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Stripped Away

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Jenna makes her move...

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The next morning, I was up bright and early before sunset. I dressed in my new gown quickly and brushed my hair. Before anyone else was up, I had already eaten breakfast and was standing by the door, about to leave for my new job. Just as I was about to step through the door, mother trudged sleepily down the stairs and blinked at me, "Good morning, Jenna. Don't you look nice this morning? I take it you remembered your new job. Well, I certainly don't want to hold you up. Go ahead and leave."

Mother came over to give me a quick hug before pointing to the door. I hugged her back before traipsing out the door and into the cool, crisp fall morning. The window tousled my hair and blew a steady breeze in my face as I walked through the darkened streets of Port Royal to get to the East India Trading Company office. I had never been inside the building before, so this would be a first.

As I approached the building, I looked up at it with awe. The building had been expanded in the last few years and was now five times the size of the original building. Unsure of what to do, I knocked on the door and waiting. After a few seconds of just standing there awkwardly, I slipped through the door and looked around nervously, unsure if I should be here or not.

Thankfully, Cutler was sitting at the desk in the first room. There was a fireplace at one end of the room and a large desk across from it. Cutler was sitting in a burgundy chair reading some letter in his hand. When he saw me, he looked up and said, "Ah, Miss Smith. Good morning. I believe you know where Mrs. Grant lives, do you know?"

Mrs. Grant lived on the opposite side of town. I knew her, but not well. Wondering why Cutler was asking me a thing like this, I nodded and raised my eyebrows. Cutler nodded and pressed his seal to the letter he was reading before waving two fingers at me. I quickly stepped across the room and stood before his desk, curious to see what my first task would be.

Looking up into my eyes, Cutler said, "I would like you to go to her and deliver this letter." He held the letter out to me and for some reason, I found myself thinking about what nice hands he had. I wished those hands were resting on my body, stroking, kneading and caressing. As I started to go off into a trance, Cutler raised an eyebrow and asked, "Miss Smith?"

Realizing that now was not the time to be fantasizing, I blinked quickly and smiled at Cutler, replying, "Yes, of course. I shall deliver the letter right away." I curtsied and quickly retreated from the office. Unfortunately, the whole rest of the day seemed to go in this manner. Basically, Cutler constantly sent me off on errands. There was no time for idle chitchat and the like.

At the end of the day, I was quite exhausted. Cutler looked up from his desk and said without emotion, "Thank you for your help. You are dismissed." I nodded and curtsied again before exiting the office and running back to my home. I was a bit disappointed about my new job. After all, my goal had been to get to know Cutler and that certainly wasn't happening at the moment.

When I arrived back home, James was waiting for me. He looked me up and down and gaped for a minute before blushing and waving. I waved back and skipped over to him, asking, "Hey, what's that look for? Do I look funny or something?" James immediately shook his head and replied, "Of course not. You look very beautiful in that dress. Is it new?"

I nodded and replied, "Yes, it is, actually. Mother got it for me because of my new job." James' face fell for a moment and he asked curiously, "And how was it?" Not sure what James was talking about, I leaned against the side of the house and questioned, "How was what? The dress or the job? The job went alright, I guess. Cutler didn't talk to me much though."

I couldn't hide the disappointment in my face. I had really been hoping that we would get to talk for at least a few minutes, but apparently that was not the way things worked. Sensing my disappointment, James looked up at me curiously and asked, "Why do you say that? Is it a bad thing? I thought you told me just the other day that you weren't interested in him."

Well, I had said that, but it had been a lie. Blushing, I said, "Right. Of course I don't want to talk to him." I didn't think I sounded too convincing from the way my cheeks were blushing a pale pink shade and from the way my words came out all high-pitched. James gave me a very suspicious look, but didn't say anything. A long silence fell between us.

"Perhaps I'll be going now," I said to end the awkwardness. James nodded and I realized he didn't kiss me goodbye. Trying not to let myself feel hurt from that, I stepped through the door and had to submit to all of mother's questions about the new job. I answered them all, still thinking about James with Cutler. A resolute thought was now stuck in my mind; I was going to lose my virginity to Cutler Beckers. I didn't care how it happened, but I just knew that it would happen.

The next few weeks passed by in a mundane fashion. Nothing interesting happened really. All I did was run errands for Cutler and sometimes clean up or organize things in the office. James started to get more and more distant with me. He no longer waited for me when I got home and when we did speak, things were awkward and choppy. It was strange because I was also getting a strange feeling that someone was watching me. I wasn't sure who it was, but the feeling was creeping me out.

I was on my fourth week of work and had decided something needed to happen. I was tired of Cutler not noticing me. I mean, James noticed me, so why couldn't he? Before leaving for work, I had told my sleepy mother, "I'm going to stop and visit Amy after work so I probably won't be home from work until quite late. Go ahead and eat supper without me.

