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Cemetery Drive, Jersey

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(Mainly Mikey/OC But some FERARD!!! YAY!)Devin hates moving. Granted she's moved twice, but it's still hard. Now it's Jersey. A.K.A. NYC That smells. No intention of meeting anyone. Not even an ama...

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I watch as the parkway's sides fly by. It's 5:30 in the fucken morning! I Hate this place. The car. Not the parkway. I actually love the parkway. Helped me tones when I ran away. Until the found me at McDonalds....

I feel a tapping on my shoulder. I turn my head and take out my left head phone all in one motion. I look to my father, the reason why we're moving. "Yes?" I ask quietly.

He looks at me with a sad smile. "Come on Devin! Be happy! A whole new start!"

"My thrid new start?" I ask over the blasting Hollywood undead.

"Well, don't think of that! Just think of all the nice people!" HA!

"That's funny dad. You sound like you've never been to Jersey before." Let me tell you something, that is, if you've never been to Jersey. It is a wanna be NY. Everything's the same. Except the smell. Jersey has a SMELL! It's gross.

He sighs, ignoring my obnoxious comment. Okay I know I shouldn't be such a bitch to my dad. Ever since mom left, he's really tryed hard to support us. He's moved up in his job and he makes really good money now. We just need to move where ever we need to to keep that job.

After about an hour or so, we're at our shitty "new" house. I haven't even seen the inside. I only hope it's better inside...

WRONG! Dear god! This is a dump! I stand there with my back pack slung on my shoulder, my jaw on the ground and eye brow twitching. "Welcome home sweetie!" He says happily, rubbing my arms with his palms.

"I'll go to school, get some nice, Jersey air." I say. I saw the school on the way and it should start at 7:00.

"Okay sweetie," Again with the sweetie. "You have all your papers?"

"Yes father!" I moan, shutting the front door. The block of gasses from the factories comes and hits me. Ugh.

The walk there wasn't too bad. Not very long at all and before I knew it, I was heading to my locker! People stoped and stared at me. Was it my all the features that make me stick out? Sure, If you believe all black and spots of white in a dark damp school is sticking out. All the way to my locker, that went on. I hold my arm self consciously. Damn these people and their starring...

I let go of my arm only to reach out for my locker handle. My black painted nails unlatch the door. I should have known when I heard it creeking. I unlatch the rusted green locker and lord and behold, the door comes right off the hinges. I dangle it in my hands. Lovely.

"Here," A soft, kind voice says to me."That always happends!" I look to him as he reattaches my locker. He was so thin and, well, nerdy looking. He had huge glasses and longish light brown hair.

"Uh, t-thanks!" I say to him. I'm not a talker. He seems like one though.

"No problem! You must be the new girl! I'm Mikey!" He says loudly and quickly, all with a huge smile on his face.

"I'm Devin.." I whisper.

"Awesome! Got your classes yet?" He asks, eyeing the paper in my hand.

"Y-Yeah. I have math, History, free period, English and creative writing." I list. Not looking up at him.

He laughs happily. "You've got to be fucken kidding me! I have all that up to free period! And you have free period on with my brother. We'll meet him and his friends later! Right now we have to make first period!" He chirped, taking my arm and pulling me.

"Eeep." Escaped my mouth without my wanting to. He laughs at my little squeak and points out things I should remeber down the hall. I don't listen. All I can hear/see is him laughing and all I can feel is his hand on my arm. I don't know what's happening to me...
HEY!!!!! Hello all you MCR fans! My very first My chem fic. I have plenty others in the romance if you'd like to check it out. Please review! I know alot of fans comment so I can't wait to hear from you! Love you all!
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