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Koolaid isn't 'Cool' for Serial Killers

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Walking into CVS, Charlie reminisced, she wondered what life would be like in prison.
"Fun." she murmured, knowing it wouldn't be.
She grabbed a Koolaid package and shoved it in her pocket and walked out of the pharmacy. On her way back to the apartment she stopped at a nearby church and sat inside a confessional, facing Father Joe, a new priest.
"Charlie, tell me your sins."
"I killed someone."
"You did what?"
"I killed someone--I pushed a fridge on him, then, stabbed him twice, at least I think it was a guy...hahaha gay!"
Father Joe looked at Charlie, reluctant to forgive her sins.
"Charlie, um, God loves you. A lot. He doesn't like the things you do."
Father Joe took Charlie's hand.
"Ugh, I also took this." Charlie said, taking out the Koolaid package.
"Two of the 10 commandments." Father Joe exclaimed.
"I've broken all of them." Charlie said, slouching.
Father Joe's eyes widened and he spoke really fast, Charlie decided he was praying.
"You need to tell God you are sorry."
"Sorry God."
"No! You need to say 3 rosaries and huh, hope for resisting eternal fire."
"Will do, thank you."
Charlie shook his hand and exited the confessional. She shoved the Koolaid package back in her pocket and slowly drove to apartment 66.
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