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The city is at war.

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We know that our boys are out with Spencer and Jon. But what's gonna happen tonight? Enjoy ^^

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The rain was the thin drizzly kind of rain that soaks you to the bone without you noticing. The four guys walked through sunset park and Ryan seemed to have cheered up a bit from his early- morning gloom. However Jon and Spencer didn't seem to be as pleased about being in the pouring rain for no apparent reason despite Brendon's attempts to make it more interesting.

"Brendon, can we please get out of the rain. I'm getting soaked and this jacket was really expensive," Spencer whined.

"Babe, you look hot when you're wet," Cooed Jon. A girly giggle was spewed from Spencer's mouth, despite his best efforts to contain it as Jon wrapped his arms around Spencer's waist and started kissing him feverishly whilst grinding up against him.

"Guys! Seriously. We know you have sex like bunnies, but we'd rather you kept your antics to the privacy of your own bedroom," Brendon snapped, humorously, but with the underlying threat of a slap.

Brendon didn't understand how he seemed to attract the gayest of gay friends. It wasn't as though he was even a screamer. Although, it did always give him someone to bitch with.

"Well, it's the most fun we've had so far," Jon retorted.

"Well, what do you want to do?" Ryan asked in a voice of innocence.

"Well. I want to go and watch Pete and Patrick play tonight,"

"Yes, but that's tonight. What can we do in the meantime?" Brendon's patience was starting to wear thin with Spencer's moaning despite his best efforts to keep a lid on his temper.

Ryan noticed the wick on Brendon's metaphorical bomb burning dangerously low. "We could go watch a film or something?"

There was a general murmur of agreement at this so off they went to go and watch a film and after Ryan's desperate pleas, many 'but it's my favourite film' and 'if you loved me you would' s. They ended up going to a matinee showing of Aladdin.


It was about half eight by the time the quartet had got out of the film, eaten, got changed, faffed about and finally got to the club where Pete (Wentz, just incase it wasn't obvious) and Patrick (Stump... Duhh) were playing. The atmosphere in the club was happy and vibrant and they all felt instantly uplifted after the rain had dampened their moods. Almost immediately Spencer and Jon ran off over to the bar giggling like 13 year old girls to get drinks and, no doubt, make out without Brendon and Ryan getting on their cases.

Eventually Ryan and Brendon found Pete by the stage tuning his bass guitar, whilst Joe and Andy, Whom Ryan and Brendon did not know as well talked to him about the set list. After about five minutes of politely waiting for Pete to finish talking to his band mates he turned to them.

"Hey guys, sorry 'bout that. I just was checking that everything was sorted cos if something goes wrong i'll be mortified. Then we probably won't get a contract, 'cos there's a guy from the company here and-" Pete stopped mid sentence, took a deep breath and sighed, " God, I'm rambling. I'm so goddamn nervous. I think this is the biggest crowd that we've played to. There must be at least 500 people!"

"I'm sure you'll be fine. You're a really good ba-" Brendon felt an elbow dig into his ribs and turned to see what Ryan was looking at.

There, on the opposite side of the stage was a slightly unnerved Gabe Saporta.


I apologise for the shortness of this chapter and the absolute suckiness of it. But i couldn't think of what to write. My first caase of writer's block D: However i'm going to try and make sure the chapters are longer and more interesting -End Transmission-
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