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A Kiss And I Will Surrender (7)

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The cool spring air surrounded him as fresh salty tears stung his eyes. The sweat that had once poured down his face was now a dry sticky film over his skin. Sweat soaked clothes clung to his body, the chilly air mixed with his warmth made an unpleasant shiver run down his spine. The door slammed shut behind him and he walked. No destination in mind, he just walked, and walked, and walked.

Philadelphia at night was extremely dangerous especially in this part of town, but it didn't matter. The weight of truth and reality was much to heavy for him to carry anyways. So what if something happened to him? At this point did it really matter? The streetlights were all on, as it was 1am. Homeless people and drunks were passed out in random alley ways and on apartment stoops. There would be an occasional lurker on the street hood up hands in pockets, not wanting to be seen, trying to blend into the dark. None of these details, however, were noticed by Gerard. The despair and helplessness that ravaged his body and mind at this moment was the only thing he could focus on.

He knew he belonged with Collete. She was his life as long as she was alive he had to devote himself to her. Whatever time she had left on earth didn't matter. He would soak up any time spent with her and then when she was gone...well, he'd deal with that when the time came. He could never let Collete die alone. And then hope eerily crept into him. Hope is the worst possible kind of lie. She'd dealt with this sickness so many times before how could she not beat it again? Everything would be ok.

As he turned around a smile on his face convinced he'd help his love beat this sickness, and finally make things right, he was completely unprepared to meet with fate's newest scenario. "Your wallet now" Gerard stood completely stunned. The cold metal of the gun on his head made his mind go completely blank. "I said I want your fucking wallet! Don't make me pull this mother fucking trigger!" Gerard snapped out of his fear induced daze and realized his wallet was left on the tour bus "I-I don't have my wallet" "Bullshit! You think I'm fucking stupid? Give me your fucking money bitch!" "I swear man, I don't have it!" In that split second before the trigger was pulled Gerard's hand flew to the arm of his assailant and pulled it away from his head. He felt the bullet pierce through his flesh and the air escape his lungs completely as the sound of the gun rang through the city.
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