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Outside Battery City- The Zones

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The Killjoys are fighting what seems to be a never ending battle against BLI industries. (Story From Auditions)

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Story from the auditions :) Please R+R if I should continue.


Los Angeles, California, Late 2106.

The TV was being watched by a man with raven-black hair, his mind refusing to believe what he

had just heard.

"That's right, Sally," a male news reporter exclaimed. "Congratulations to the new president of

the United States, Antonio Korse."

The man frustratedly pushed a button on the remote, turning the TV off. He got off the couch he

had been sitting on and paced the room several times.

Los Angeles, California, Early 2017.

A brown haired man walked down the street, his hands shoved into his pockets.

He had passed several buildings, but a particular TV store caught his eye as he stopped in

front of it, looking at the televisions stacked up in font of the window.

A familiar man, shown by all the screens, spoke from behind a podium, while camera lights

flashed at him.

"... I'm proud to announce that I have passed a bill given to me by both the House of

Representatives and the Senate," the President was saying. "The bill, entitled
Better Living,

will be in effect one month from today."

"Mr. President?" a reporter asked him, "What do you hope this will accomplish?"

He smiled, but it had no joy to it, purely emotionless. "I believe our future, is our most

important worry at this time. I hope the new set of laws create a foundation for the next

generation to walk upon. To create a better tommorow. The aftermath is secondary."

The younger man scowled at the TVs, and continued to his destination.

New York City, New York, Middle 2017

A girl with dark hair sat silently in the back of her class.

"As asked by the government," the teacher said, "I'm required to show you this video about BLI

industries new medication," she inserted a DVD into the TV in the front of a classroom.

The DVD played an old-fashion like cartoon, supposed to be able to catch the watcher's

attention. Some mouse-cat like creature played on the screen, portraying that a new pill that

BLI had made would do miraculous things, things never possible before.

But the girl in the back of the class didn't by it. She knew there was a bigger picture to it.

The offer was too good to be possibly true.

"Now," the teacher said, pausing the DVD, "Health concerns have become a big concern to our

president, who personally helped BLI industries to create such a revoulutionary object, or

medicine. So, within 1 year to date, everybody must have consumed this pill."

But the girl planned otherwise.


The plane shook slightly as I jumped out of my seat.

The girl beside me with gold hair laughed. "You alright?"

I nodded. " 'Just hate planes."

The girl from across from sighed frustradedly. "What's taking them so long?" she exclaimed, her

dark green hair covering her face.

The girl next to me shrugged, "Easy, Adreniline. Give 'em a little more time. They'll come

through- they always do." She turned to me. "Name's Lucy. Better known to them-" she gestured

her head towards the cockpit- "as Electric Frequency."

I nodded, realizing the name sounded familiar. I pulled at the ropes that kept my hands tied

behind my back and said, "Lily... Forgotten Danger Heart."

Her eyes went wide, "Aren't you related to Detonator Sunshine?"

I nodded. "He's my cousin. Did you know him?"

"Well," she said, "You meet a lot of Killjoys out in the zones, some make it, some don't. But

yes- I knew your cousin. We worked a little together."

I gasped. "You're the girl he always mentioned in his letters," she nodded. "He really cared

about you, you know?"

She nodded. "He was a good kid, right up until BLI caught up with him."

I flipped my dark hair out of my eyes, noting to recolor the dark blue highlights.

"Guess we got the right girl," Frequency said.

"What'd you mean?" I asked.

"My bosses have been looking for you..." she trailed off.

"The Killjoys?"

"Yes," she laughed shortly, "The Killjoys. We were sent to find you-" she gestured to the

green-haired girl, "-in New York, but were stopped halfway through New Jersey."

I smiled to myself. "Say- where do you suppose they're taking us?"

"Where all the captured criminals and rebels go- to the prison in the heart of Battery City."


"Hey!" s drac yelled at us from the front of the plane, "Shut up!"

Ignoring the request, Frequency asked, "You a Killjoy?"

I shook my head. "Not officially... just got caught protesting BLI in downtown New York..."

She raised an eyebrow. "That's why they're sending you to the infamous prison?"

"No... Not just that... When I was called to a BLI building downtown, they told me my deadline

was up to take the pill... I said no, of course, and I sorta over reacted..."

"And?" she pressed.

"I grabbed a ray gun one of them had on them, shot 'em all," I said fast.

She laughed. "You're badass enough to roam with us."

