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Jenna gets her way...

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A long silence fell as I revealed Cutler's most sensitive organ. His cheeks flushed a reddish color, obviously embarrassed by the fact that he really did want me. I leaned forward and took him into my hands. I kneaded and stroked him lovingly, treating him like the god he looked like. Lowering my head, I tasted every bit of him, licking and kissing all over.

Suddenly, it seemed a voice was speaking in my head. It was telling me to kiss him. Unsure what had urged this, I put my hands on his chest and pressed my lips to his. Immediately, something strange happened. Blackness surrounded me and I felt like I was being dragged downwards. Just when I thought I could bare the darkness no longer, color and visions started spinning around.

There I was as a little baby in the arms of a mother who was certainly not Madeline. Then I was a young twelve-year-old playing with my best friend, Elizabeth Swann. Next, I found us as teenagers. Elizabeth was telling me how she was engaged to James Norrington and god, I was so jealous of her. A few months later, my parents told me I was to be getting married myself. Not long afterwards, I found myself entwined with Cutler Beckett in his office, engaging in passionate lovemaking. Next, I was being tortured and abused by Ian. James and Cutler were now dead. Unsure where to go, I went back to my parents and had a baby. Unaware of the torture Ian had submitted me to, my parents had sent me back to Ian. He had murdered me and there I was on the Flying Dutchman. I had another baby with James and Cutler refused to be with me anymore, saying that he had disturbed my fate. Will had offered to give us another chance at life and we had all accepted and were reborn again and now, here I was.

The flashbacks suddenly faded and once again I was sitting on the desk, pressing my mouth to Cutler Beckers'. But now, I felt different. I was the same girl, but had a different mind. Now I remembered everything from my past life and realized that this was Cutler Beckett, not Beckers. Blinking, I pulled away from the kiss, curious to see if Cutler had felt the same thing I had.

"Bloody hell," he whispered, staring at me with new eyes. Praying with all my might that he remembered me, I searched the icy blue eyes and asked, "Do you remember me? Please tell me you do. Tell me you still want me and love me..." For some reason, I was crying. Tears spilled down my cheeks and sobs wracked my body as I remembered everything we had been through.

"Yes," Cutler said simply, looking slightly confused. He didn't answer any of my other pleas. Instead, he simply looked at me. I looked up at him with tearful eyes and now suddenly felt like a little girl under the eyes of someone she did not deserve. I was a mere servant and Cutler was a Lord. I couldn't expect him to want me. I shouldn't even want it myself.

"But I believed our fates were not cross paths," Cutler mused aloud. "Was that not the purpose of us returning to this life at different times?" So he did remember our past after all. Looking up at him with pleading eyes, I begged, "Please, Cutler, please take me back. We must be meant to be together if we found each other again. It's not a coincidence. Can't you see how much I love you? You use to like me. I used to think you loved me, but now I know that's not true. Can't you at least like me again, my Lord?"

Cutler peered down at me with those stony blue eyes and murmured, "Say it again." Meeting his eyes, I pleaded, "Love me again, my Lord." Cutler's lips curved slightly and suddenly he was in my face, grabbing my chin and staring at me intently as he asked, "Is this truly what you want? You remember what happened in your past life, no doubt."

"I do remember," I admitted, searching his eyes. "I just want you back. I know I'm young and trapped in a twelve-year-old's body, but you know me and I know you. We're meant to be together. Can't you see that? You're my other half. We fit together perfectly in every way. I beg you to at least give me a chance. I want to be part of you again..."

I expected Cutler to reject me. Deep down inside, I knew he would. There was no reason why he would want someone like me. When I felt Cutler's hands on my hips, I was very surprised. His hands traveled to my back and Cutler whispered, "I do expect that you will have nothing whatsoever to do with James Norrington after this." Cutler gave a sharp tug at the clasp of my dress, making my eyes go wide as I realized what he was doing. He would have me after all. We would be one again.

"Yes," I whispered. "Never again." Smiling with satisfaction, Cutler tipped me back on the desk and slipped his hand under my skirt and let it travel up the curve of my thigh. Loosing my balance as he tipped me backwards, I reached forward and grabbed hold of his shoulders, yanking him closer to me. My hands found the buttons of his jacket and started undoing them.

I tried to push Cutler's jacket off, but Cutler was far too impatient. He gave an irritable groan and pushed me away so he could rip off the jacket and the shirt as well. Cutler returned to me and let me pull him back into my arms. Hands creeping up my back and lips taking hold of mine, Cutler slipped my sleeves down my arms and let my dress fall.

I met Cutler's eyes in the moonlight pouring through the windows. Passionate and lust dripping from my mouth, I pressed my tongue against his mouth. Cutler parted his lips and hungrily let me enter his. We immediately engaged in a battle of dominance which I almost instantly surrendered to. I could feel Cutler's mouth curve under mine. His love of control had not changed.

Abruptly, Cutler broke off the kiss and gazed at my bare chest under the faint glow of the candle resting on opposite side of the desk. Feeling a bit embarrassed of my body, I blushed and tried to look away from his hypnotizing stare. Forcing myself to speak, I apologized, "I know I look young. I'm sorry if I'm not at all the woman you used to know..."

