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Chapter Three

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Chapter Three:
It's All About the Drugs, Booze, and Fights

There simply weren't enough words in the English language to even begin to describe the turmoil in the house as one o' clock rolled by. People were pouring in from every direction, bottles of booze and bags of drugs were scattered everywhere, empty or full, open the likings of whoever may have wanted to enjoy them. Lines of coke were organized neatly on every surface, only remaining for the few seconds before someone snorted it up and started forming a new line. An enormous cloud of smoke hung above the room - a mixture of cigarette and weed smoke. Crushed cans and water bottles previously used as pipes littered the floor. Half-empty boxes of pizza were stacked on the ground by the stereo, which was blasting The Who. There was a small pile of roaches and half-smoked joints on the kitchen counter, and Jenna picked up one after observing four different people do the same. She had never in her life seen such an enormous supply of drugs, all free.

She picked up a lighter from the counter and lit the joint, inhaling deeply. Jenna had honestly never done anything other than pot. She'd been offered acid before, and once a kid had asked her if she wanted to try mescaline, but she'd decided to wait to experiment until after she was out of her parents' house, in fear of getting caught. Now, though, when everything was completely available to her, she wasn't sure if she wanted to experiment at all.

She could feel her head beginning to get lighter as the joint burned; although, the entire room had already given her a buzz just from all of the smoke hanging in the air. On the other side of the room, Tommy and Nikki each had a bottle of Jack Daniels in their hands, and they were both chugging them down. Jenna hadn't seen Vince since they had all come back from the Whiskey. He'd gone into his room with two skinny blondes and had remained in there for the past hour. She tried not to let her imagination guess what they were doing.

A guy stood next to her against the counter, taking a swig from his bottle of vodka. He had a small hint of white powder along the ridge of one of his nostrils, and his eyes were wide and red-rimmed. He didn't differ too much from the rest of the crowd - big hair, tight leather pants, and extremely fucked up. He gave Jenna an approving glance, then slammed his bottle down on the counter.

"I'm Tony," he said, and then added proudly, "I'm in a band."

He was completely stoned, drunk, coked up, and probably fucked up in many other ways, so whenever he said this, it came out as: "I'minabaaaand-duh." It took Jenna a minute before she could fully grasp exactly what he had said.

"Guitar player?" she guessed, raising an eyebrow at him.

Tony shook his head slowly. "Drummer," he corrected. "You've probably heard about us around here... W.A.S.P."

"Not really," Jenna admitted. "I kind of just got here today."

"To L.A.?"

She nodded. "I live here now."

"Bitchin'," Tony said, giving her a drunken grin. He looked around at their surroundings. "Say, if you need someone to show you 'round sometime... you just let me know, babe."

"I, uh..." Jenna said, lost for words. She immediately felt completely awkward, but she really should've seen this coming. This guy looked way too sleazy, though. He wasn't very attractive, either - although that might have been the drugs and the booze affecting him. "I've been here before. I know my way around pretty good."

He frowned and looked at her for a few moments, as if he were trying to figure out whether or not she had turned him down... or maybe he had no idea what the hell she was talking about because of how fucked up he was.

"Well, what do you say we just - ?"

"She's not interested," a voice growled from beside him.

Jenna whipped around and saw Mick standing beside Tony, staring him down with his familiar deathly glare. She felt a rush of relief; she'd been saved from this awkward decline. However, at the same time, she was a little annoyed. Was Mick going to randomly show up from now on every time something happened? It sort of killed the point of her freedom in L.A...

"Shit, Mick, I didn't know she was your girl," Tony apologized, stepping from Jenna and Mick, stumbling slightly. He leaned in closer to Mick, giving Jenna a quick glance. Then, in what he probably thought was a low tone, he said, "Good job, man. Total babe, but... isn't she a little too young for you, dude?"

Mick rounded on him, "That's my fucking sister, man."

Tony's eyes widened, then he grinned widely. "Well, shit, what's the problem then? I was just gonna have a little harmless fun is all - "

Immediately, Mick punched him square in the nose, and Tony fell to the ground. Jenna jumped back in shock, her hand covering her mouth as she stared up at Mick in horror. she had definitely not expected that sort of reaction from him. At her feet, Tony touched his nose. It was bleeding.

