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Chapter Two

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Chapter Two:
The Guys

Overall, Nikki's appearance did not differ too much from that of Mick's: His jet-black hair stuck out in hundreds of different directions from his head, most likely being held up by the contents of an entire bottle's worth of hairspray. His pin-straight bangs fell almost completely over his eyes, but from where Jenna stood, she could guess that his eyes were a pale green. His sleeveless white t-shirt revealed thin arms and milky white skin. Like his shirt, his black pants were skin-tigh; and on his feet were a pair of red rocks that had what looked like burn marks patterned across them.

During her inspection, Jenna had not realized Nikki was talking to her.

"What're you into?" he asked in a to-the-point tone, looking down at her expectantly.

Jenna knew that that meant, and she hated the question. "What're you into?", "Who do you listen to?", and "What kinda music are you into?" It was the kind of question that, depending on the person asking it, could make you look insanely rad... or completely fuck you over. Honestly, she didn't even really have a favorite band. She listened to anything that was good, no matter who played it or how they dressed.

She chose her words carefully when she answered: "I think the Doors are pretty alright... Hendrix and Kiss. Oh, and The Dolls. Yeah, they're totally rad."

It was easy to tell that the last two were what saved her, and she almost breathed a sigh of relief when Nikki nodded in approval.

"She's got better fucking taste in music than you, Mick!" he said, laughing.

Mick glared at him, obviously not pleased at the fact that his sister was getting along with one of the band members perfectly fine so soon. He still looked just as pissed off as he had ever since he'd picked her up from the bus station. Whatever his reply was to Nikki went unheard to Jenna; she left them in the living room to walk down the narrow hallway that could have only led to the bedrooms.

Mick had informed her that there was only one bathroom, which might become a minor problem with a girl and three guys that probably owned ten bottles of hairspray each and wore more makeup than she probably had. She had decided to also overlook this setback, along with the few others Mick had told her about. Another one of these small setbacks was the fact that she would be in the same room as the band's drummer, who was "a complete slut, but had at least a bit of common sense when it came to certain things," as Mick had put it. Really, she was supposed to be in a room with Nikki, since he had had the single room to himself, but Mick had absolutely forbidden that arrangement, as well as sharing a room with Vince. Apparently, Nikki was always too fucked up and would forget who Jenna was and try to fuck her. As for Vince -- whether or not he was fucked up, he would probably try to fuck her anyway just to say he had. The difference between these particular band members and Tommy was simply the fact that Tommy was the most likely one to respect the fact that she was not only Mick's little sister, but "way too young for him anyway." Jenna didn't even bother reminding him that she and Tommy were probably only a few months apart in age, from what Mick had told her.

Suddenly, the door to her right opened violently, breaking her away from her thoughts. A guy who also had huge, black hair (Do they all have huge black hair? she wondered to herself) appeared from behind it. Judging by the look on his face, he was extremely pissed off. In his hand was a bottle of hairspray. When his eyes landed on Jenna, his expression changed from anger to confusion.

"Who the hell are you?" he demanded.

"Oh, that's Mick's little sister," Nikki said from the living room, noticing them in the hallway. "Didn't we tell you she was moving in like twenty times?"

"Oh, yeah. You sure don't look like Cousin Itt. You sure you're not adopted?" he observed, looking her up and down. "I'm Tommy, you're roommate." And, before Jenna could even reply to his introduction, he began to shout," Nikki, you used all of the fucking hairspray again. Your hair doesn't need to be that fucking huge. Do you know how much money this shit costs?"

"Dude, you finished off the only soda we had in two fucking days, and I didn't say a fucking word to you," Nikki argued back, throwing himself on the leather couch and taking a huge swig from the plastic cup that had been sitting on the ground. "Besides," he said, "it wasn't me that finished off the hairspray. It was Vince."

A groggy-sounding and disembodied voice came from one of the rooms: "Fuck you, Nikki! You told me not to tell Tommy you used it all this morning, you fucker!"

Tommy rolled his eyes, and Jenna felt completely lost. What was the issue with hairspray and these guys? She had neevr seen anyone make such a big deal over it.

