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Anna fights the blood lust.

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Suddenly Anna was afraid. Could she completely submit to him? Could she control the Healer blood that was racing through her veins? The Healer world would say it was impossible, they would not fathom why she’d even try.

Gerard took another deep drag watching her face closely. He could not deny that a small part of him was afraid. Not afraid of the Anna he loved but afraid of the part of her that was a Healer. He knew the strength she possessed and he knew that if the blood took over she could easily overpower him. If that happened and if she hurt him the guilt would devastate her. He was almost ready to back down when he glanced at her eyes again. For just a brief moment the moonlight filling the room let him see them clearly. Her eyes had returned to normal and in those eyes he could see she was pleading with him. She wanted to overcome the hold the Healer blood had over her but she needed his help.

“Anna, I told you what to do. Now do it.” He said keeping his voice steady.

She raised her hands to her breasts.

Gerard realized he was holding his breath. Slowly her fingers began to caress her hardened nipples.

“Oh” Her voice no more than a whisper.

It was at that moment Gerard realized how difficult this was going to be not just for Anna but also for him. He wanted to touch her so badly he had to shift in the chair trying to relieve his throbbing member that was begging to be released from his jeans.

“Lick your fingers. Get them good and wet.” He said taking a deep drag of his cigarette, praying she didn’t notice his shaking hand. “Then touch your nipples, play with them.”

Anna’s eyes flashed but she did as he commanded. She raised her fingers slowly to her mouth. Gerard had to look away when her tongue darted out to wet them.

Once they were saturated she lowered her fingers to her nipples and began to gently pinch them causing her whole body to sway. For several minutes Gerard watched the beautiful sight trying to control his breathing. He knew he had to stay in control if he was to dominate her.

Anna’s head fell back slightly and her mouth opened. Her tongue ran along her bottom lip as she pleasured her breasts but it wasn’t enough. The ache between her legs was growing. Slowly she lowered her right hand down to her wet curls. When her fingers touched her hardened nub she moaned.

Gerard snuffed out his cigarette then reached down to unzip his jeans. Reaching inside he freed his throbbing cock taking it in his hand.

“Gee.” Anna whispered. “I need.”

“Anna stop.” He said hoarsely. “Stop touching yourself.”

“No.” Her fingers now wet with her own juices began to rub harder. She could feel her release building.

“I said to stop.” Gerard ground out loudly.

Her fingers stilled but her nub still throbbed.

“You will not cum until I give you permission. Do you understand?” he asked sitting up slightly in the chair.

Anna hissed, her eyes flashed but she made no move to disobey him.

Gerard pushed his jeans and boxers down his legs then commanded, “On your knees. I want you to suck me off.”

In an instant she was kneeling before him believing her own release was soon to come if she did as he demanded. Placing her hands around his thick shaft she opened her mouth and took him inside. Gerard moaned as her hot mouth pumped over and over down his length. The slight scraping of her fangs along the side of his rod only added to his excitement. He leaned forward and tangled his fingers in her hair pushing her head down so that she took his whole length deep. It was too much, as the first of the creamy substance shot into her mouth he held her head steady.

“Fuck.” He groaned as she swallowed it all.

A moment later when he released her head Anna sat back, her eyes on fire. “Now?” She begged as her hand trailed down to her hot core.

As much as he wanted to give her the release she so desperately needed he shook his head. “No. Remove your hand, Anna. I told you I am in control of your body.”

Anna hissed then started to rise. Gerard grabbed her hair and pulled her to him. “Who is in control?” He asked roughly.

Mindless of the fact he had hold of her hair she shook her head feeling strands of her hair breaking. “I need.” She shouted the sound of her voice echoing in the room.

“What you need is to remember you are not in control of this.” Gerard spat.

Anna’s body was shaking from anger but she did not try to pull away.

“Stand up.” He commanded removing his hand from her hair.

When she was standing in front of him he snaked his arms around her bottom and pulled her body foreword. Anna cried out as he buried his face in her wet pussy.

"Oh, yes.” She threw back her head as his tongue ran down her hot, dripping slit. “Yes.”

Gerard knew if he slid his tongue into her she’d cum. His fingers pinched her ass cheeks as he continued to lap her juices.

“Please.” Anna cried twisting her body as she tried to thrust her pussy towards his open mouth.

It hurt him to his core but he forced himself to sit back in the chair. He saw her head snap up and her eyes open. She’d been so close.

