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Chapter 6

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Gerards point of view:
The soothing swaying of the carriage and the events of the past 24 hours finally got to me, and i fell asleep, clutching Jo close, praying to God this kidnapping was a dream. What do they want me for? Do they want a ransom? Is it because I'm famous? There were so many possibilities, it was too much. Sleep was a welcome concept.

Jos point of view:
Gerards breathing slowed beside me. He was asleep, the lucky bum. The memories of a previous life were flooding back and sleep wasn't even a possiblility anymore. What is happening is not possible. These memories are not possible. They must be after Gerard, right?
The carriage finally came to a halt after what seemed like days cramped in there. I gently shook Gerard awake. The door swung open, the men helped me down, and began to guide me across a field. It was stunning. Flower garlands and lanterns were strung everywhere. People dressed in a similar way to our captors milled around. It was night time here, and the full moon caused their pale skin to look eerie in the light. They lead me into a dimly lit tent in the corner of the field, shoving me in. I was immediately surrounded by several women, who pulled me into the middle of the tent. 'Wheres Gerard?' I demanded.
They looked at me, confusion clear on their faces. One of them finally spoke, twirling a piece of dirty blonde hair round her finger. 'If you are speaking of the man that arrived with you, he is also being dressed for the ceremony.' her voice was mesmerising, and it was so smooth it threatened to put me in a trance. 'We need to dress you for the ceremony now' she continued, unwinding the ropes and throwing them aside. 'What ceremony?' I asked backing away from the breath takingly beautiful girl. 'You'll see' she murmered, before clicking her fingers. The other stunning girls stepped forward, and began tugging my dress off. 'Wait! What are you doing? I like this dress!' I yelped as serveral pairs of sharp nails dug into my arms and shoulders, holding me still.
They had finally finished with me. Two of the girls disappeared, only to reappear with a full length mirror covered in vines. I looked at the reflection. A hauntingly beautiful girl stared back. She was wearing a flowing strapless white dress that was tight around her body, but flared out at her hips, it dropped very low on the other side, revealing her whole back. Her hair had been woven into loose braids, beads and feathers decorating them randomly. She raised her hand and touched her face. It was me. The woman who had spoken to me before, stepped forwars and placed the crown back on my head. I was so confused. 'Who are you?' I whispered.
She turned piercing me with her gaze 'I am Natalia. You have been brought into my husbands kingdom.'

Gerards point of view:
I had been ambushed by several women and dressed in loose brown trousers, and a white shirt with flowers growing up it, instead of ivy, which was curious. They had put beads in my hair, and re-adjusted the headband for me. I was lead out into the clearing, and sat on a beautifully carved chair next to what appeared to be a throne. There was quite a gathering in this field, and they were all dressed similarly. Some pointed to me, and whispered behind their hands. I suddenly felt very self concious, and ducked my head. Just then a ripple of gasps and whispers spread through the crowd, which began to split in two. A procession of men and women, who were dancing and throwing flowers, made its way through. Jo was at the centre of it. She looked amazing, and I couldn't take my eyes off her. Her eyes lit up with relief when she saw me, and as the procession wound closer, I saw her wrists and ankles had been bound. I saw red. Why did they have to do this to us!?
They finally reached the little stage which I was seated upon, and Jo was lead up to the front, and made stand at the centre of the stage. All eyes were on her. A towering man stood next to her, his blonde hair seemed to sparkle in the moonlight. 'It is nearly time.' His voice echoed round the clearing. Murmurs and rustles came in response, and I could feel the tension building in the air. Jo struggled, clearly sensing something was wrong. The men pulled on the ropes causing them to become even tighter. Jo yelped in pain. I leapt up, desperate to go and soothe her, to let her know I was there for her. Two rough pairs of hands pushed me back down. I sighed in defeat.
'The time has come. All these years of waiting, watching. Finally she is among us. The full moon will reveal her true self. We will regain what we have lost!' Cheers came in response to the mans speech, and he smirked. The full moon was directly above us, and the rays all seemed to focus on one person, Jo. The light go brighter and brighter, and her skin seemed to glow. Her body seemed to change, flicker, and then she collapsed. The men leapt forward, and dragged her so she was upright again. What I saw made my heart stop.
This was no longer the teenager that had saved me from the country park. She was unworldly. She had wings. A gigantic pair of stunning angels wings. The feathers shimmered in the moonlight, and I saw that the last few rows of feathers were jet black. Tears poured down her face. She was an angel. My angel.
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