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32 Cheer

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One down, one hair colouring to go.

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We were all facing the end of the world as we knew it, and here we were, laughing and drinking beers, aside from an already drunk Sun. We sat on crates from my truck in a semi-circle by the dwindling bonfire, the sky ever so slowly turning to green in the spaces in between the clouds.

I took a drink from my beer growing hot in my hands, looking from the edge of the half circle, Party leaning on me. “Nobody has a hangover, right?” I asked loudly, smirking and looking pointedly at Sun as the quiet chit chatter died down for a second.

We all laughed as Sun giggled and waved her hand, falling backwards and guffawing into the early dawn light. “I swear to drunk I’m not God, Violet!” she said loudly, making me double over in laughter.

“Man, I never realized drunk people were so funny,” I said, smiling the idiotic grin I haven’t done in three months. I looked at Party, who was smiling at Ghoul, then turned towards me. “You remember last time this happened, Gee?” I asked quietly, watching the fire dance in Party’s hazels looking into my greens.

Party sighed. “Yes, I remember,” he said softly, putting his forehead on mine but still looking into my eyes. His eyes were suddenly touched with worry, fear, and realization. “Violet, it’s not happening again, is it?” he asked panicky, looking at me with wide eyes.

“It’s not, Gerard, it’s not.” I smiled and kissed his jaw, telling myself not to go any further unless we suddenly became alone. I breathed in, marveling at his scent and then coughing at the overpowering scent of cigarettes. “Gee, did you smoke a pack while I was gone?”

Party’s eyes darted to Ghoul, who was lighting a cigarette up and taking a huge drawl. “Uhh…” he said, looking back at me. “I love you, Violet,” he said in a high voice, smiling his crooked smile with teeth and ending it as a question.

I smirked. “You and Ghoul… Didn’t you?” I asked, raising an eyebrow. Party shook his head, clamping his mouth shut. “Oh, c’mon Gerard, I can smell him on you.”

Party bit his lip. “I…” He sighed and cast his gaze down to his feet. “He was going to shoot me,” he said, still looking down.

I put my fingers to Party’s chin, tilting his head up and kissing him again. “I don’t care,” I mumbled, looking into Party’s burning eyes. “I knew you liked him though.”

Party let out a breathy snort and looked down again. “But Violet, “he said, looking into my eyes with unconcealed confusion, “I love you. Not Frank.”

“So?” I said, trying to calm Party down. “I don’t care if you’re bi.”

“I’m not bi!” Party whispered heatedly, pressing his forehead to mine with anger. “You had a friend in high school that you kissed, didn’t you?”

I nodded. “Her name was Victoria…” I said, sighing and shutting my eyes, remembering Victoria and her hair like Jet’s. “I considered myself bi, too. I mean, I really liked her.”

Party growled, and I opened my eyes. “Violet, I love you more than the world. I’m not bi,” he said menacingly low, and I took my forehead off of his. “You weren’t either.”

“Fine, fine” I said, raising my hands quickly, making a little beer from my nearly-empty bottle slosh out, hitting the ground with an inaudible splash. “You win. I’m going to get some shut eye before we leave today.”

Party nodded and turned away from me, making me feel just a little hurt. I sat my beer down on my crate slowly and stuffed my hands in my pant’s pockets. Well fine then, I thought, kicking up dust with my combat boots ad I walked glumly to my truck. If he wants to deny what’s true, so be it I reached my truck in ten seconds time, opening the passenger’s door and stopping. I shook my head and shit the door, walking around the front of my truck to the other side, pulling the driver’s door open. I climbed inside, laying my head down on the passenger’s seat and shutting the door with my foot and a slam that shook the car. I put my Bans on and pulled my scarf over my head, trying to block out the steady flood of light from early morning. I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them, wishing the chill away with the clouds. I took a deep breath and let it out, trying to calm my thoughts.

Hello, Violet. Trying not to cry?

Shut the fuck up, I thought back, wanting peace and quiet in my head.

Hey, no need for the language. Tō to subete ga umaku iku?

Da fuck? I thought, trying to shut my mind up.

A ray blast came from outside, and I shut my eyes tighter, feeling for my headphones around my neck with my left hand. I grabbed them and slipped them over my ears, blocking out any sound and smiling, falling asleep.

I felt my eyes shoot open as a hand covered my mouth and a kiss was planted slowly to my exposed forehead. Light was coming through my Bans and scarf, and I figured it was around noon, though it felt as if I had slept for thirty seconds. “Hey, Jennifer,” I heard Tim say, and pushing his hand over my mouth down a little bit more, making my lips press painfully over my teeth.

I took a breath and let it out, faintly feeling the scarf over my mouth. I smirked and reached for my gun in my holster, taking a quick breath in as I didn’t feel my gun in my holster. SHIT! I thought, my eyes opening a little more. Where the fuck did I last fuckin’ see it?!

I felt Tim’s hot breath on my skin as he kissed my neck, making me shiver in fear. “Jennifer, no gun for you,” he said in his thick country accent, pressing his lips to my neck again. I stopped shivering and remembered Ricky, slowly and painfully moving my right hand underneath me to get Ricky in my grasp. I smiled when I felt Ricky’s hilt touch my hand, me quickly pulling it out and shoving it in the back of Tim’s head.

“Oh,” I felt Tim say, exhaling against my skin, some liquid that felt like blood raining on me. His body fell onto mine, me twisting the blade blindly into his head further. I felt a number of wires and was shocked a few times by his short circuiting circuit board, but I kept Ricky implanted in his head, pushing Tim’s still body off of me. I reached my left hand up and pulled my scarf off my face, looking up at the ceiling of my truck. I sat up, looking at Tim’s lifeless body on the floor of my truck, something green leaking out of his head and onto the floor and its contents.