"You're the same woman. Yet you're trapped in a body of your younger self. It matters not. I want you just the same," Cutler breathed into my ear. So Cutler still wanted me? A flicker of excited ran through me and I leaned forward to connect our lips once more. Cutler dodged my lips and instead pressed scalding, open-mouthed kisses down my neck and across my chest.

I felt like I was going to burst from desire as Cutler brought his lips to breast and dangerously near to my nipple. My breath hitched as his hands came up to worship the soft mounds on my chest. Our lips came together and I melted into Cutler, pressing my chest into his hands and fusing my lips with his. I had already surrendered everything.

"Cutler..." I murmured as evidence of my desire started dripping down my leg. In a swift motion, Cutler's hands were under my skirt and edging along my thighs as he slipped the dress up over my head and tossed it to the floor. Cutler stepped even closer to me and I reached out for him, rubbing his intimate parts and caressing the warmth with my fingertips.

Cutler gave a low groan and looked over my nakedness possessively. He took my hands off his body and rested them on his shoulders. I clutched him tightly and felt his warm breath on the side of my neck as he pressed my legs apart and found my center of desire. Rubbing there gently, Cutler pressed our torsos together, letting our warmth connect and fuse.

Desire pulsed within me as Cutler stroked my entrance. My legs wrapped around his waist and I felt him pushing into me. A sudden thought occurred to me and I whispered, "I'm still a virgin." Cutler came to my barrier and murmured, "You know I'll be gentle." Remembering my past life, I realized that it had been Cutler who had taken my virginity last time as well.

Cutler paused, feeling me tense in his arms. His lips took mine as he pushed through the barrier and took my innocence. A gasp formed in my mouth and tears filled my eyes. I bit down on Cutler's lip and dug my hands into his marble flesh as the pain throbbed within me. Cutler simply held me against him until the pain left bit by bit.

The tears left my eyes and I met those beautiful azure orbs, begging for more. Sensing I wanted more, Cutler pushed deep within me, penetrating my untouched chambers. The warmth and throbbing inside me coalesced with Cutler as our body rocked together. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I pulled Cutler closer to me and the two of us tumbled backwards onto the desk.

Cutler somehow managed to stay inside me as we knocked some books and stray letters to the ground. The books hit the floor with a loud thump, but neither of us cared. Cutler grabbed my hips, pulling me against him strongly as he thrust deep within me. Gasping and convulsing, I joined the dance. Our bodies rolled together perfect, just more evidence to the fact that we really were made to be together. Cutler pressed through my scorching heat, reaching my core.

Unable to hold it together anymore, I whimpered and fell limp in Cutler's arms as the heat inside me released. I came willingly, holding nothing back as I surrendered my body to Cutler. I would forever be his whether he wanted me or not. Cutler gave another stroke deep within me before he stiffened and embraced me, arms wrapping around my back and holding me to him.

Cutler came too, washing waves of warmth and love inside my body, marking me as his forever. Our pants and whimpers faded away and we were left exhausted yet full of a different kind of energy. Dripping with sweat, Cutler removed himself from my body and rolled onto his side next to me. His arm wrapped around me possessively and tucked me into his side.

Feeling a peace I hadn't felt since my past life, I relaxed myself and blinked up at Cutler as I whispered, "You'll take me back again? We'll have what we use to?" Cutler peered down at me, a smug smile forming on his lips as he paused and replied, "Oh, I think better. There's no point in resisting you. You'll always have your way with me."

Frowning slightly, I tilted my head to get a better look at him and replied, "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Cutler's smirked and replied, "Very good, I think." His lips brushed mine, a gentle and loving caress. Abruptly, I remembered just how late it had gotten and how I was supposedly at Amy's home. There was no way I could expect my mother to believe I was still at Amy's.

"What time is it?" I asked, anxiety washing over me. "I'm supposedly at a friend's home." Cutler looked confused for a moment before he realized what I was saying. Shaking his head to clear it, Cutler muttered, "Good god, I forget this is no longer my office, is it? We ought not to be doing this here. I'd take you back to my place, but that would be imprudent."

Cutler slipped off the desk, picked me up easily and set me down before him. Legs shaking, I leaned against the desk as Cutler dressed me and pressed a soft kiss to my forehead. Looking deep into my eyes, he murmured, "We'll find a way to make this work again. I believe it won't be nearly as difficult as before seeing as you aren't married. But we don't want your 'parents' to suspect. Hurry home. I'm assuming I will see you tomorrow morning as always?"

"Yes," I breathed, feeling like this was just a dream. "I feel like this is a dream." Cutler smiled at me wryly and said, "If this were a dream, I wouldn't have to let you go. As it is not a dream, it is quite necessary that you leave now before anyone suspects. If people were to find out, my honor would no longer exist. It may even be a crime to-"

Before he could get too worried about his honor and all that, I put a finger to his perfectly shaped lips and said, "Love is not a crime. I will see you tomorrow." Without another look, I turned and lifted my skirts slightly as I ran out the door. The wind tousled my hair and whipped against me as I ran, but I thought nothing of it. Perhaps audacity is not so much of an offense after all.
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