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The Cat's out of the Bag!

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"Thank you Minneapolis! Keep on rockin' and fuckin' rollin'!" Vince wailed into the microphone. The crowd roared, and everyone proceeded off stage. Tommy was the last to leave the stage, having gotten a leg cramp as he was leaving. Nikki was waiting in Tommy's dressing room when he got there. "Hi sweet shit. What are you doing here?"
"Just waiting for you," Nikki said, standing up and walking towards Tommy. They started to kiss passionately until they heard a loud throat-clearing sound in the doorway. They both stopped immediately, wide-eyed, to see Vince and Mick in the doorway.
"Oh great, we're in a band with a bunch of fags," Mick sneered, walking over to Tommy's complimentary food basket and selecting one of the only Heineken's from the basket. He cracked it open and took a long sip. "Are you guys like, together?"
"Uh," Tommy stammered, staring at Nikki with sweat forming on his upper lip. Nikki shrugged his shoulders. "Guys, listen. I know that this is, uh, awkward, to say the least. But uh, me and Nikki, we kinda love each other. That doesn't mean that the whole band is gay, or anything. Um, we're just really sorry. I hope this doesn't break us apart." Tommy grabbed Nikki's hand, and held it tightly. Vince looked around and sighed slowly. "Guys, I personally don't give a fuck if you're gay or whatever. As long as it doesn't stop me from fucking chicks whenever I please, you guys can fuck in public if you want. I won't think of you any differently. Y'know, it's gonna be weird going out and you guys not bringing anyone home, but we'll deal with it. Mick, how do you feel about this shit?"
Mick shrugged back the rest of the alcohol, opened a new can, and took a long sip before he answered. "Just hope the public decides this isn't acceptable. We're just starting out. You guys should probably keep it a secret from the press, or whatever, for a little while. I don't give a shit if you're gay, transexual, meterosexual, or whatever the fuck you wanna be. Just try not to let it slip too early. This is the only fucking thing I wanna do with my life. Just, enjoy each other. You only live once."
Tommy looked up at Nikki. They both smiled at each other, and kissed each other again.
Vince spoke up. "Uh, just, try not to do that yet, okay? We still gotta get used to the fact that you guys are together. Probably shouldn't take too long."
"Okay. We're just glad you guys are cool with it," Nikki said to his fingernails.
"Sure. Whatever makes you guys happy. We're a team, we gotta stick together. Even if two of us are fucking each other. Eh, maybe. I don't know."
Nikki started laughing. "Okay, Vince. Thanks. You too, Mick. We were so fuckin' worried about what the fuck you guys would think of this. It's not really an acceptable thing in society yet, so yeah."
"No problem, guys. Just be yourselves. Isn't that why we became a fuckin' band in the first place?" Vince said.
"I guess so," Nikki laughed. He put his arm around Tommy's hips. "We'll see you guys later. We're going onto the bus."
"Don't use all the fuckin' hairspray again," Mick growled with a hint of amusement in his eyes. "Although, I don't think hairspray is your number one priority, eh?"
"Fuck you," Tommy said, smiling. He grabbed Nikki's hand and they walked on towards the bus.

A/N- Sorry these chapters are so short! I hope the next one will be longer for 'ya guys. Stay bitchin'!
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