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Love, Desire, Laughter & Happiness

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"Nothing?" I just nodded.

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Of course. Nothing in life is that easy. I wish it was.

Two weeks have passed and no Limon or Cesar. But Eliseo and Celestine have come by to hang out sometimes when Valentin and Gordo go out with Limon's little sisters, and Armando has some new girl too. But since they got together last week they have their own lives now. All of them, but me. They all seem so much happier than I am. Well, of course they are. They have companions. And word on the street is Limon has a new girl too! I guess that just leave me and Cesar to work things out. But I just don't know if we can.
Fed up with all this thinking I call Cesar. "Hello?" It was good to hear his warm voice. I melted right where I was sitting on the kitchen counter eating cake that sat next to me.
"Hey, Cesar. It's me." I said. "Ada."
"Hey! How have you been?" He sounded excited to hear from me. For that I was relieved.
"I'm doing good. Just bored out of my mind being stuck here in the house." I said into the phone and shoving a big piece of the pastel into me mouth I made yesterday.
"Well, where's your fancy rental?" He asked.
"Armando has it. He met some girl and they went out today." I frowned and put some cake into my mouth. The chocolate frosting sweet and the cake moist.
"Do you want me to come over and keep you company?" I was so glad he asked so I didn't have to.
"Yeah." I smiled and set aside my fork. "I would like that."
"Okay, I'll be there in a few. Laters." Then he hung up. I was so excited I jumped from the counter and put the crutches under my arms and raced upstairs to freshen up. Putting on perfume and some eyeliner and lipgloss letting my hair out from a messy bun. Then, the doorbell rang. I grinned at myself and checked my relection one more time before I went to answer the door downstairs.
I opened the door. "Hey, Cesar." I smiled.
"Hi, Ada." He smiled too. "Brought some ice cream and root beer. I thought we could make some root beer floats."
"That sounds really good." I laughed and took the stuff from his arms and into the kitchen.
I let him in and we had a really good time together. We drank out root beer floats and watched lots of movies. It was getting dark when he called it a night. "See you tomorrow?" Cesar asked on his way to the door.
"Why don't you stay? We can have a slumber party. Just the two of us?" I suggested and half smiled at him.
"Um, sure." We went to my room and found him some sleeping shorts and shirt, then some pajama bottoms and a tank top. Then, sitting on my bed, we started to talk. "So, where do you see us? In the future?" Cesar asked.
"I don't really know. Nobody does, I guess, I mean people can predict the future but no one ever knows for sure, you know?" I answered honestly. Cesar just nodded. "Why? Where do you see us in the future?" I asked.
"Well, I see us happy. Either as friends or as a couple. Either way, we'll be in each other's lives. I mean, we've through so much just to throw it all away because we both made stupid mistakes." He looked down as his hands.
"I agree." I placed my hand on his and smiled. He smiled back. Now everything was silent. Nothing was to be said. Everything was silent because there wasn't anything that needed to be said. We were both saying everything by not talking. We were saying that we still cared for each other. Either in the same way or another. And even if we weren't meant to be together we'd still be friends.
And in those moments of silence I figured out what I wanted and what I needed all along. Love, desire, laughter and happiness. And if I didn't find it with Cesar or Limon I'd keep looking till I did. But that was all I needed, or ever wanted. Just those four things could send me to the grave with a full life.
I hadn't noticed it in my thought, but Cesar began to lean in towards me. Was this that I really wanted? Cesar? Was he what I needed? And before I knew it we were kissing. His lips on mine. Touching intimately. But where was that spark I wanted and needed to bad? Where did it go?
I pulled back. "What's wrong?" Cesar asked fitting his plam against my cheek.
"Do you feel what I feel?" I asked biting my lip hoping he is.
"Nothing?" I just nodded.
"Where do you think it went?" I asked trying not to laugh when I actually heard myself say it.
"The spark?" I nodded again. "With Limon." He said. I just looked down in shame. "Hey, maybe this is for the best. Now we know we aren't meant to be together as a couple but as friends. That way we aren't chasing something we'll never get back." He smiled reassuringly.
"Friends?" I held out my hand.
"Amigos." He grinned and shook my hand. Then, we hugged it out and he went back home the next morning.
That was refreshing. Now I have a clean slate with Cesar. We know that we're not meant to get married or have tons of kids and we accept that. Now we can get closure and move on to bigger and better things. But still stay friends after everything we've been through. And now I can find what I'm looking for. May that be in Limon or not. But I'm going to find out.
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