Standing up Gerard kicked his jeans off completely then shed his hoodie. Completely nude he sat back down and lit another cigarette.

Anna called on every ounce of willpower she possessed to remain still. Her thoughts were in turmoil. One moment she wanted to simply plunge her fingers inside herself for release. The next moment she was forcing herself to fight this lust, to control it.

Gerard understood what was going on in her head. He understood how difficult and painful this was for her. He needed her to understand. “Anna, you are not allowing the blood to control your actions.”

She nodded then dropped her head. When she heard the crash she looked up in shock. Gerard had swept everything off the table next to his chair. She started to move but his voice stopped her.

“Stand still.”

He quickly moved behind her. Placing his hands on her shoulders he brushed her long hair to the side then kissed the back of her neck.

Anna closed her eyes and leaned back into him but before she realized what he was planning he shoved her forward. Her body hit the table, her arms grabbing the edges to catch herself. As she tried to stand he placed his hands on her back and pushed her down.

“Hold on to the table and do not let go.” He said, his nude body pressing against hers. “Understand?”

“Yes.” Anna whispered feeling her excitement build.

Gerard took a step back letting his eyes roam over her delicate ass. He allowed his fingers to gently brush her cheeks. “So beautiful.” He said to himself. Using his leg he pushed her legs further apart. Anna moaned when his fingers trailed down her ass then cupped her wet mound. He ran his fingers up and down her slit getting them wet.

Anna’s control was slipping. “Fuck me.” She begged.

Hearing her say the words stirred his limp dick. “Not yet.”

Slowly he pulled his hand away from her heat leaving a trail of moisture as he moved his fingers back up her ass. When they touched her tight hole Anna bucked against the table trying to grind her pussy against the hard surface.

“Stop.” Gerard commanded.

She hissed but stopped moving.

“Good girl.” Gerard smiled. He brushed his fingers across her hole again. “I’d slip my finger inside.” He whispered, “But I know you’d cum.”

“I need to cum.” Anna’s voice shook.

“Soon.” He cooed. He took a step back knowing what he was about to do would test her beyond anything else. Taking a hold of her shoulders he pulled her body up and turned her to face him. “I want your blood.”

Anna was shocked. “No.” She shook her head violently. “No.”

He’d known this was how she’d respond. “Anna, it is what I want. I want to taste your blood but you can not have mine.”

A loud roar filled Anna’s head. The blood lust filled her every thought. She grabbed Gerard’s arms intending to pull him to her.

“No.” He yelled. “Fight this, Anna.”

Her fingernails dug painfully into his skin. She bared her fangs. “I can not.” She cried. “You must understand. The smell of the blood will push me over the edge. Just thinking about it is driving me mad.”

“You can. I know you can.” Gerard said staring into her topaz eyes. “Give me your blood.”

Several minutes passed as they stood, neither able to move. Just when Gerard thought she truly could not overcome the Healer nature she lifted her finger to her neck and using her nail she sliced a long, thin line. As soon as her blood beaded to the surface she closed her eyes then released his arm.

Her blood called to him. He pressed his lips to the line letting his tongue lick a path down the wound. Immediately his body reacted to her blood. His senses went into overload. The blood filled him with power.

Tears ran down Anna’s cheeks. She had given him what he wanted; she had denied her own need, denied her blood. It had not controlled her. Still her body ached.

Once again Gerard’s dick throbbed, hard and ready. In one swift movement he lifted Anna onto the table and pushed apart her legs. He smiled, “Now Sugar, tell me what you want.”

“I want you.” She cried out.

His dick brushed her slit gently teasing. “Why?”

She answered without thought, “I love you.”

Gerard plunged into her burying himself deep in her hot, wet core. “Yeah, Sugar. You fought the lust, you fought the blood because you love me.” He whispered holding her close. Slowly he began to move inside her.

“Oh, Gee.” Anna’s whole body began to quiver. Slowly she pulled out of his embrace letting her body fall back on to the table.

Gerard moved his hands to her breasts caressing them as he thrust in and out. Anna arched her back moving her hips to keep time with his movements. She was so close. Lifting her legs she locked her ankles behind his back as he thrust, pushing him inside her deeply.

“Oh, yes.” She cried out as the waves of passion consumed her body.

Gerard looked down on her body with love then allowed himself to fill her once more.

