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Gerard’s P.O.V.
I started at the clock for 3 minutes straight. C’mon clock… Just go ahead and say 12:45 already! I want to eat! I love food. I would honestly marry a bag of chips or the Utz lady if one-Frankie and I didn’t know each other, and two-I was bi or straight. That brings me on to another thought… Women… Why do they always hit on me, even after I specifically tell them “I’m gay.” What? Am I some sort of stallion that you need to tame? I’m not letting you ride me, if that’s what you think. And, oh yeah… You can’t ride me. HA! If people heard my thoughts, I’d be slapped. But, I mean, I don’t mean to be rude. I’m just saying. Or if we’re going to get all technical, I’m just thinking. Maybe next time you shouldn’t hit on a gay guy, and we won’t have this problem. Most of the time, I’m flattered, and it’s nice… Kinda… but when you’re just doing it to do it and not because you genuinely like my eyes, it p*sses me off. MEN LIKE COMPLIMENTS, TOO, YOU KNOW! I know how you feel when some guy just walks up to you and grabs your ass. You don’t like it. You think it’s barbaric and rude, piggish, to say the least. Men feel these things to. I mean, I’ve told you that I’m gay, and in a relationship, with a person of the same sex. And yet, you are still trying to get me to sleep with you. Sorry ladies, I don’t sway that way.
12:45 dawned upon the face of the clock, I shot up out of my chair and rushed around to Frankie.
“Lunch?!” I said, bouncing a little, acting like I was three.
“Where?” Frankie asked, smiling.
“Duuuuunkin’ Doughnuts?” I suggested, still acting like I was in Kindergarten.
“Twist my arm.” Frankie mumbled with a grin and grabbed his coat.
-Time Lapse-
“Geeeeeeee…” Frankie groaned when he tried to open the door. “What is it with you and child locks?” He finished, fidgeting with the handle.
“Idunno. They’ve been like that for a while now…” I answered, getting out of the car and opening his door for him.
“Just because I’m not tall enough to be an adult, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be treated like one.” He muttered under his breath, forcing me to giggle at him.
We walked in, and we practically raced each other up to the counter. We would always get in a tiny spat over who would order and pay. I wanted to pay, and so did he, and we were playfully shoving each other away from the counter. A few of the older couples looked disgusted, the younger couples stared in aw. That’s right, on-lookers! Gay men at a doughnut joint!
“We want a-” I started until I was shoved over to the side.
“We want a breakfast bagel with eggs, cheese, and bacon on it. We would also like a glazed doughnut and two medium coffees.” Frankie spat out at the cashier, and quickly handed him twenty-five dollars. I shot him a quick glare.
“You should’ve let me pay, Frankie…” I whined.
“No! I have done nothing but mooch, so now, I’m paying for it. And it’s been paid for. So… Naaaah!” He giggled at me.
“Fine, Franklin.” I sighed wit a small grin.
“H-Here’s your change…” The cashier said nervously, handing Frankie the change. Hm… He must have a problem with two guys that are insanely in love. Eh, I’ll get over it, and so will he. “You can sit down… Someone will bring your food over to you.”
“Okay.” Frankie and I said at the same time. He grabbed my hand, and pulled me to a booth.
“So… How was your day, madear?” He said as he put my hand on his leg, our fingers still interlaced.
“Just dandy, babe.” I said, as a tall slender guy walk up to our booth.
“You guys had the breakfast bagel and a glazed doughnut, and the medium coffee?” A familiar voice said.
I looked up. AND WHAT DO YA KNOW? It’s Mikey.
“Gee-gee?” He asked.
“Mikes?” I said, looking at him, puzzled. “I knew you got a job… But I didn’t know it was here…”
“Sorry if it displeases you, Gerard. All you said was that I needed to get a job. So I got one.” He said.
“I have no problem with it.” I replied, giving him a small smile.
Then he began to take notice to the person I had next to me. And his eyes widened.
“Frank?” He demanded.
“Mikey?” Frankie looked up, and his face went blank.
“Gerard?” I said, looking between the two.
“O-Oh… I just d-didn’t think you two would… Um… Get back together…” Mikey said, just giving Frankie some indescribable look from over his glasses.
“Well… We did…” I said, and shrugged.
“Okay then… Um… Did you… Erm… Never mind.” Mikey said, shaking his head and setting down our food. “See you ‘round eight, kay, Gee?”
“Alrighty, Mikes.” I said, as Mikey walked away.
“So… He does still live with you?” Frankie ventured.
“Yeah. I really couldn’t live by myself… after… Um…” I stopped. Oh sh*t. I shouldn’t have went on speaking. Now I’d have to tell Frankie.
“After what…” Frankie began, his voice low and serious.
“After I downed an entire bottle of aspirin.” I said, nervously shaking my foot and avoiding eye contact.
“You did what?!” Frankie whispered urgently.
“I couldn’t handle myself. Mikey and I were fighting for a long time… and I didn’t have you in my life… and I wasn’t sure what else to do…” I said, honestly feeling stupid. I bet Frankie was going to be pissed and then not talk to me for a few days.
“Oh my god… Gerard…” He hugged me and started crying into my shirt. “I’m so sorry… That was all my fault…”
“No it wasn’t… Don’t blame yourself, Frankie.” I soothed, stroking his hair again. Like I had thought… Now really was not the best time to be bringing that up. It’s not like I did it on purpose, though… It kinda… Slipped? Yeah. It slipped.
“B-But …” He began to whimper.
I placed my finger over his lips.
“Frankie… Stop it. I’m still here. So are you. We’re together, and that’s how it’s going to stay. Alright? I promise.” I said then gently placed a kiss on his cheek. I guess our little scene grabbed the attention of the entire restaurant. Every persons eyes were glued to Frankie and I.
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