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A Kiss And I Will Surrender (8)

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Even in socked feet Collete still shuddered as she stood on the linoleum floor. In a long sleeved shirt, sweatpants, and a hoodie she was still freezing. She had the entire hospital room to herself, as she'd be staying for a while. A couch in the corner and a good size tv up on the wall visible also from the bed. A wardrobe that sufficed as a closet in one corner and a very small but functional desk in another. She'd been there for a while now but still couldnt get used to it. Even having stayed there most of her life, she'd never get used to it. Collete flopped on the couch and adjusted the scarf on the top of her head. She had no one to impress here. Makeup and itchy wig were not necessary.

After flipping through a few channels Collete decided maybe it was time to get a little in touch with the world again. She settled on the news, catching the tail end of a story, hoping there wasn't anything too harsh going on today.
"The singer suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen and is currently in critical condition at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. No suspects or arrests as of right now but police are working hard on the case. Now for traffic and weather"

"Collete?" Doctor Tennant knocked on the slightly ajar door and Collete smiled a bit. Feeling some butterflies of excitement in her stomach. "Come in Matt" she said beaming. He came in his facial expression matching hers with a board game tucked away safely under his arm. "YOU BROUGHT CLUE!" "I did, ready to play?" she nodded as he rolled the tray table from her bed and set the game down. "Grab a chair and I'll set it up" Dr. Tennat nodded and did as Collete had said. After settling in comfortable spots the pair began to play.

Dr. Tennant was very handsome. He had slightly shaggy dark brown hair, very pronounced features, eyes that were constantly lit up with excitement, and full lips almost in a permanent mischievous smirk. He was a new resident and was being supervised by Collete's normal Doctor. She had grown very fond of him, and he of her, they became good friends in a short amount of time. He had helped her sneak out of the hospital to see the concert, even though he was off the clock he'd stayed at the hospital waiting for her to come back. He held her all night as she cried rocking her back and forth and humming to her. What she didn't know is that he was crying too. He didn't want his best friend to be in so much pain, he didn't want to lose her because of her illness. He couldn't let her know any of these things or else she'd kick him out of her life for sure. Like she did all the others. He'd become far too attached.

"So Matt, who's the singer being held in the hospital?" Collete questioned "I have no idea" he replied "Honestly, I haven't been around the ICU today but I know everyone's buzzing about it. Pretty sure it's a guy." "Oh, ok. I caught the end of the news story about it and didn't hear who it was" "Yea pretty serious wound, if I heard correctly, some slight damage to the liver but mostly the bullet went through the intestines. That guy will be lucky if he lives" "Thats sad, I really want to know who it is...." "I could find out if you'd like?" "Nawh it's ok lets finish this game". They continued on playing and discussing different things, movies, books, the usual until Dr. Tennant was called to help with Emergency surgery in the ICU. He jumped up kissed Collete on the cheek and was gone. Sighing to herself, sad to see her companion leave she picked up her book and continued from where she had last left off.

Blissfully unaware that life before now, was nothing compared to the dramatic events unfolding so clearly in front of her eyes.

A/N: Just some trivia for you Dr. Who fans. This new character, 'Doctor Matt Tennant' is indeed Matt Smith (looks and all) but couldn't bring myself to let him keep his boring plain last name LOL. I thought about 'Matt Eccleston' but that was jusssst a bit too complicated of a last name Tennant is very easy to pronounce and goes well with Matt so yep. There you have it. Anyone who doesn't watch or know what Dr. Who is just type in on google 'Matt Smith, Actor' he's very handsome. Couldn't stop picturing him for this character. Please rate and review. Thanks to everyone who reads, but reviews really do give me great encouragement and make me want to update more. Having little to no reviews kinda sours my mood a bit....
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