"Fuck, dude... I can't feel my nose!" he said loudly, starting to laugh.

The surrounding people did not react much, either because they were used to this sort of thing or they were just too fucked up to even acknowledge what had just happened. A few people patted Mick on the back or gave him an approving "Fuck yeah!" He ignored those, however. He stepped over Tony and glared at his sister.

"Gimme that," he said, swiftly taking the joint from Jenna's fingers and putting it out between his fingers. "I knew this was a bad fucking idea. Do you know how much shit you could get into right now just by being here? Next time, you might not get too lucky."

He grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into the hallway.

"What?" Jenna demanded, wrenching her arm free of his tight grip. "Nothing happened!"

"Yeah, nothing happened!" he said. "But something could've happened. These guys are all so fucked up, they don't even know what the fuck they're doing. I've seen way too much fucked up shit."

Jenna rolled her eyes, and Mick glared at her angrily.

"Fine," he spat, "you're on your own. But if something fucking happens to you, don't come bitching to me about it. You can depend on your new roommates to help you out whenever the fuck you get in trouble, which you will be in not too long from now. I'd fucking bet no it."

He glanced over to where Tommy and Nikki were. Nikki was hunched over a line of coke, and Tommy stood not too far away talking to some overly obese redhead. He, obviously, was completely trashed. From the way it looked, he seemed to keep forgetting the fact that he had a cup in his hand, and every once in a while, he would spill beer all over the place. The fat redhead seemed to be completely oblivious to this, because she looked extremely pleased with herself.

Jenna turned back to Mick. "Look, all I'm sayin' is, I'm not twelve. I can handle things myself. You don't have to come to my rescue every time you think I'm in trouble, 'cos I wasn't in trouble. That guy was probably too wasted to even do anything."

"Oh, you think so, huh?" Mick asked sarcastically.

"Yeah, I do," Jenna said huffily. "He fucking laughed when you punched him. He's probably forgotten that you even did punch him."

"Probably." Mick shrugged indifferently. "But that's not the fucking point. You'll get it after you've been here a while longer... just wait."

Without replying, Jenna turned on her heel and walked down the hallway. She swung open the door to her and Tommy's bedroom and nearly screamed in shock when she did. On the floor in the space right in front of the mirrored doors, a guy with big blonde hair sat cross-legged. In front of him was what looked like the mirror from the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Jenna recognized it by the penis that had been drawn in the corner of the mirror with a red marker.

The guy whipped around, looking alarmed, and revealing the line of coke that sat on the mirror. He looked relieved to only see her standing in the hallway. And it was then that Jenna realized she recognized him: It was David Lee Roth, from Van Halen. Everyone at Jenna's school was always humming their songs from their albums, especially their recent hit -- "Dance the Night Away." She could hardly believe it. Nobody back in Garden Grove would ever believe this. She was standing in front of David Lee Roth in her own bedroom, and he was snorting coke right there.

"Well, close the door!" David said suddenly, very sharply. He looked warily past her and into the ongoing party beyond the door, bending over his drugs rather protectively.

Jenna had meant to leave the room and then close the door, but instead she found herself jumping inside and slamming the door shut. He didn't seem to care at first, just turned back to his line and leaned down. He hesitated for a second, then turned back around to face her.

"You do blow?" he asked.

Jenna shook her head quickly, unable to speak.

"Awesome!" He grinned widely, looking completely smug, then proceeded to lean down towards the mirror.

It was exactly as Nikki had done when Jenna had seen him do coke just earlier today: He held one finger to cover one of his nostrils, then inhaled deeply through the other until the entire line had disappeared into his nose. He then sat up and shook his head violently, his neck slightly contorting so that his head was level with his shoulder for a brief second, then he returned to his normal posture. He realized Jenna had been staring at him the entire time, her eyes slightly wider than normal.

"It'd be really cool if you didn't tell anyone I was in here," he said, getting to his feet and slipping a plastic bag filled with white powder into the pocket of his red jacket. "They've only caught me in the bathroom once. I don't like sharing my drugs." He said this last part as if he had just explained the meaning of life itself. He pulled out another plastic bag from his pocket and said, "I got a joint if you wanna get high. You do at least smoke pot, don't you?"

