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Party Poison

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Not about killjoys okay? Mikey and Frank are best friends blah blah blah... Frank goes to Mikey's house for the first time and then... stuff happens. :)

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'I'm going home' I thought to myself as Mikey started dancing around like a fucking maniac!
I was at the "Way" house. Yeah... Mikey had invited me hear for one of his "little" get-togethers.

Yeah the fuck right! If this is little then what's big?! Mikey invited most of the school and the people that weren't invited were brought along by the people who were. Do you know what that means? Right, there are jocks here. But Mikey is too drunk/high to care.

I made my way towards the door when someone put there hand on my shoulder. I spun around to see who it was.

"Where are you going Fwankie?" Mikey asked me, leaning on me so he wouldn't fall.

"I'm going home Mikey. This party has gotten too out of hand. I guess call me later when you've sobered up kay?" He just stared at me with this blank, dumb expression as if he didn't hear a word I just said.

I brushed him off my shoulder and made my way to the exit. Before I could open it, Mikey stopped me again.

"Pwease don't weave Fwankie." he slurred.

"No, I'm going." I stated and turned the nob. As I walked out of the house I bumped into someone.

"Oh, I'm sorry." the man stated.

"I'm Gerard." he said, holding out a free hand while the other was grasping onto groceries.

"Uh, I'm Frank." I said. It was dark outside so I had no idea of what he looked like. But I could tell by his silhouette that he was tall and thin.

"So are you one of Mikey's little friends?" he asked, trying to make conversation.

"First off-" I started. I hate it when people call me little! They can just go fuck themselves for all I care!

"I'm not little! I am-" I was cut off by Mikey running out of the house with only boxers on.

"There youz arez!" He attempted to say.

"Mikey, why you just in your boxers?" Gerard asked. Mikey had left the front door open, so I could now see every feature of him (Gerard, not Mikey. I don't want to see every feature of him right now.). He had jet black hair and was wearing black eyeliner. He was wearing a plain gray shirt with black skinny jeans and converse.

"I'm juser bein prepareddd" he "stated".

"For what Mikes?" asked Gerard. Why was he so curious? And why was he carrying god damn groceries?!?

"It will juser make it, er, faster." replied Mikey, the best he could.

"What faster?" Gerard and I asked in unison. I was both curious and annoyed.

"The processs." He said.

"WHAT PROCESS!?!?" I was furious. Mikey just needed to say why he was in his underwear only! Was it that hard? Which leads me to Mikey's dick...

Before I could finish my thought Mikey's lips crashed against mine.

A/N Sorry if it sucked. It is just the first chapter so it wasn't that exciting I guess...
Comments and ratings are appreciated greatly! XD
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