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Northern Downpour

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It's my first fic, so i apologise if it's a bit crappy. I will try to update it regularly (if i get anymore ideas :L) enjoy ^^

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Brendon was sat watching T.V in just his joggers when there was a knock at his apartment door. It was 11:30-ish at night, so he was curious as to who would want to see him at this time of night. He hauled himself over to the door and glanced down the peep-hole. There, to his surprise, was a weeping Ryan Ross. He yanked the door open as his best friend threw himself round his neck with black tears
"Ryan, what's wrong?"

"Gabe.. l-left me f-f-for -v-vic-victoria," he managed to stammer out before sliding down the back of Brendon's door and curling up into a ball.
"Shit," Brendon muttered under his breath. Ryan and Gabe had been going out for almost a year and Ryan really loved him. He pulled Ryan to his feet and helped him over to the couch. "you sit down and I'll make you some of your herbal tea”
Ryan muttered an incoherent 'thanks' as Brendon walked over to his little kitchenette and put the kettle on. He watched Ryan gently shake from sobs on his sofa, he mused on the fact that, even when Ryan's completely heartbroken he manages to look sexy. He gave Ryan his favourite tea and sat down next to the heartsore boy.
"Ry, explain what happened."
" He- he came round a-and h-he told me th-that he loves me, b-but he-he didn't think that we h-had a future together. Th-then he told me that he was moving in with Victoria a-and that he'd been seeing her whilst he was with me." Ryan then stopped and started to bawl into his hands
Brendon felt a huge swell of anger build up in him. How dare he?! How dare that fucking slimeball Gabe Saporta do that to Ryan? Granted, he had 'fessed up, but how could he do such a cruel thing to the sweetest boy Brendon knew?
"That greasy little fucker is going to fucking pay!" Brendon spat out with so much venom it could have taken down an ox and standing with determination in his chocolate eyes.
"NO!" Ryan's head snapped, his beautiful Hazel eyes pleading. "Don't do anything. He was decent enough to confess, I just wish he would've told me sooner. That's what hurts the most."
"Fine," Brendon sighed, Ryan really was too nice for his own good. "it's just that it annoys me to think that he thinks that he can hurt you like this and get away with it
"I know, just don't leave me"
This made Brendon's dirty mind break through his wall of anger and he started to chuckle to himself.
"What?" Ryan cast him a watery glare.
"You, you don't want to know. It's just-" He cut off mid-sentence, shaking his head with a grin on his face.
The sight and sound of Brendon's laughter was infectious and, despite his grief, Ryan started to laugh too.
"Ahh, there we go!" Brendon smiled at Ryan's little girly giggles and realised his T.V was still on. "I'm guessing you don't want to go home yet, so do you want to watch a film?"
Ryan nodded, "Do I get to choose?" he asked hopefully.
Brendon glanced at Ryan's expectant hand, waiting for the remote, rolled his eyes and handed him the remote. A grin broke out across Ryan's face as he flicked through the T.V channels two handed, like a six year-old child. Eventually he settled on Labyrinth- the one with David Bowie. Plopped the remote down next to him and curled up next to Brendon, resting his head on his shoulder. Brendon gave Ryan a sideways glance and shrugged mentally, it's not as though he'd never been cosey with a guy before, 'specially not Ryan, and turned his attention to the film.
They stayed like that for about half an hour, until Ryan looked up at Brendon and gave him a rather unexpected kiss. This startled like a deer in headlights, He then gave Ryan one of the most confused and shocked looks that he had ever seen. This made Ryan regret his actions immediately.
"Ryan, why did you just do that?"
This made him flush lobster- pink, "I-I just, umm, impulse?"
That was when Brendon kissed him back, hard. He was a little surprised about this reaction, but hey, he wasn't complaining. Because that reaction made all of Ryan's pent- up stress and grief wash out of him, and with it, any thought of Gabe. But to Ryan's crushing disappointment it stopped, just as suddenly as it had started.
"Hows that for-"
Brendon's words were cut off by Ryan hungrily pressing his lips against Brendon's. Brendon raised his hand to cup Ryan's chin. Ryan responded by twisting around in his seat so that he was on his knees and kissing Brendon harder, Brendon ran his hands to the back of Ryan's neck to entangle them in Ryan's Mousey- Brown hair.
Ryan adjusted his position, again, so that he had his knees on either side of Brendon.
Suddenly realisation cut through Brendon's haze of drowsiness and lust and pushed Ryan away from him.
"Ryan, no. You have just broken up with your boyfriend and now you're at your best friend's house trying to seduce him?"
Ryan's face was a look of pure horror as he realised what Brendon must be thinking. That Ryan was just using him as a quick rebound to have a dig at Gabe. This completely shattered any mood he may have been in before, because he knew it must be hurting Brendon.
"Shit, Brendon i'm sorry. I-I don't know what came over me."
"I know what happened... I'm just too damn sexy and you're horny cos your boyfriend is a dick."
This, Ryan decided, deserved a punch on the arm.
"Fuck Gabe, he can go and die in a hole"
"I'm sure you have and you're just angry. You need sleep, I'll get you a spare cover and you can sleep on the couch."
"I ain't sleepin' on this thing! This diva gotta have her bed!"
"Well, the only other option is that you sleep in my bed but i-"
"Fine with me!" Ryan hurtled past Brendon, into his room and commandeered his bed.
"Get out my freakin' bed!"
"No!" Ryan yelled back, like an impudent child with a smug grin on his face, "my bed now" (^_^)
"Fine, but you're not stripping down to boxers, you can sleep in what you're wearing."
“ Okay Dokey, I promise. No more sexy -fun time.”
Brendon just rolled his eyes at Ryan's perverted kind of humour. Maybe that's why they got on so well. The were both creepy perverts, plus the fact they'd been best friends since middle school and they both love the same music.. It also helped that they were both secretly in love with each other (although both were oblivious to the other one's feelings.) Brendon climbed into bed and they both slept soundly through the night.
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