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Beating Heart Baby

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Well, We know that Ryan slept at Brendon's house. So, what's gonna happen today...No, I don't know either. ^_^

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Ryan awoke to the sound of Brendon singing along to 'Back to go again' by Framing Hanley at the top of his voice. He got out of bed and splashed some cold water on his face. Unlike Brendon, Ryan was not a morning person.

As he walked into the main living area he was greeted by the sight of Brendon dancing around his little kitchenette with yellow rubber gloves on and boxers.

"HEY THERE!!!!" Brendon noticed him and came skipping over, giving him his trademark 'sexy' dance which involved Brendon rubbing himself against Ryan, With a soapy frying pan and scouring pad in his hand.

"Jeezus Brendon, why are you so hyper all the goddamn time?" Ryan grunted whilst trying to get past his gyrating best friend.

"I don't know! Maybe it has something to do with my ADHD?! and my happy disposition!" Brendon carried on singing, this time it was to Yellow submarine.

Ryan tried to ignore the badly dancing Brendon and read one of his books that was left on the coffee table, and it worked. Until Brendon came frolicking over and snatched the book out of his hands and sat on his knee.

"What do you want to eat?"

"I don't know, bleach?"

"NO! No eating bleach in my house, well apartment. Can you even eat bleach? i thought it was a liquid, so it would be drinking!"

Ryan rubbed his temples, wishing he hadn't tried to be sarcastic. He sighed, "I'll have, umm toast."

"Just toast? Cos i have just scrubbed this pan," he said, still holding the frying pan, " expecting that you might want bacon or something!"

"Well that'll teach you to assume things," Ryan retorted.

"GOD!!! You're so miserable in the morning! Come on!! be happy!!!!"

Ryan was then dragged to his feet and made to dance with Brendon and the frying pan that seemed to be stuck to Brendon's hand. He then twirled off toward the fridge, opened it and threw a can of red bull at him.

"Drink up! maybe then you'll be more interesting!"

Ryan sighed and decided that it's probably better if he doesn't argue and popped the can. "You know, that it probably isn't a good idea to drink red bull first thing in the morning."

"Why? It's only caffeine, people drink coffee first thing in the morning. So why can't I replace that with red bull?" Brendon replied innocently whilst cooking half a pound of bacon. "Damn! I want coffee now."

Ryan sighed, there really wasn't much point in trying to get any sense out of Brendon in the morning. His morning hyper-activity only started to become more reasonable around half 11.

"By the way, can i borrow some clean clothes and stuff? 'Cos you know, you made me sleep in my clothes and i feel all manky."

"Yeah, sure. You know where it is. Just don't go stealin' mah hippy Boxers and Beatles shirt. I love that freakin' shirt!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know," Ryan practically flipped off Brendon. At least he can feel that Red Bull kicking in. Maybe then he could deal with Brendon better. "I'm gonna get a shower, loosen me up a bit. Still feel a little tense last night."

"Okay! You didn't seem that tense before you went to bed though. You were acting like a three year old child!"

"Yes, well now i feel tense. Okay?"

"Someone's a grumpy-guts this morning! I hope that delicious liquid that is Red Bull starts working soon."

"As do i, maybe then you won't be so annoying," Ryan said whilst slowly stripping off. Trying to keep out of Brendon's line of sight.

"You know you love it though!"

"I don't know why..."

Ryan then jumped into the shower before Brendon could say anything else and if he did he couldn't hear him over the pounding of water on his head.

About ten minutes later Ryan was washed, dressed, fed and feeling much, much better.

"So what're we gonna do about Gabe?" Brendon asked out of the blue.

"What about Gabe?" Ryan monotonously, He knew this coming.

"Well, we gotta do something about him. He upset you. I can't just let you let that go."

"Well i am going to let it go. He left me. End of. I don't want to be one of those guys that sit there pining for their Ex-Boyfriends and not getting on with their lives. It's pathetic."

"I know, but you gotta let him know that he can't just do that to people."

"Yes. I. Can. Anyway he knows that he can't just do that. So just drop the subject."

"How do you know that he got the message?"

"Because I broke his nose!"

That finally shut Brendon up. Oh wait, no he still has something to say.

"You broke his nose?"

"Yes," Ryan could just feel the guilt smothering him. He hated violence, he watched his Dad hit his Mum repeatedly when he was about 15. He saw her crying on the floor. It only happened the one time. But he swore that he would never do that to someone, especially to someone that he was supposed to love. He wouldn't even hit someone that was trying to start a fight on the street.

"Well done, you stuck up for yourself!"

"Don't you get it?! I swore I would never hit someone. You know why! I feel awful."

"Ryan, honey. There's gonna be times when you have to stick up for yourself."

"I know." Ryan murmured and let a tear or two spill from his eyes

"Right, This isn't doing us any good sitting in all day. We're going out to actually do something. I'll call Jon and Spence. We can go, i don't know but it'll be fun!"


YAY! So, i know this chapter is kinda boring. But I'd rather get the backstory developed THEN get things going. Hope you enjoyed ^^ -End Transmission-
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