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Chapter 6

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I started to smile but quickly swiped it away. What an asshole! Then why was I smiling?

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I went with Maria into her living room where the boys had accommodated. I sat down by Frank and made sure to cross my legs. I had rolled down the neck of my sweater because Maria had done a brilliant job of hiding the hickey. I sighed being a lot more comfortable.
The TV was showing some weird Ripley's Believe It Or Not scene. The guys seemed intrigued though. Ray and Bob were seated in a couple of chairs and Mikey was on the floor. A couple of comic books were by him again, but he wasn't reading them.
"Hey where's Gerard?" Maria asked taking a seat on the arm of the couch Frank and I occupied.
"He's outside trying to hit your neighbor's cat with rocks again," Ray responded.
"What? Again?" Maria asked sounding upset. "Our neighbors already hate us."
"It's no use getting worked up Maria," Bob said. "He's on one of those highs."
"What? Not again you guys."
All the guys gave a small laugh.
"He wanted some Maria. We had to give it to him," Mikey said still laughing.
I sat confused and turned to Frank. "Is he on drugs or something?" I whispered.
I guess it wasn't quiet enough because all the guys started laughing. "Well you pick your poison," Mikey managed between laughs.
Frank was laughing too, but he stopped when I glared at him tired of being on the outside of the joke.
"It's coffee," he said.
"Coffee? He reacts like this to coffee?"
Everyone just laughed again except Maria who fumed. "Laugh all you want guys, but now I have to baby-sit him before he gets hurt."
Just then Gerard came running into the house holding a handful of rocks. "Guys I think I killed if," he exclaimed out of breath.
All the guys up roared into laughs. So much so Frank fell on the floor. I gave a small smile. I had to admit Gerard standing there with rocks falling from his fingers was funny.
Gerard put the rocks down and caught my eye. "You’re Vee... right?"
"Um...yeah," I answered a little afraid of the boy hyped up on coffee.
"Can I sketch you?"
"Wha-what?" Did he just ask to sketch me?
The guys controlled their laughter and Frank got back on the couch.
"It calms my nerves," Gerard explained. "And you're the only person in the room I haven't sketched."
I looked around at everyone looking at us and no longer Ripley's Believe It Or Not.
"Uh, I guess," I answered.
Gerard beamed and ran to get his sketch pad.

After Gerard had sketched me...twice, (he messed up on my eyes the first time or so he said.) I told everyone I had to get home and do my homework. Frank said he would go too and we climbed in my car.
Frank rolled down the window, lit a cigarette and put his feet up on the dashboard before giving me directions out.
"So how was that for you?" He asked blowing smoke out the window.
"How was what? Gerard sketching me or you clutching my leg the whole time?"
Frank smirked. "I knew you'd like that."
I started to smile but quickly swiped it away. What an asshole! Then why was I smiling? I didn't need to think about this right now. Something else was pressing my mind.
"Um, Frank."
Frank flicked his ash out the window before answering. "What?"
"What happened with your last girlfriend?" I had to ask. Ever since Maria told me about the break up I had to know.
"What do you mean?" Frank asked looking puzzled.
"Well Maria told me how you broke up with her and not that it's any of my business, but that was kinda harsh."
Frank threw his cigarette out the window and sat up. "You're is none of your business."
"What? It was a bad relationship Vee."
I looked over at him trying to catch the honesty that wasn't there. "Seriously Frank, or was it because you're incapable of committing to a girl longer than a week."
Frank scoffed and raised an eyebrow. "I'm 17, I don't need to commit." He looked at me a minute before averting his gaze. "Next house on the left," he said plainly.
I pulled into the driveway and put the car in park. Frank moved to get out but I stopped him by grabbing his arm. "I can help you, you know," I offered.
Frank gave a half smile at me. "What, you a shrink now?"
"No," I said removing my hand realizing I had been touching him too long. "But I'm a girl, and I could help you with relationships."
Frank smiled, climbed out of the car and looked at me. "You wanna help? Help me with that math project due at the end of the quarter." Then he shut the door and walked into the house.
I watched him go and sighed. "Ungrateful jerk," I muttered before backing out of the driveway.
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