"Uhm... since I'm not paying for rent or anything," she said quietly, making them all turn to her, as if they had just suddenly realized she was there, "I can lend you guys a few bucks to you can get more hairspray.... It's obviously pretty important around here."

"Wow, really?" Tommy said. "Huh, maybe you aren't so bad after all. Vince thought you were gonna be some annoying little brat."


"Don't take it personally," he said assuringly. "He doesn't like the idea of having a chick living in the house. He says it'll only bring trouble and make other chicks not want to fuck because of a kid living in the -- "

"I'm almost eighteen!" Jenna said defensively. "I'm not a kid."

"Hey, me too! You know what I mean," Tommy continued. "Honestly, I think Vince's fucking nuts. Like any of the chicks that come around here are gonna give a shit whether or not there's another chick living here. They're all too fucked up or stupid to even realize who lives here or not -- "

"Tommy," Mick growled, interrupting Tommy's ramblings, "is it too much to ask for you to not talk to my sister about the chicks that come to the parties in this shithole?"

"Well, gee, Mick, she's gonna be around for those parties, you know? Since she's gonna be living here...."

"Shut the fuck up!" Mick glared at Jenna. "Can I leave now? I need to get over the fact that my seventeen-year-old sister is going to be living with these jackasses."

"Uh... yeah?" Jenna said slowly.

Nikki and Tommy both roared with laughter.

"What the fuck, Mick?" Tommy said, walking into the living room and siting down next to Nikki. He grabbed the plastic cup from which Nikki had been drinking and finished off its contents. "Are you her brother or her dad? She's not fucking twelve. She can take care of herself. Can't you... uh, shit, sorry, what was your name?"


"Jenna. Yeah. Jenna can take care of herself." Tommy grinned up at Mick. "Just look at Vince and me. We're pretty much the same age, and we do a pretty good job, don't we?"

At first Mick opened his mouth to say something, but then thought better of it and closed it. Shaking his head slightly, he looked up at Jenna with the same pleading look he had given her before walking into the house.

"Remember what I said," he reminded her gravely, turning towards the door and opening it to leave. As soon as he did, Tommy shot up from the couch and put a piece of cardboard under the door, closing it.

"The cops have knocked down this door too many times. The hinges don't really work right, so we have to put something under it so it'll close," he explained, noticing Jenna's puzzled expression.

Jenna stared at him in horror, lost for words.

"Uh, want me to show you our room?" Tommy asked lightly.

She didn't say anything, just nodded wordlessly, and he pushed past her in the tiny hallway and led her over to the door on the right. Before opening it, he gave her a look.

"It's nothing fancy..." he warned her, and pushed opened the door.

The walls of the room were an off-white, grayish color and were completely bare. Although, there were a few random spots that had giant scorch marks. The carpet had an odd pattern of random circles on it's surface. However, upon closer inspection, Jenna realized that it was not a pattern, but burn holes. She had a feeling Tommy used the carpet to put out his cigarettes. A pile of cigarette butts were gathered into a small corner. A few empty bottles of beer and Jack Daniels were scattered on the left side of the room, next to a plain mattress with nothing on it but a sheet that looked as if it had once been white, but was now a dirty yellowish color. On the right side of the room was another mattress pushed up against the wall opposite of the other mattress. What stood out in the room was the tall mirror doors on the left side of the room.

"I, uh, tried to clean it up a little on your side of the room," Tommy said sheepishly, kicking over a bottle of Jack closer to his side.

"I can see that." Jenna giggled. "It is rad, though."

"You really think so?" he said, looking around the room. "I think it's a piece of shit."

"Oh, it's not that bad..." Jenna said carefully, following his gaze. "If it was cleaned up a little more, I actually think it'd be pretty alright."

"You just have a really good attitude," Tommy replied. "Once you've been living here for as long as I have, you'll realize it's a piece of shit. I used to think it was fucking awesome, but after about a month, the idea of living here started losing its glamour. But if you can actually make it look livable, I'll think you're a fucking goddess."

