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Chapter 7, part 2, Mikey's POV.

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Mikey’s P.O.V.
It had been a VERY long week. Gerard and I had another one of your little falling outs, he was upset because I didn’t have a job anymore, and I haven’t been to preoccupied with working at getting a new one. I guess that was kind of understandable, because I had gotten fired from my last job about a year ago, and Gerard offered to take me in under the condition that I got a job as soon as I could. Which, I really didn’t do.
I had just been crashing at my friend Alicia’s place to avoid third degree from Gerard for the past few days. He was usually easy going about that kind of stuff, but lately, he’s been rather moody. Sometimes I don’t know whether or not he is still upset about that whole… Thing… that happened between Frankie and I. I’ve honestly liked Frankie more than Gerard for years now, and I thought it was only fair that I got a turn. Frankie was to hot for Gee, anyway. Gee is way to innocent to try anything with him to begin with. That, and Frankie kissed me back.
I did get a job, actually, and today was my second day of work. I’m the newest employee at Dunkin’ Doughnuts. I know, very prestigious and admirable occupation. That’ll get me all the chicks. All I have to say is, “Hey babe, I’m a doughnut monger.” and I’ll be in their pants faster than you can say when pigs fly.
I woke up on Alicia’s couch when my alarm went off. It was about 11:00 a.m., so I had an hour to get ready. I went back to sleep for another 47 minutes. When I woke up for the second time, I just got up, brushed my hair and teeth, and walked out the door. I really wasn’t concerned with the job right about now, all I wanted to do was tell Gerard that I had a job, so my life would return to normal.
I walked into my place of business at around 12:30, exactly when my shift began. I slipped on my uniform, completely unconcerned with anything. I’m in one of those, “I don’t give a three shits” moods.
“Mikey, come on. Get over here, there are two people that need their orders and Felix is all tied up.” I heard some chick call to me.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah… Table and order?” I asked.
“Table 4, order 76.” She sighed at me.
“Whatever.” I replied, grabbed their tray, and walked over to table 4.
“You guys had the breakfast bagel and a glazed doughnut, and the medium coffee?” I said, looking at the gawking couple. One of them turned around, and low and behold, GERARD. Wonderful. Now he gets to bitch at me about my job. Awesome. That’s what I need. Then I asked the stupidest question ever. “Gee-gee?”
“Mikes? I knew you got a job… But I didn’t know it was here…” He said, I thought he was getting at something. Go ahead and say it, jerk off.
“Sorry if it displeases you, Gerard. All you said was that I needed to get a job. So I got one.” I snapped back to him. I was in no mood for him about now. I guess I was acting ungrateful, but like I care.
“I have no problem with it.” He answered, smiling at me.
I was now giving my full attention to the guy sitting next to Gerard, trying to make out who he was past the bright light coming through the window which masked his face in a shadow. I looked for his eyes, to see what color they were. Green. Then my eyes moved to examine his lips, they were pierced. Then saw the faux hawk that was dyed red at the sides and I was kicking myself for not realizing who it was earlier. Frankie. How could I have not noticed him before? I mean, Frankie’s got his own look. He’s fucking gorgeous.
“Frank?” I questioned, today was apparently my stupid question day.
“Mikey?” Frankie looked up, and his face went vacant.
“Gerard?” Gee said, trying to put himself into the conversation.
“O-Oh… I just d-didn’t think you two would… Um… Get back together…” I said, giving Frankie a curious look, I was trying to hide the hurt that I felt by making it look like I was confused.
“Well… We did…” Gerard said matter-o-factly.
“Okay then… Um… Did you… Erm… Never mind.” I said, practically throwing the food at the table. This hurt. I thought they were over for good. “See you ‘round eight, kay, Gee?”
“Alrighty, Mikes.” Gee answered as I walked away to avoid them seeing me cry.

I'm posting early to apologize for my stupidness of not posting one day. I'm sorry, I've just been battling brain fart for the past few days, and I'm slowly regaining my mojo.
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Update, 4-13-11 Um... I'm working on Frankie's POV for this chapter right now at 4:05pm Eastern Standard Time. It's slow in the making, but I'll have it up in no time at all.
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