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Chapter 5

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Jo's point of view:
Voices woke me up. I was still wrapped in Gerards arms, and I didn't plan on going anywhere fast. The watery dawn sunlight allowed me to make out figures looming over me. There was about 6 of them, gathered in a circle around us. The two women wore flowing white dresses that fluttered so gracefully in the arctic breeze. Flowers, beads and feathers were woven into their flowing locks, it was like they were from another world entirely. The men towered over the women, and although they were handsome, they looked plain in comparison. They wore simple brown or black trousers, with white shirts. I noted that they appeared to have ivy growing up their bodies, wrapping itself round their torsos. Gerard shifted beside me. He was awake too.
The men began moving towards us, and i noticed they had something in their hands. It was a rope. One grabbed my arms, hauling me up. 'No! Get off me!' I shrieked, trying to wiggle out of his firm grip. He pulled my wrists forward, and the other man stepped forward and quickly bound them up. 'What are you doing!?' I lashed out, attempting to kick one of them in the leg. They just smirked, my resistance was doing nothing. I spun round, Gerard was getting the same treatment. What was happening?

Gerards point of view:
Jo rushed over to my side resting her head on my shoulder. 'Whats happening? I'm scared.' I rested my cheek against hers. 'I don't know, but don't be scared, I'm here.' The women watched us, their facial expressions revealing nothing. The men tugged on the ropes and lead us over to a carriage I hadn't noticed before. It seemed to be made from branches, with flowers and vines woven into it, blending in with the rest of the forest. One of the women leaned into the cab and pulled out two headbands. She placed one on Jo's head. The actual headband was made of willow woven into a circle, with ivy bulking it out. Large feathers decorated the top, and butterflies and seashells were attached randomly. It was a crown. My head band was woven from willow, but it just had flowers woven in, clearly I wasn't as important as Jo. 'Who are you?' Jo croaked.
'Spirits from your past.' The man had a cruel light in his eyes. What past? Jo was too young to have a past. She may act old beyond her years but she is too young for that.
They pulled the ropes and we reluctantly got in the carriage. 'Maybe this will help you remember' the man chuckled, throwing a ring at Jo. She held it up. I was a band of gold, with something engraved in. We both looked closer. It was a pair of wings. Leaning back,she closed her eyes. Her face seemed to scrunch up. She gasped. 'What?' I asked, I hated not knowing what was going on. 'Memories...' she whispered, her eyes empty of emotion. The carriage lifted and began to sway to a steady rhythm. I scrabbled at the walls, desperate for a way out. I sliced my hand on a branch, drawing blood. I yelped in pain. 'Show me' Jo demanded. I turned and showed her my palm.

Jo's point of view:
I knew what I was doing was wrong, but it felt so right. I lifted his hand to my nose, inhaling the sweet scent... I hadn't encountered it in many years. I brought it to my mouth, and gently ran my tongue along the wound, savouring the amazing taste of his blood. 'Jo?' I snapped out of my reverie. 'No' I gasped. This is bad, and very wrong. Never again. I dropped his hand. 'Sorry.'I murmured. 'If I try and do it again, slap me or something, okay?' he watched me, his hazel eyes were cautious. He finally nodded, wrapping an arm around my waist. 'What do you remember?' he asked fiddling with the ivy on my crown.
'Not much' I answered truthfully, 'its like shattered fragments of memories, but they won't come together and make a whole picture. All I remember is falling. Down, down, down. It seemed to never end.' I shuddered, it was like something vitally important to our survival danced at the edges of my conciousness, but I couldn't reach it, I couldn't catch the memory that would save us...

Haha. Short chapter O.o i know where I'm going with this but I don't know how to get it out my head. rah rah rah. this'll do for now. Jonana X
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