He raised his eyebrows at her and picked up a cigarette butt from the ground. Lighting it up, he said, "I guess I'll leave you to unpack and shit. The bathroom's down the hallway, on the right side. Don't accidentally walk into Nikki and Vince's room, on the count of Vince is sleeping in there. He'll get pissed off. He's a little bitch sometimes."

"Right," Jenna said nervously, making a mental note not to even try and look for the bathroom until she knew Vince was out of his own bedroom. With her luck, she probably really would accidentally walk into Nikki and Vince's room, not the bathroom.

As Tommy closed the door, she sat down carefully on her mattress. For the first time since she'd walked into the room, she noticed it was bigger than Tommy's. It wasn't by much, but it was noticeable. She wondered if he'd done that on purpose, and she was slightly touched.

The first thing Jenna did was put a sheet over the mattress; the sheet was a little big, but she just tucked it into the corners. Then she pulled out the small pillow she'd stuffed into one of her bags and threw it on the bed. There was no furniture in the room, save for a small bedside table on which sat an ancient lamp that looked as if it were about to fall apart. She just threw the bag with her clothes in it at the end of her bed. She'd figure out something to do with her clothes eventually; it wasn't as if she ever actually put away her clothes back at home. Being here just made that habit easier.

She kicked off her sneakers and leaned back into the bed, finding it surprisingly comfortable. A part of her wanted to go into the living room to see what Tommy and Nikki were doing, while another part of her was still completely intimidated by them.

They didn't seem so bad, though. The constant wild, crazy parties Mick had described to her couldn't have been that bad, either. It was six in the evening, and everything was pretty quiet. Once again, Mick had obviously exaggerated this aspect as well.

Suddenly, the door swung open, breaking Jenna out of her thoughts. Her head snapped up.

"Shit, sorry, I gotta remember not to do that. You could've been naked or something. I'm not really used to a chick being around that doesn't wanna be walked in on."

Jenna blushed violently, and Tommy leaned into the room, his eyes bloodshot red.

"I was just gonna tell you," he said, "we're going to the Whiskey tonight, so if you wanna come -- "

"Uh, I don't think I'm really old enough to get in there," Jenna pointed out.

Tommy laughed. "That doesn't matter. Vince uses Nikki's birth certificate all the time."

For a second, Jenna wanted to say yes. She wanted to go... but then again, she wasn't sure if she wanted to risk getting in trouble on her very first night in L.A. However, she also didn't want to risk sounding like such a prude either.

"Actually... I think I'll pass tonight," she said carefully. "I think Mick might have a heart attack if he finds out I went to a bar on my first night here."

He rolled his eyes, and for a second Jenna heart sank. He thought she was fucking lame already.

"Mick's such a tight ass sometimes," he said, "but I get it. Besides, nothing ever happens at the Whiskey compared to what's going on after."

"What's going on after?" she asked cluelessly.

"Fuckin' party, that's what!" he said loudly.

"Shut the fuck up!" Jenna heard come from the other room from the same voice she'd heard earlier. Obviously, Vince wasn't ready to wake up yet.

"Stop being such a whiney bitch, Vince," Tommy yelled back.

Suddenly, another guy appeared behind Tommy in the doorway. He had bleach blonde, almost white hair. It wasn't as big as the other guys', and he wore a pink cloth wrapped around his head. He glared at Tommy sleepily.

"I wouldn't have to bitch about anything if you weren't so fucking loud," he complained. "I have a hangover from hell, and I'm still high. I don't even know what the fuck I took last night. Some fat brunette had a bag full of pills and said they were painkillers. I was too fucked up to even check to make sure if she was telling the truth."

"That's your fucking fault," Tommy snapped.

Vince didn't even say anything after that, or acknowledge the fact that Jenna was sitting in the room. He just shrugged and turned to walk back into his room.

"Don't mind him," Tommy said, turning back to Jenna. "Like I said, he's a bitch."

Then he closed the door once again, and Jenna heard glass shattering against the floor, probably in the kitchen. Perhaps Mick hadn't exaggerated everything. Apparently, she was going to get to experience Mötley Crüe's idea of a crazy party on her very first night here. Whether she was ready for it or not, she did not know.
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