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Chapter 5

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"You're not like Frankie's last girlfriends."

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Frank and I continued to walk across the yard and past all the other people sitting at tables. We headed towards the side of the school building, and where it connected to the gym. I thought we were going to continue past it but instead Frank pulled me into a small space between the buildings. I looked around and noticed a broken picnic table leaning against the building. All the legs had been broken on one side and it was supported by the wall. Seated on this dying table were three boys. The smallest one had glasses on and was reading a comic book. The other two, a boy with a curly fro and a bigger set kid, were deep in conversation. I looked across from them and wasn't surprised to see Gerard. He was seated on the ground, his back against the wall. Beside him I saw a pretty slender girl. She had high cheek bones, piercing green eyes, and jet black hair. Both of them had a cigarette placed firmly in their lips.
"Hey Frank," Gerard said giving a small nod in our direction.
Frank didn't answer he just walked over to Gerard and accepted a cigarette. Because my hand was still grasped in his, I followed.
Frank let go of my hand to light his cigarette. He took a long drag and grabbed my hand once again. "Oh guys, this is Vee," he said as if it was an afterthought. "Vee, that's Bob, Ray and Mikey," Frank said motioning to the three guys on the bench. "And this is Gerard and Maria." Gerard nodded again but Maria looked up at me and smiled.
"Kinda hot for a turtle neck," she said.
I felt my face get hot, and I started to fidget pulling on my sleeves. I felt Frank squeeze my hand telling me to stop. I obeyed and looked at Maria. "Yeah," I answered. "But I'm from a religious family who would disown me if I exposed too much of my breasts."
Maria gave a small laugh and smothered her cigarette in the ground. Just then the bell sounded signaling the end of lunch. The boys got up slowly and headed out. Maria got up too and smiled at me. "You should come to my house after school with the guys," she said. I smiled accepting. Then she leaned in and whispered. "I'll show you some tricks for that hickey." I laughed slightly embarrassed but she just smiled and walked away with Gerard.
I started to follow them but was pulled back by Franks grasp. "C'mon Frank," I said annoyed. "We'll be late."
Frank just looked at me and smiled. "From a religious family, huh?"
"I had to say something."
"Oh Vee."
I pulled my hand out of Frank's and scoffed at him. Then I walked towards the school with a smile on my face.

After school all the guys piled in Maria's car to go to her house. Frank rode with me to give me directions and because he didn't have a car.
"Turn right here."
I yanked the wheel hard barley making the turn. "Gosh Frank tell me before the turn next time."
Frank just smirked and sucked on his cigarette. "You're suppose to be calling me Frankie, remember?" He said depositing ashes out the car window.
"Just around your friends," I said. "Anytime else I can call you anything I want."
Frank gave a small laugh and threw the cigarette out the window. "Turn right."
I made a swift right and continued driving.
"Well I guess if you can disobey the rules in private so can I," Frank smirked sliding closer.
"Look buddy I make the rules," I said keeping my eyes averted and pushing him back with one hand.
Frank smiled and slid back. "You know Vee, you're a lot feistier than I expected."
I turned to glance at him quickly and looked back. "I don't know if that was a compliment or a stealthy insult, so I'll keep my mouth shut."
"That'd be a first."
"You asshole..."
"We're here!"

"Here try this," Maria said offering me a necklace. Maria and I were up in her room while the boys were downstairs doing God knows what. I pulled the choker on and looked in the mirror. It covered up the hickey perfectly.
"Wow, thanks Maria," I gushed examining myself some more.
"No problem," she said. "I've had to cover up a few in my day."
"Oh, Gerard?"
"Oh, no," Maria responded quickly putting on a pained expression.
"But I thought you guys were like together."
"Oh please, that ended a long time ago," she said ushering me into a seat in front of the mirror. She took off the choker and started to apply make-up to my neck. "Me and Gee now are more what you call friends with benefits."
"Oh," I said as I watched her fiddle away on my neck.
"We tried the relationship thing, but we both knew we were too alike to make it work, but works," she said stepping back to admire her work. "It's like having a boyfriend without the...obligations...well you know, you have a boyfriend."
"Um, yeah," I said looking at myself in the mirror. Maria could do wonders. The hickey was gone.
"You know the first time I saw you I was surprised," Maria went on putting down her make-up. "You're not like Frankie's last girlfriends."
I tore myself away from the mirror and looked at Maria.
"Not to put down your boyfriend, but he has trouble in relationships."
I smiled not surprised at all, but wiped it away quickly. "Why? What's wrong with" I gave a pained expression as I realized I had forgotten to call him Frankie. I quickly added the ie, but it sounded off.
Maria gave a quizzed look but shook it off. "Well for starters, he ended his last relationship in front of our art class."
"He said she wouldn't get the point anywhere else."
So Frank had a problem with relationships. Maybe he was using all those girls, like he had attended for me.
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