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Bob Bryar appears in this chapter :D

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Bob Bryar is in this chapter ;) enjoy...

Author's POV.

This is going all but too well, Korse thought as he watched the four 'Fabulous Killjoys' enter his city. He noted the two other women following close behind; Violet Rage was obviously one of them. This took him by surprise, he thought that she had died not too long back. She would have to be put back on the Exterminate List then. The other female Korse did not recognise, but the way she was kissing goodbye to Frank Iero, it was pretty damn clear that they were together.

He looked at Violet again and smiled a sick grin. He reached across his desk and clicked an intercom button,
"Tim, come on up to my office, I found some thing that might interest you." Korse surpressed a chuckle and Tim replied.
"Of course Master."
The connection ended and Korse sat back in his seat, watching the Killjoys run round his maze-like city on his computer. There was a knock at the door.
"Come in." Korse stated, smiling as the man entered the room.

The man had sandy blonde hair and his crystal blue eyes shone brightly against his pale skin. He was broad shouldered and not too fat yet not too thin, the build of someone who obviously used to spend time in a band. And, judging from the man's well toned biceps, chest and legs, he used to be a drummer. But Korse had banned music many years back, so he doubted the man did any drumming now.

"Ah, Doctor Robert Bryar isn't it?" Korse asked, gesturing toward the chair near his desk. "Please, take a seat."
Doctor Bryar sat, with a grateful smile on his face.
"Thankyou Sir, but please, call me Bob."
"Okay then, Bob Bryar it is then." Korse noticed how Bob's hands twitched every now and then, they way his fingertips tapped out random patterns without him conciously knowing.
"Do you like drumming, Bob?" Korse asked, making casual conversation, trying to warm up to the Doctor so the man wouldn't refuse when he asked 'The Favour'. Bob jumped and clenched his fists, suddenly becoming aware of his rhythmical hands that were pounding out erratic beats on the chair and desktop. He all of a sudden looked petrified,
"I'm sorry Sir! I didn't mean to! It's just that I used to play in a band and...Please don't fire me!" His face was paler, more of an ashen grey.
"Doctor Bryar, I have not called you here to fire you. Now, do you like drumming?"

Bob looked at Korse with uncertainty, his heart pounding but he nodded anyway.
"Yeah, I like drumming, I love it infact. But I can't drum anymore now music isn't allowed Sir, my drum kit was taken away from me, as was everyone elses."
Korse smiled, he had found a weak spot.
"I bet you would love to play those drums again, am I right Bob?"
Bob chuckled nervously and sighed.
"Well yeah, I suppose...Isn't a day that goes by when I don't wish I could have those drums back..."
Korse looked Bob straight in the eyes.
"What if I could give you those drums back, Bob? Would you like that?"

Bob gasped,
"Yes Sir, more than anything Sir!"
Korse stood up from his desk and walked over to the glass cabinet, looking at the blue haired girl inside, propped up limply against the support pole. Her skin was sallow and the panel around the power button was open, the usual blue light replaced by darkness. Her clothes hung off her thinner than normal frame. Her right arm was without the false skin, showing her red muscle, framed by silver steel and spiderwebbed with and intricate design of black, green, blue and yellow wires. Korse turned back to Bob,
"I require a favour of you, Bob Bryar."

Bob watched Korse wearily, his heart slamming so hard against his chest that he thought his ribs would crack.
"Y-yes Master?" he asked, his forehead was clammy and his sandy hair plastered itself to his face and his hands began to tap against his knees in anxiety, he had never been able to get out of the habit of drumming, he love it passionatly and he just didn't know how else to preoccupy his hands when his drums and sticks were taken off him many years back. Since then, Bob became a doctor, it was a simple way of keeping his musical digits on the move and he enjoyed saving lives. In fact, he had become so good he was now the official Head of Medical Uses.

Korse tapped the glass case beside him loudly, causing Bob to jolt back into reality.
"Maybe you should come meet my friend here, Bob. She is afterall, the favour I wanted to speak to you about."
Bob pushed back his chair and got to his feet, approaching the glass chamber tentativly, afraid of what he might discover. He stared st the figure inside and frowned,
"What is this?" he asked. Korse clicked a button and punched in a code. The glass door slid open with a soft hiss. Bob stuck his head inside and peered at the small girl. He was perplexed,
"I don't see what I have to do, Sir. It's just a girl."

Korse smirked,
"This," he said, pointing at the girl. "Is an android. I want you, Bob, to fix her up, make her more upgraded. I don't want her to remember anything, if she brings up the name Sara or Shockwave dismantle her and start again."

Bob looked at the girl, her pretty, sharp features slack and ivory white and her blue hair fell in vivid locks to at just the base of her neck. Despite the fact she was an android, he couldn't do this, she was still partly human afterall. He gulped.
"And what do I get out of this?" Bob asked, his palms slick with sweat. Korse rolled his yellow eyes,
"Your drumkit of course."
Bob was so tempted but he couldn't do this, not to a child. He looked at the floor.
"I won't do it Sir, she's just a child."
"She's a robot, Bob! She only looks human!"
Bob stared at him levely,
"I. Won't. Do. It. I'd rather never drum again than mutilate this poor kid any further."
Korse suddenly pulled out a gun and pressed it firmly to Bob's temple. Bob froze and his breath caught in his throat.
"Then maybe you will do it at gunpoint."

Korse flashed a set of pearly white teeth in satisfaction as Bob reluctantly nodded,
"Yes Master, I will do it."
"Good man."

There was another sharp rap at the door and another man stepped in. He wore a crisp white suit and nondescriptive loafers. His face was that of a sharp jawline and highly defined cheekbones. His eyes were a wild green and reminded Bob of a crazed, bloodthirsty animal and his ebony hair was cropped and tangled.

"You called for me, Master?" He inquiered, eyebrow raised.
"Ah, Tim...You remember Jennifer Cosby?"
Tim suddenly smirked a mad, sick and twisted smile.
"Oh yes sir, I do..."
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