"I thought you didn't like sharing your drugs," Jenna pointed out.

David laughed. "I'll make an exception. Pot's cheap. Besides, you're not gonna rat me out about my new hiding place. That deserves something."

He unwrapped the plastic and pulled out a perfectly rolled joint along with a pack of matches. He lit it up and took a long drag, then held it out to her.


Jenna took it carefully, bringing it up to her lips and taking a long drag, just as he had. She tried her hardest not to cough. When she didn't, she smiled smugly as she passed it back to him. She let out the smoke proudly and leaned back against the filthy wall. Mick was completely insane. She loved living here. It was only the first night, and she was smoking a joint with fucking David Lee Roth. If that wasn't rad, she didn't know what was.


"So how come I don't ever see you around here?" David asked suddenly, smoke creeping from the corners of his lips as he spoke and settling into the cloud that now hung in the room.

They'd been sitting there for a while now, and so far the only person that had come in through the door was an extremely drunk brunette whose clothes were halfway off. She had been looking for the bathroom, stumbled in, looked around, and stumbled back out while muttering, "This isn't the fucking bathroom..." She had nearly toppled over on her heels, hitting her head against the door as she did so. Jenna had remained quiet most of the time as they had sat there, but David had rambled on about random things Jenna forgot about only seconds after he said it. Her head was extremely foggy, and every few moments, she had to remind herself exactly where she was.

They were both sitting on the floor, their backs against the wall. The walls vibrated slightly from the loudness of the stereo, which was playing some Kiss song. Jenna's mind drifted to Mick when she recognized the drum beats of the song and almost laughed. Mick hated Kiss.

"I just... moved in here today," Jenna told him. Her eyelids were heavy and her words for slurred. She thought for a moment and looked down at the burning joint in her hand. It was the fourth joint, although she'd been the one doing most of the smoking. David had done a few more lines. "Is this weed?" she asked suddenly.

David nodded, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. "I'm pretty sure it's laced though," he said casually.

Her eyes widened, and a strange sensation came over her. A part of her wanted to put the joint down and figured out exactly what the fuck she had been smoking; another part of her honestly did not give a shit -- but that was probably whatever was in the joint. After all, whatever it was probably wouldn't kill her.... Not now anyways. It was only four joints, and she hadn't even fully smoked all of them.

"Should I stop smoking?" she asked absentmindedly, rolling the joint between her fingers in front of her eyes, examining it closely.

"Nah." David shook his head, inhaling deeply after taking a long drag from his cigarette. "I smoke laced shit all the time... with more drugs. It just makes it better. But you just moved in here, huh? Where from? And why here? This place is a shithole. Besides, you look too young to be living on your own.... How old are you, like sixteen? Shit, I can't say anything. I left home pretty young."

His words came out of his mouth at an almost alarming speed, and Jenna stared at him, her brain only processing a few of his words. He was going too fast, and she was going too slow. She giggled at the thought.

"I'm seventeen, almost eighteen," Jenna corrected, putting out the joint after deciding that she was high enough for now. She didn't think she had ever been this high before. "Mick Mars is my brother -- that's why I live here."

David's eyebrows rose. "You look nothing like him."

Jenna laughed. "I would if he hadn't dyed his hair. He's a natural redhead, too. Our eyes are pretty much the same color though."

He stared at her for a few moments, not moving his eyes when he raised his cup to his lips and took a long gulp. Then he shook his head. "Still don't see it," he said after a few seconds. "But if you were my sister, I wouldn't let you live here. Not even for a day. Not even for a fucking hour. I wouldn't like seeing my sister get drunk or high... or other shit."

He laughed at the last part, and Jenna rolled her eyes.

"I'm not doing anything!" she said defensively.

"Uh, you're getting high right now!" David pointed out, laughing even harder. "Did you drink?"

"No," Jenna said smugly, then frowned. She thought for a moment. "Wait... did I? I don't remember," she thought aloud, giggling uncontrollably.

Then she lit the joint she'd just put out a few moments ago and continued to smoke.
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