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"Sure, Why not?" started it all!

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Me and Gerard were watching TV in his room. We were lying on his bed together staring at the screen. Suddenly he turns his head towards me and stares. When I notice I turn my head and he says “Frankie.., have you ever kissed a boy?” My heart stopped. “N-No. Why?” I said back confused. It was the most randomness ting ever. Did he want to kiss me? The weirdest thing I asked myself. Do I want to kiss him? He shrugged “I don’t know. But I haven’t either.” He looked back. “Do you want to try?” He said. “Sure, why not.” I said and he kissed me for barely kissed me. But he kissed me. It was quick and peaceful. And I liked it… He looked back at the screen. I did too…I didn’t want him to see that I liked it…

One week later.

We were back to sitting on the bed facing each other. After the kiss we returned to normal. He titled his head while we were talking about school. When I was done he asked a weird question. “Have you ever made out with a boy Frankie?” He said. I shook my head. “Me either…Want to try.” Like last time all I said was “Sure why not?” He moved quicker than I think he ever has. 30 seconds later he hand his hand in my hair and had his tongue in my mouth. He pulled back. Mikey walked in and I guessed he herd him.

One week later.

We were laying on the bed (I was starting to like this place) and we were playing video games. He tilted his head. I knew what was coming, another one of his magnificent questions. “Frankie, have you ever gone out with boy?” He asked. My heart skipped a couple beats. “No why?” I asked. He shook his head “Me either, want to try?” He asked. I replied with “If you kiss me how you did last Friday” He smirked and said “Sure, Why not.” Then we locked lips. Best month on my life!
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