"I didn't kill them... okay, maybe one Drac robot, but all the other shots were merely injury

shots," I explained.

"You don't have to explain," Frequency told me, still smiling. "That's Estatic Adreniline, over

there, by the way."

I looked up at the girl across from me, and she did the same- her eyes stopping at my hair, my

torn up jeans, and my beaten up sneakers. "Been on the run for a while now, huh?" she asked


I nodded. "For a year and a half now, thank you very much," I returned the cold tone.

The plane shook severly, and I ducked my head down. I expected it to pass, but the plane

continued to shake severly.

"Finally," Adreniline groaned and sat up straighter, despite the change in the plane's flying.

"It still amazes me today what Kobra's able to do," Frequency said, the amazement clear in her


"I take it you've done this before," I inquired as several alarms went off.

"Once in a while," Frequency said.

A drac appeared from the front of the plane. "The plane's making an emergency landing. Since

I've had strict orders to bring you to the facility alive, take cover, now."

I did as was told, not to take orders from him, but because I was starting to fear for my life.

The plane shook harshly for the next 5 minutes, before I could finally feel it start to descend.

The Drac remained in the back of the plane with us, giving us a cold, mask-covered stare. He

kept his gun securely in his hands, alternating point it at the three of us.

The plane finally reached the ground and began to slow down. I breathed a sigh of relief, and

he turned his gun on me.

"I should just kill you now," he said through his teeth, "You killed my brother a year or so


I shook my head furiously. "No, I didn't kill anybody."

"You shot him, and he died because of the injuries," the Drac spat at me.

I still shook my head, not believing what he was telling me- after all, Drac's had a specialty

for manipulating. The Drac tightened his grip on the trigger-

The plane pulled to a screeching stop. The Drac's grip on the trigger grew, instantly setting

off a laser beam that grazed my arm.

"Oh," the Drac said, pulling me by my injured arm to my feet, "Fuck it," he murmered. "You

two," he shouted to Adreniline and Frequency, get up and follow me. Any funny buisness-" he put

the gun to my back, "she get's it." By this time, two more Dracs had emereged from the control

area to the back part of the plane. One approached the door and pulled it open.

We filed one by one out of the plane. "You," the Drac ordered one of the other two

Dracs, "Check what's wrong with the plane and you-"

Screeching filled the air. In mere seconds, a Trans-Am with a spider on the hood pulled to a

stop. A girl and guy hopped out from the front, and another girl and hopped out of the back.

Each had a ray gun of their own pointed at the Dracs. Instantly, the other two Dracs grabbed

Adreniline and Frequency, pointing ray guns to their backs as well.

"Let us go, or the Killjoys get it," the Drac holding me warned. I didn't know who the opposing

people were, but I hope they were the good guys.

"Not so fast," the guy warned, his long curly hair framing his face, his eyes hidden by

sunglasses. The two girls- one with long black hair with teal and pink streaks, the other with

dark brown curly hair with red highlights- kept their unique ray guns pointed.

"Hey," the Drac growled, "Them or you."

The guy looked at Frequency, and she nodded. "Okay," she whispered to me, "Don't tense up. When

I give the signal, duck."

"Wait-" I protested.

"Trust me," she said slowly. "Now!" she shouted.

I ducked, cvering my head with my arms.

Several seconds later, the Dracs no longer were. Their lifeless bodies fell to the

ground. "Here," Frequency said, giving me a hand.

"Thanks," I said when I stood up, dusting dirt off myself.

"Well," another guy who I had not seen hopped out of the back of the car. "Uncle Ray, how come

I have to stay in the car all the time?" the boy, who wasn't much younger than me, whined.

I smiled as "Uncle Ray" sighed. "Because," he said, "You're like an intern."

The other boy huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

Frequency laughed. "All in good time, Lucky," she said. "This is Lily, aka Forgotten Danger


Ray nodded. "Detonator's cousin?"

I nodded.

"Jet Star," Ray introduced himself. "That's my 2nd in command, Static Willow, or Tati, and

that's my girlfriend, Cyanide Fire, also known as Allie," he gestured to the two girls. They

both nodded their hellos.

"Well, Lily," Jet Star said, looking at the Dracs bodies. "It's a wonder you're still alive."

"I know," I laughed. "That plane really had me freaking out there."

"No, not that," Ray said, dragging me by the arm backing up, gesturing everyone else to

follow. "There's a bomb on the bottom of that plane."


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