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On the Road

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Tommy opened his eyes and saw the chiseled back of a man. At first, he was startled, but then he recognized that black hair and those muscular arms... He sighed happily and snuggled up against Nikki's back. The two of them had spent a wonderful night together, not being interrupted by Vince or Mick even once. It would be harder now, since they were going to all be together for at least a few weeks. Tommy kissed Nikki's shoulder blade. With the gesture, Nikki rolled over and looked into Tommy's eyes. They both smiled happily, their lips quickly meeting. A loud knock sounded on the door, startling them both. They jolted out of bed and pulled on pants. "Who is it?" Nikki screamed. The door opened quietly, and Mick poked his head in. "Guys, we're leaving in ten minutes. Get your shit ready." He closed the door behind him.
"I guess this is it for a while that we can express our feelings for each other," Tommy said, hooking his fingers through Nikki's belt loops. They kissed a few more times before grabbing what little luggage they had and left.


The drive to Minneapolis wasn't that excruciating. Tommy and Nikki sat next to each other in the middle of the bus, as they usually did, and played cards. Mick sat near the front and practiced his guitar. Vince was in the bathroom with girl number 42 of the day. This left Tommy and Nikki to talk to each other quietly without anybody hearing them.
"Do y'think this will last, Tom?" Nikki asked, looking up from his hand. "Can we really go through all of this?"
Tommy stared at his Queen of Diamonds and sighed. "I don't know. But I'll do whatever it takes to love you forever."
Nikki smiled, seemingly satisfied with the answer. He put down a 6 of Spades. "Aw shit, Nik, you beat me," Tommy said, throwing his hand onto the pile. He picked it up to shuffle the deck, but Nikki grabbed his hands as he was reaching for the cards. He quickly pulled Tommy towards him and their lips met. Nikki stared at Mick the whole time, hoping he didn't see any of this. Honestly, he wasn't ready to come out to the band that he loved Tommy. They'd just call him a fag. Tommy pulled away from Nikki's lips and sat down, a giant smile stretching across his face. He kicked Nikki underneath the 50's style table, and they both smiled together. Mick looked at the two when they started to giggle, and decided to go into the back, closing the door behind him. Vince was still in the bathroom. Nikki and Tommy looked at each other. Tommy ran over to Nikki's side and sat next to him. The two instantly locked lips and started making out. Tommy held onto Nikki's jaw gently, and Nikki held the back of Tommy's head. Their lipstick was getting all over their mouths, and when the bathroom door opened up, they looked like a mess. "Aw shit, Tommy, our lipstick fucked each other, it seems," Nikki said quietly. He reached for a dirty rag on the other side of the table and wiped his lips with it, and then gently wiped Tommy's lips. Tommy stared into the beautiful eyes of Nikki, and he felt his heart leap. He was in a relationship with the man he loved dearly. Even if he had to keep this a secret, he wouldn't want anybody else to love. Nikki seemed to understand Tommy's thoughts, because they kissed quickly before Vince came out with a few groupies in tow. "Hey Nikki, Tommy. We're just going to bed now."
Tommy laughed. "Mick's in there. Make sure you draw the curtain separating the beds, bro."
"Will do," Vince said, smiling, while the four girls trailed behind him. Once Nikki and Tommy heard the door shut, they leaned against each other and just enjoyed each others' presence. Tommy leaned on Nikki's left shoulder, holding his arm. Nikki rested his cheek on top of Tommy's head, where they remained until they arrived at the venue in Minneapolis. The driver parked the bus, and Nikki shook Tommy. He had fallen asleep. "Un.. What?" "Wake up, Tom, we gotta go play the show." "Okay, Nikki," Tommy said, standing up and stretching his arms. "Hope my arms don't cramp up during the show."
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