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One Sudden Night

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N wants to take their relationship farther than it already is, what happens when White agrees? I had no idea what to name this....

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If you are not into LEMON then do not read this!!! Also, If you don’t like NxWhite then you definitely don’t want to read! I felt kind of dirty after I wrote this… You have been warned!

Love is something that can happen in many different ways, some that we, ourselves don’t even expect. A mother protecting her own young, a boy giving flowers to a girl, and even people of the same sex devoting themselves to the other through marriage. No one can see love; they only see the simple images we made to portray it, such as, colored hearts and flowers. Love is usually given like a gift. It is never shared between two others.

But, N and I shared it. We didn’t throw the words out too each other like normal couples did. When we said it, it sent shivers down the others spine. Why? Because we actually knew it was special.

I strolled into N’s bedroom, twirling around happily. “He’ll never find me here!” I snickered into my hands, trying to be quiet in case he was in earshot. After scanning the room I decided to hide on the top of the slide next to the door. He wouldn’t see me if he walked in and I could somehow surprise him.

“White?” He whispered, slowly opening the door to his room. Finally! It felt like I was hiding forever. He slowly shut the door behind him and stepped forward.

Quietly, I hung upside down on the slide. My legs were hooked around the bars while my hands reached for N’s hat. Once I slipped it off he turned around, startled by my sudden appearance. “Boo!” I giggled. I grabbed his cheeks and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

“You win,” he breathed, holding my shoulders while I unhooked myself and fell from the slide. I landed with a loud thump.

“Shall we get ready now?” I asked, cupping his face for one more kiss. He moaned against my lips, obviously asking not to go. Other things were playing around in his mind. Being the Twenty-Two year old male that he was, his hormones wanted us to go do something else.

His hands found their way to my hips while his eyes held mine in place. “White…” He sang, practically whistling. “We love each other, right?” I nodded but looked down at my shoes.

It’s been two years since I defeated N after our final battle. Ghetsis has gone to a place that I shall not name and the world lives happily with Pokemon companions. During these two years I was able to crack N out of his shell. He doesn’t talk to strangers well, but he is now more open about things. We’re both in love so sex is definitely a topic between us. We both wanted to share that experience together but I was scared.

“N,” I whined softly. “Please, just wait for me…” I lifted my head to look back into his eyes. He smiled down at me and nodded a smooth nod.

After another round of Hide and Seek, I decided to take a shower. I thought over everything in my head. I decided I would treat N tonight. I loved him, and he is the one that I want to steal my virginity. The warm water splashed against my back as I thought over how I would do this.

Stepping out of the large, royally decorated shower, I grabbed a short towel; one that I would usually wrap around my hair. Instead, I wrapped it around my torso. It barely covered my butt. “I can do this…” I sighed at my reflection in the mirror.

I quietly crept out of the bathroom towards N’s large bedroom. Placing my hand on the knob, I took a deep breath. I quickly turned it before I could change my mind. Stepping into the colorful room, I found N on his bed. A Rubik’s cube was held in his grasp as he turned the sides.

“N,” I whispered, shutting the door behind me. His eyes immediately widened once he saw my wet skin.

“W-white?” He stuttered, scrambling up so he was sitting on the bed. “Whats going on…?” He gulped as I walked up to him. My hand rubbed his shoulder as I bent down, revealing some slight cleavage.

“N, you know I love you… and I want to show you that.” I pushed him down on the bed, enjoying the dumbfounded expression on his face. His eyes followed every movement I made, especially when I slipped the towel off. I had put on a lacy blue bra with matching panties back in the bathroom. I was pretty nervous with just the towel on.

“White…” He mumbled again, shivering with excitement as I climbed on top of him. My wet hair dripped on his clothes as I bent down to kiss him. Immediately, his tongue entered my mouth. He tasted amazing, making me more willing to go further. I sat on his stomach, my legs wrapped around his waist. Slowly, I ripped open each button on his white shirt.