Amy was the girl who lived about five minutes from our house. Mother really liked her and thought I should spend more time with girls my own age instead of boys like James. Not thinking anything of this, mother gave me her permission. Of course, I had no intentions of visiting Amy. I planned to have a nice long talk with Cutler if he would allow it.

Personally, I thought that Amy was a bit stuck up and snobbish anyways. Now, it was getting around supper time and Cutler had ordered me to pick up some candles. I took my time doing this, wanting to catch him alone at work after everyone else had left. Stalling, I walked back and forth in front of the candle shop until I saw...oh crap, it was Amy.

I tried to hide behind a palm tree, but it was too late. Amy raised her eyebrows at me and commented, "Jenna! I haven't seen you for a long time. How are you? Goodness, you aren't working as a servant, are you?" She looked down at the candles in my hand and frowned. This was something I didn't like about Amy; she was much too concerned about status.

Trying not to get too upset, I shook my head and contradicted, "No, I'm just picking up some candles, is that really that big of a crime?" Before Amy could come back with some retort, I stuck my nose in the air and walked away. As I went back to Cutler's office, I could feel Amy's eyes on my back. Shit. There went my excuse of going to Amy's house after work. All I could do now was cross my fingers and pray that mother wouldn't talk to Amy or Amy's mother anytime soon.

As I arrived back at the office, it was getting dark outside. A cool, tropical breeze was wafting through the air as I stood hesitating in front of the door. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to go about this, but we would see. Taking a deep breath, I pushed the door open and found Cutler reading some kind of novel at his desk. He hadn't moved for an hour.

"Here are the candles," I said, putting them on the desk. Cutler, who was reading by candle light, replied, "Good. You may leave now, Miss Smith." He didn't even bother looking up at me. His eyes never even stopped skimming the pages of his book as he spoke to me. Hm, this certainly wasn't a good sign. I bit my lip and waited for him to look at me.

Five minutes later, Cutler finally set his book aside and gave me his full attention, asking, "Is there a problem here, Miss Smith? I do believe I told you to leave." Cutler's stormy blue eyes locked with mine and I felt an electrical jolt go through my body. For some reason, I was still getting the feeling like someone was watching me. Looking around, I saw nothing.

Avoiding Cutler's question, I asked, "Is anyone else here?" Cutler looked around as well and shook his head, "No, I don't think so. Now if you don't mind, I do have work to do." He gave me a pointed look towards the door. As leaving was not part of my plan, I didn't move and leaned against the desk, leaning forward in a flirtatious manner as I said, "I just want to talk to you."

There was a long silence and Cutler merely raised his eyebrows, not even bothering to ask me what I wanted to talk to him about. God, he was as cold as stone. It was nearly impossible to break through his outer shell, but I would see if perhaps I could at least penetrate it tonight. I walked around to the other side of the desk and sat on it, looking down at Cutler.

"I know you feel it too," I whispered seductively. "I felt it from the moment we met." Cutler blinked at me in confusion and replied flatly, "I do not know what you are talking about. Unless you wish to talk about sensible matters, I suggest you leave now." Cutler gave me a funny look and pointed towards the door, obviously wanting me out more than anything.

He picked up his book to start reading again, but I was in no mood to let him continue the reading. I snatched the book out of his hand and tossed it over my shoulder behind my back. Cutler gave me an annoyed look and was forced to give me his full attention. Sighing, he met my gaze steadily and asked, "What do you want from me?"

"I want you," I murmured, looking deep into his eyes and leaning forwards. Cutler opened and closed his mouth, looking speechless. Finally, he stood up to go retrieve his book and said in a clipped tone, "I hardly think this is appropriate." Before he could go off to fetch his book, I put my hands on his shoulders, making him stay right in front of me.

"Don't you feel it? Don't you want me too?" I asked, not ready to give up yet. "I know you do. Why deny yourself if I'd willingly offer myself up to you?" Cutler frowned and gave me a dark look, saying, "You have to be the youngest prostitute I have ever met. If you need money so badly, why didn't you just ask me earlier?" Cutler fished around in his pocket for something.

A bit annoyed that Cutler thought I was a wench, I frowned too and shook my head, replying, "No, I'm not a whore. I just want your love. Is that really too much to ask?" Alright, so I was being extremely forwards, but this was partially Cutler's fault for resisting me for so long. I mean, what else could I do when he was resisting me so hard?

"Miss Smith, please pull yourself together," Cutler said, trying to jerk out of my grip. Crossing his arms, he added, "You're being very ridiculous. Perhaps you haven't noticed that I am over ten years older than you and you are a young twelve-year-old? Perhaps you should be seeing a mental doctor if you continue acting this way towards your elders."

That was a bit of a slight, but I still wasn't going to give up. Leaning forwards, I whispered, "Perhaps I have notice. Perhaps I have also noticed just how much you want me." Cutler blinked and sighed, replying, "Do explain." Keeping my eyes on him, I made my boldest move yet. My hands found his breeches, undid them, and let them fall.
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