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I saw five figures racing down the hall towards me, one with flame red hair and the other looked like a running tree, my vision was blurred so I figure it must be Ray and Gerard. Another contraction comes as they reach me and I cry out, writhing and sweating, tears burning down my cheeks as the pain shot through me from every possible angle.
“Frankie, Frankie can you hear me?” Gerard soothed and ran his fingers through my sweaty hair. I nodded and his hand found mine as I squeezed it tight.
“Can you stand up?” Ray asked and I shook my head. I heard a noise like a bat and I saw Jackie hovering over me, concern lacing her face.
“Aw sugar.” She cooed and scooped me up in her arms. “Gerard. Get on my back and I’ll flit back home with the two of you. Ray, take the car and get home as fast as you can.” Ray and the others pegged it outside as Gerard latched onto Jackie and she started moving. Her breathing was ragged and shallow as we flitted down the streets to our family home.
“It’s going to be fine, Frankie.” She soothed as she ran, flitting wasn’t uncomfortable, but it felt really weird. It’s like, you don’t know which was is up or down and everything is such a blur it’s just colourful lines streaking past your vision, it makes you feel nauseous and sick almost. It took us less than two minutes to get back to our home and through the door. Gerard jumped off Jackie and ran behind her as she sprinted to the basement. She lay me down gently on a cool stone slab that was raised and against the wall.
“Gerard, sit behind Frank with his head on your chest and hold his hands.” She instructed and Gerard did just that, stroking his hands through my hair and whispering words of comfort and I love you over and over in my ear. The contractions were getting worse and Jackie wasted no time, she ripped her jeans off my legs (she’s bigger than me and I refuse to wear jogging bottoms) and ripped my T-shirt off my heavily sweating body. I saw her pull out a long, silver knife with a pointed edge and then she told me to shut my eyes and imagine I was in a happy place. I imagined my favourite scene in my head, of Gerard asking me to marry him. Even the happiest thoughts in the world couldn’t tear my mind away from the horrific pain of the cool, sharp blade ripping through my flesh and burning every inch of my body.
I heard a wet slash and felt movement inside my body, I opened my eyes and shut them tight again when I saw that the movement was Jackie’s hands moving about in my lower abdomen. I gasped when I felt something being lifted out of me and I heard pure, horror filled screaming. It was our baby. Of course, vampire babies don’t cry like normal babies, they scream like something from a horror film.
“It’s a girl.” Jackie whispered and she handed our baby to me, I took her in my arms and looked down at her. She was perfect. She had Gerard’s lips and my nose, though it did have the same slightly upward flick at the end as Gerard’s. Here eyes were a rich emerald green and were surrounded by the most beautiful long eyelashes. Her skin was ghostly pale and looked incredibly tough, she had a full head of hair which was down to her chin, completely straight and jet black.
“She’s beautiful.” Gerard breathed from behind me, wrapping his arms tighter around my waist.
“Just like you.” I murmured and she giggled.
“Okay Frank, you’re all stitched up, I should be able to take the stitches out for you in two days.” Jackie mumbled, looking at us curiously.
“Thank you Jackie, you did amazing.” I thanked her and she shrugged.
“No big deal.” She said and sat on the edge of the cold slab.
“Oh bro!” Mikey gasped as the others ran down the steps and into the room.
“Ten minute labour, girl around eleven pound two ounces, a good weight.” Jackie said and everybody smiled.
“What are you going to name her?” Mikey asked, I knew what I wanted.
“Donna.” I said and Mikey smiled broadly.
“You want to name her after my Mom?” He asked sweetly and I nodded.
“She’s been so amazing to us, she’s done so much. It’s the least we can do.” I said, still smiling sweetly.
“She’ll love it.” Mikey and Gerard said at the same time, making us all laugh.
“There’s just one thing I need to do now.” Jackie said and I looked at her curiously. “Do you mind?” She asked and I shook my head, handing her our little Donna who looked even more tiny in her huge hands. There the size of fricking dinner plates.
“What are you going to do?” I asked and Jackie grinned at me. She parted Donna’s lips and gasped.
“Shitting hell! They are some killer teeth!” She exclaimed and I laughed nervously. Jackie gave the baby back to me.
“I just needed to see what type of vampire she is, like I explained before. There are different types. Types like me and Gerard who need blood and normal food, types who need only blood and types like you who can run on little or no blood. Donna in like me and Gerard, my baby teeth were like that.” She explained and Donna giggled, her teeth were sharp and pointed, gleaming white against the blood red of her lips.
“Wow. I see what you mean.” I laughed and Jackie nodded, smiling.
“I’ll teach you how to feed her later, right now I think we all need some pizza.” Jackie grinned and walked up the basement steps as I got off Gerard, wincing slightly at the stitches Jackie had made- neon orange thread- classy. I slipped on a clean pair of skinny jeans and a black T-shirt that were beside the stone slab and took Gerard’s free hand, walking up the stairs as people shouted there orders at Jackie to give to people the other end of the phone.

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