He leaned up so he could shake the shirt away. I leaned in and kissed him, pushing him down once it was off of him. I nibbled on his bottom lip while we both worked to get his black undershirt off. He flung it to the ground and grabbed my face, bring it back to his. His lips were cold against mine. His breathe filled my mouth once his tongue entered again.

N pulled away from the kiss and placed his warm hands against the damp skin of my hips. Smoothly, he flipped us over so he was above me. Leaning down, he kissed my lips, cheek, neck and then my chest. I moaned quietly once I felt the touch of his lips on my wet skin.

“N…” I moaned. He looked up at me. A sweet smile spread across his lips and he leaned up to kiss my cheek. I couldn’t help the bright smile on my face, I was just so happy to be here with N. Doing it with the only boy I loved.

N’s hands wavered over my chest, pulling at my lacey bra. I pulled my arms back over my head and ran my fingers through my damp hair. Arching my back, my chest was closer to N’s face. He wrapped his fingers around my sides and kissed the skin below my bra. I held my head back, moaning quietly.

N let go of my sides and sat up on his knees. By then, I was panting, anxious to ravish N with all I could. His pants flew to the ground and in a flash N was back over me. Messy green hair hung over me while hips tongue licked my lips.

“Let’s get this off of you…” He murmured darkly. His finger twined around my loose bra strap. “Help me?” He said sarcastically, leaning down to bush his lips over mine. Giggling, I unhooked my bra, making the breast cups pop up a little.

“Good enough?” I whispered, biting my lip seductively. His expression became surprised as a blush began to grow on his cheeks. The red coloration quickly went away once N put his hands under my bra. His fingers lightly stroked my skin, making me quiver like a puppy wanting to be petted. Cold fingers kept groping my breasts in a smooth rhythm. My mix of panting and moans just made his fingers work faster. Who ever said that was bad?

I placed my hands on the back of his neck, tugging his face down closer to mine. His gropes slowed down as I kissed him. Our tongues entered each others mouths; we both could practically taste the sexual sensation of the other.

I ran my fingers over N’s well muscled chest, tickling the crevices between his abs. I twined my fingers over the fabric of his boxers, ready for the main course. His large hands covered mine as he helped me pull them off. I looked away, blushing at the sight of his, well, you know.

I felt his chuckle shake the bed as he grabbed my chin, “White?” Stubbornly, I kept my eyes shut tight. I felt his fingers pull my panties off of my legs. They soon fell to the floor with the rest of our clothes.

I opened my eyes to see N’s blank face. His eyes drank in my naked body. That didn’t help me stop blushing at all. “You’re beautiful…” He bent down to whisper in my ear.

I hugged him close and whispered as well, “And your perfect…” He pulled my arms away from his, pinning mine down to the bed. I knew what was coming and I was absolutely ready.

His luscious green eyes stared into mine, his lust made them seem hazy. I nodded approvingly at him, I wanted to go further. “It’s going to hurt,” he warned, his grasp on my pinned arms loosened. All I could do was nod while my body shivered, begging for more.

Opening my legs, he hovered over me a bit more. I felt him poke into my thigh as he pressed a reassuring kiss against my stomach. Soon that poking wasn’t on my thigh anymore.

I cried out as N entered me. It felt like something was tearing inside me, but it soon began to feel amazing. The throbbing of N inside and the sweet pain that accompanied it made the room spin. My ragged breathing and throaty moans only egged N on. With every thrust of his hips my nails dug more into the blankets. I arched my back breathlessly and moaned. He let go of my arms to hold my waist, pushing a final thrust into me before we both finished.

Rolling over next to me, we both tried to even out our breathing. Sudden aftershocks shot through me as I breathed. “White,” He moaned happily, combing his hands through his hair. “I can’t even describe how great that was…”

I rolled over and lay on top of his chest, kissing him passionately. “Now it’s my turn to show you how I feel.” His arms wrapped around my back as he responded to my kiss.

And that’s how I spent my night, making love to the only boy I love.
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