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What the Fuck are you Doing?!

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Tommy opened the shades in his bedroom. Their tour was long over, and they were working on their next album. Light poured in through the tall windows, and shone on the face of Nikki, who was still sleeping.
"You motherfucker, close those windows. I just fucking fell asleep," Nikki grumbled, putting a pillow over his eyes. He grunted, and flipped Tommy off. Tommy smiled, and sat down next to Nikki. As he dozed off, Tommy admired his body. He had gotten a few new tattoos, and they looked amazing. He saw a rash on one of the tattoos on his forearm, and Tommy bent down to get a closer look. What he didn't realize, however, was that those were track marks. Tommy sat upright and slapped Nikki across the face.
"You fucking asshole, are you using needles again? I fucking thought you said you were off that shit. I hope you're not using smack again, you fucking pussy."
Nikki opened his eyes, and his face contorted into a snarl. "You fucking bitch, I can do whatever I want."
"I don't want to see you get hurt, you fucking bastard," Tommy yelled. He stood up and stormed to the door. "I can't stand going through watching you get addicted and die anymore, Nikki. I can't stand to fucking lose you."
"I'm not gonna die, Tom," Nikki said. "I know what I'm doing."
"Fuck you. You're not stronger than heroin, you asshole. You're gonna get hurt."
"Fuck you, no I won't. I'll be just fucking fine."
Tommy left the room, and wandered outside. It looked like it was about to rain, but otherwise it was nice and sunny. He sat on the grass, which was still somewhat damp with dew, even though it was 4pm. "Why the fuck does he do smack?" Tommy asked himself. "I love him, isn't that enough to stop the fucking pain he feels inside?" He looked up at the sun, his eyes squinting, and let the anger in his body take over. Bad idea. He stood up, stormed over to the side of the house, and smashed all the windows in. Afterwards, he ran into his bedroom with a metal baseball bat and started swinging it around, cracking it on vases, antiques, shelves, and eventually Nikki's shoulder blade. "How's that for fucking pain? Is that enough?" Tommy screamed, whipping the baseball bat in Nikki's direction. It hit him in the face. Blood started pouring out of Nikki's nose. "You fucking bastard! You fucking broke my fucking nose! I fucking hate you!" With that, Nikki got up and stormed outside, where he drove away. Tommy picked up the bat with Nikki's blood on it, and started denting the walls, smashing glass and breaking furniture. After the anger subsided, he fell onto his mangled bed in tears, sobs ripping up from deep inside himself.
"You fucking asshole, Nikki Sixx! You're going to fucking die!" Tommy screamed into the empty room. Tears poured down his face, and his body felt like it was falling apart. If this is what loving someone could do, then love sucks.

A/N- Again, this is a really short chapter. I apologize, but the next chapter is loaded with action and should be pretty bitchin'. Stay awake, I'll most likely post the next chapter later today. Enjoy this shit, guys! :D
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