When they both spent he slowly pulled out but Anna sat up before he could move back. She pulled his body to hers hugging him tightly. He could feel her body was shaking.

“Sugar, it’s okay.” He chanted softly in her ear. Gently he lifted her off the table then carried her over to the bed. His body followed hers down to the soft mattress.

“I was so scared.” She whispered as he held her close.

“You were afraid you’d hurt me, right?”

Her tears fell against his skin, “I was afraid the blood lust would take over.”

“But it didn’t.” He said stroking her hair. “You controlled the blood. It demanded that you be in control but you gave that control to me.”

“It was so hard.”

He smiled, “I know, Sugar.” He reached down and tilted her face to his. The bright moonlight allowed him to see her face clearly but her eyes were closed. Instead of asking her to open them he ran his finger along her lips. A sharp prick on his finger from her fang told him what he needed to know. “You still need the blood.”

“Yes.” Anna whispered. “The need is still strong but I will not give in tonight.”

“You will be weak.” He said sadly, “I don’t want that.”

Anna opened her beautiful topaz eyes. “I will be weak but I know you will be with me. I know you will protect me.”

Her words touched his heart like no others ever had. “You are trusting a mortal to protect you.”

“I am trusting the man I love.” Anna said softly closing her eyes.

“Sugar, you know I would protect you with my last breath but you don’t need to deny the hunger any longer. You’ve proved you could control the blood but it is a part of you that you can’t deny. I can feel your hunger.”

“I am so tired.” She murmured snuggling against his body.

He understood that by denying her hunger for blood she was becoming weak. “Anna, honey you need blood.”

“Not now.” She whispered. “The hunger is still calling to me but I want to ignore it. Being this close to you and not feeding is torture but I welcome the pain. I need to do this, Gee. I need to prove to myself I can do this.”

He gently kissed her lips. “Sleep Sugar. In a few hours promise me you’ll feed. I don’t want you to be weak in front of Jacob. As much as he loves you I know it would hurt him to see that.”

“Because he would not understand.” Anna said softly.

Gerard closed his eyes wishing he could tell her the truth. He believed in his heart Jacob would understand what she was doing. Jacob and Anna were more alike than she believed. “I love you.” He whispered brushing back the hair from her face.

“Love you.” Her voices slightly slurred as sleep overcame her.

Long after she’d fallen asleep Gerard watched her. Her breathing had stopped and so had her heartbeat. Seeing her this vulnerable, knowing she was weak, tore at his heart. She wanted more than anything to be a mortal woman and he wished with every once of his being he could give her that wish but sadly it could never be.

Several hours later Anna’s eyes opened to see Gerard gazing down into her face.

“Good morning, Sugar.” He gently kissed her lips.

Her whole body felt sluggish. “Good morning.” She smiled. “Have you not slept at all?”

“I dozed for a few hours.” He lied. He’s spent the night watching over her.

Suddenly her smile fell, “Last night.”

He shook his head, “Last night you did an incredible thing. I am so fuckin’ proud of you.”

She closed her eyes.

“Sugar, talk to me.” He said worriedly wondering what was going on in her beautiful head.

“I hate that I know I must feed now or I will not be able to face the day.” She whispered, a single tear rolling down her cheek.

“Anna the blood fuels your body just like food fuels mine. We have to have that fuel to survive. But the most important thing you have to remember is that last night you did not let it control you body or mind.”

She lay silently.

Gerard slid off the bed and crossed the room to her suitcase. He located the black bag then returned to the bed. He would simply have offered her is blood but right now he knew she’d have rejected the idea. So carefully he filled the syringe, took her arm and administered the injection. He watched her face closely and saw color come to her face as the liquid took effect. It saddened him that she kept her eyes closed tightly. He’d wanted to see the fire, he wanted to see them flash. When he was done he returned the items to the bag and replaced it in her suitcase.

For several minutes he sat at her side waiting.

Finally she opened her icy blue eyes. “Thank you.”

He smiled, “Now lets get dressed and tell Jacob we’ll see him in a few days. I can’t wait to see our home in Vermont.”

A slow smile came to her lips. “Yes, our home.” She whispered slowly sitting up.
“While we are there we should begin to box some of Claire’s things. She will want them in her new home.”

Gerard nodded, “Yeah, I hadn’t thought of that.” He brushed her cheek with his fingertip. “You okay, now?”

“I am always okay when I am with you.” Anna answered from her heart.
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