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Chapter 7

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Jo's point of view:
I could feel hundreds of pairs of eyes staring at me. Gawping at monster I had become. Although the outside was beautiful, the soul, the memories and thoughts were hideous. A whole lifetime of memories came flooding back, threatening to overwhelm me. I was a fallen angel. Destined to walk the Earth for eternity. But because I was an Archangel when I fell, they had taken pity on me, and erased my memory. My past remained buried, until now. Normal fallen angels walk this Earth lusting for blood for the rest of time. I had forgotten about my lust for blood, but now it had been awoken, along with the rest of my angel abilities.
I had been drawn to Gerard because he was in need, or maybe he had been drawn to me, we had a long histoy of past lives that streched back hundreds of years. Either way fate had planned for me to be his guardian angel. Maybe they were trying to redeem me. I had a feeling these people weren't part of the plan. They knew of our powers. But I was higher ranking than Gerard, and my current life was less important. The men sneered at me and pulled the ropes that bound my wrists. 'Come on Angel.' one of them growled dragging me off the stage. I twisted round, desperate to see that Gerard was okay. He was being restrained by two large men,his eyes pleading me to help him, his brightly coloured hair flopping in his eyes. My heart was beating so fast it felt like a butterfly was trapped in my chest. I turned round and looked at the man who appeared to be in charge of this kingdom. I was now certain that I knew what they wanted me for. he smirked as he saw the look of horror on my face.

Gerards point of view:
She looked so mesmerising. There was something about her aura that was drawing me in. But I wasn't the only one. The whole crowd stared, marvelling at the beauty before them. She was looking at the man in charge, a look of pure terror spreading across her face. She hung her head. Then she composed herself, a look of steely determination in her now silver eyes. 'I have a request. You are not to touch Gerard. When this is all over you are to take him away, erase his memory, and ensure that he never remembers me, or anything else that happens tonight.' What? What was she talking about? Erase my memory? What if I don't want to forget her? The man nodded, still smirking. She raised her hand, palm up. 'Prove it.' she whispered. He raised an eyebrow, reached to his belt, and pulled out a small knife. He dragged it across her palm. I gasped and tried to run forward. I watched as the blood pooled on her hand. The men held me back. He then did the same to his own hand, and pressed his hand against her own, their blood mixing, and dripping down onto the floor. A Blood Promise. She was being deadly serious.
The procession began again, and I could swear I could heard someone playing the harp. I was dragged forward to join in too, my feet dragging through the long grass, damp seeping into my sneakers. People began dancing around me, and flower petals and leaves began to litter the ground, it was being thrown in the air like confetti. A funny thought flashed in my mind. What if this was Jo's version of the Black Parade? Or my version? I hated not knowing, it was do frustrating. We had been walking through the gnarled forests for a while, and I kept seeing shapes moving out the corner of my eye. Like a flicker of a shadow. I was getting very spooked by this place. We came to a clearing, and the procession began to disperse making way for Jo. A black granite table stood at the centre of the clearing, but it was at an inconvienent height. Like you could reach it standing, but not sitting down. It was very odd.
Someone shoved me in the back, and I stumbled, but managed to stop myself before I fell flat on my face. There was a few chuckles from behind me. They shoved me again in the direction of a post that was positioned so it had a good view of the table. They tied my arms round the back of the post, ensuring I didn't go anywhere fast. Jo glanced over to me, trying to reassure me with a small smile, but the sadness in her eyes almost caused a physical pain in my chest. Her wings were shimmering in the moolight, and it looked like the quivering. Thats when I realised she was shaking. Two men were stood behind her, and I could clearly see the knives they were holding to her back to force her fowards. I hissed in anger. She looked round, and two men stepped forward and helped her up on the table. She lay down, her wings gracefully spreading and brushing the ground. 4 women stepped forward and began to tie her down. It was then it dawned on me what was going to happen. And I couldn't do anything to stop it. She was making the final sacrifice, and giving her life, to ensure I stayed safe.
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