled up to him and cried my self to sleep.

'Mommy..' i heard a small voice. i opened my sore eyes to see a pare of dark brown eyes looking back at me, i sat up and smiled.

'Hey Baby, whats the matter?'i crawled out over my papa's and i felt a huge pain of sadness wash over me, but i couldn;t cry, not infront of Josh.
He put out his little arms and i picked him up.

'Nuttin, i woke up and you weren;t in your room, so i came here and here you are' he grined at me, i felt tears in my eyes as i walked out of my papa's room.

'Yeh baby, here i am' i kissed his forehead and walked into Frankie and Bob's room. i shook Bob untill he woke up.

'Hey, whats up?' he asked sleeply as he rubbed the sleep out of his eye's

'i need you to take Josh and keep him in hear untill i say' he looked at me strangly as he took Josh from my arms.

'OK, but what..'

'Don't ask questions Robert just do as i ask OK' i walked out before i broke down. i walked into the kitchen and suck the kettle on, i seriously needed a coffe if i was going to get through today alive. i head a door close and knew someone was up, i felt arms wrap around my waist and a head on me shouldr.

'You called me bye my real name which means somehing bad has happened so tell me whats wrong babe' Bob said softly. I began to shack slightly as the tears bolted down my cheeks, bob turned me around and huges me tightly to him.

'Babe you gotta tell me whats happened' but how could i say those words? how? so i done the only thing i could think of. I took his heand and lead him to me Papa's room. As soon as i stopped infront of the door Bob new.

'Oh god, no' he opened the door and ran over to my papa's bed. i walked away, down the hall and into the room where Frankie and Josh were. I picked up Josh and walked back out, back down the hall, and out the front door.

I needed to get away.. just me and my Boy.. just somewhere quite ... Just Josh and I!

Sorry i havn't updated in agaes.
But im back xD
Please R/R. I love knowing what use think.
LOve you all.
Cassie T. xx
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