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This is NOT the end but there will be another chapter up later... enjoy... :)

Shockwave's POV.

I just felt empty as they took me into the room. Everything was white, no color at all apart from the black table in situated in the centre. I was forced to lie on it and they strapped my legs and arms down. I didn't struggle at all, what was the point?

The silver door creaked stiffly open and I craned my neck slightly to see Korse and a bunch of medical people file in with an array of monitors.

The next few minutes went by in a blur and when they eventually began I closed my eyes, not because I was scared but because the image of Party and all those left behind gave me more determination; I was doing this for them.
Memories rose and fell, the first day I met Party and the guys, when he said he would be my dad and the joy I felt at that. I opened my eyes and a solitary tear rolled down from the corner of my eye. Korse smiled,

"How sentimental." he sighed, drumming his fingers against a screen that portrayed me and Party hugging. "The love was never real Sara, no one could ever love a thing like you."

I closed my eyes and battled back the tears. I wasn't going to cry, I would remain strong until the very end.
"Party did love me, he always loved me."

Korse laughed bitterly and snatched up something from where they had begun to dismantle my arm. It was a small cog, and he waved it in front of my face.

"You're just metal, Sara, a hunk of machinery that can display human emotion, none of it is real."

I fixed him with a cold hard stare.

"A friend of mine told me once that it isn't the mind that picks your emotion, it's your heart. They took out yours long ago Korse, but mine is still there and it still beats. Emotion comes from the heart Korse, my emotions are still real, yours are the ones that are fake."

Korse growled.

"The Shock point nought one is ready to shut down now, master." One of the medics said in a matter-of-fact tone. Korse's frown became a sick, twisted smile as he came closer.
He leaned into my face as he pressed the panel at the base of my neck. A blue haze emitted from small, circular rings of neon and I couldn't help but feel intrigeued. He looked deep into my eyes, yellow locked to fiery yellow.

His finger graced the power button painstakingly slowly and I just wanted him to end it right now.
"The love was never real." He sneered and swiftly, without warning held the button down. I gasped sharply and my vision blurred in and out of focus. I could feel my life sapping away, the blue light from my chest dimming until it flickered weakly.

Five seconds of energy left before the lights all went out.

One..."I want you to be my daughter" and pulled me into a hug, my last moments were of him now.

Two...Sitting in the Trans Am, snuggled into my new dad and the way his arms held me in that comforting and protective way.

Three..."I love you." I kissed him on the forehead and left, tears in my eyes and my heart heavy.

Four...Korse sneering at me, "The love was never real, Sara."

Five... I forced my vision to focus and let the tears flow freely, it didn't matter now, none of it did. I stared into Korse's eyes with pure hate and with my last breath and ounce of energy that I had left to spare I spoke,

"The love was always real to me..."

I slumped back and felt my body shut down. My vision went and the voices around me began to die out. The last thing I remembered was Party's smiling face.

I love you dad...

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