“Fuck,” I groaned, watching the green liquid slowly eat away at the plastic tarp I had put on the floor. I climbed out of my truck and grabbed Tim by his hair, pulling his body out of my truck and kicking it around on the ground. I checked his body for my gun, and there it was, nestled in his holster as if it were his. I gave the body the middle finger and took Ricky out of his head, wiping the slowly disintegrating blade against my stained pants. I took Ricky in my left palm and stuck it through Tim’s neck, placing a foot on his chest and slicing through the skin, bone, and metal of his body. I pursed my lips and continued around his head, trying to make as choppy a cut as I could. His head rolled off his body, and I kicked it away, beginning on his right arm. I chopped all his limbs off and kicked them away from my truck, looking up at the crowd around me.

Laser beams were shooting left and right as I took in the scene. Dracs were outnumbered by Killjoys, seven to one, all trying to fight their way alive. I let out a breathy chuckle and walked over to my truck, climbing to the roof and pulling out my gun, ready to practice sharp shooting with a normal ray gun. I scanned the crowd for somebody I knew, and Party was fighting four Dracs at a time, hard determination on his face. I smirked and aimed for one charging for him, shooting at his feet. Click. I pulled the trigger and he fell dead, shot between the eyes. “Hell yes!” I said, aiming for another one. Click. That one fell dead too, and Party was looking around him, trying to find the source of the fired shots. “Party!” I yelled, waving and shooting another coming up behind him. Click. Man, I haven’t had this much fun in forever, I thought, shooting another as I slid off my truck’s roof, running towards Party and shooting Dracs left and right upon instinct.

Party nodded and shot a Drac behind me. “I thought you had died or something, Violet!” he yelled over the chorus of blasts, looking at me behind his mask. “Where the fuck were you?”

I smirked angrily and shoot a Drac in the foot, throwing Ricky at him.”I thought you were mad at me,” I said quietly, getting Party’s back as he got mine and shooting Dracs with both hands.

“I don’t need any help!” Party yelled and dodged a blast, narrowly missing it with his sidestep. We were both in the middle of a group of Dracs, closing in fast, Party shooting blind and me too. I’m too lost in a world where Party thinks he doesn’t need help, especially mine.

“Yes you do, Party!” I shouted, turning behind me for a second to shoot a Drac coming for Party’s blind side. “You keep missing Dracs!”

“Violet!” Party said and turned his head and I turned mine the same way, both of us still shooting. “Your arm is still broken,” Captain Obvious said as I kicked a Drac backwards with my left leg and shot him down to the ground in the chest.

“No shit Sherlock,” I yelled, smiling and remembering last time Party and I were in this situation as I shot one Drac into another, causing the domino effect for about four Dracs, shooting them as they fall.

“Violet!” Party yells again as the dead Drac count climbs around us, their bodies littering the ground around us, mostly around me. I turned my head the same way it was before, and Party puts a hand on my head and presses his mouth to mine, me smiling into the kiss. “I love you, Violet,” Party whispered before shooting right in my direction.

I gasped, ducked and spun around, watching the Drac behind me fall backwards, flailing around. I shot the Drac, causing him to still as he continued his fall. “Thanks for the warning, Party!” I yelled, standing back up and kissing Party on the cheek. “I love you too,” I whispered in his ear, shooting a Drac behind his head.”You need to stop getting into these little holes!”

“I know,” Party said, smiling, and he turned away from me to face his side of the group. I smiled back at him and rotated, concentration setting on my face as I closed my eyes and began shooting. I probably look really odd right now… I thought, sticking my tongue out of the corner of my mouth a little and scrunching my face together, trying to get the feel of the Dracs around me. I felt the ground shake in one direction growing stronger on the ground and I aimed at the sound, pulling the trigger to my gun and feeling the rumbling stop. I smirked and began shooting around me, hearing another laser come into the ground, and I opened my eyes to see Ghoul by my side, shooting with his bandana up and sunglasses on.

“Yo, Ghoul!” I yelled, pivoting and shooting some Dracs from behind Party. “What the fuck you doin’ in here?”

“What the fuck do you think, Violet?” he yelled at me, eyebrows knitted together as he began shooting and punching. “You and Party looked like you needed help!”

“Party did, not me,” I said, pulling the gun from a dead Drac’s gloved hand and tossed it to Ghoul, who caught it and began shooting left and right. “I was shooting with my eyes closed.”

Ghoul’s bandana lifted on the right side of his face, and I smiled, knowing he was smirking. The Dracs around Party, Ghoul, and I were thinning out, most running around and weaving through the dead bodies on the ground. I walked calmly over to the one Drac that had Ricky planted in his skull and pulled it out, wiping the blood on my pants and sliding it back into it’s holster. I walked around the Dracs, gathering guns, as Ghoul and Party had each other’s back, shooting around each other. I saw one Drac running towards us and I took one of the many guns in my hand, shooting him before he was twenty feet away from us between the eyes. I smirked and went back to my work, getting the weapons off of the bodies. Man, so glad I’m a Killjoy, I thought, pulling the twentieth gun off of a Drac, not even done with a small portion of the bodies. “You guys done yet?” I asked, hearing the blasts subside to a few random every minute.

I felt hands on my shoulder and a kiss on my cheek, and I grimaced until I saw the little bit of red hair fly in my face from an arising wind. “We’re done, Violet,” Party said, making me giggle and turn to face him.

“You know…” I said, tracing patterns on his chest and looking down at my finger, “You’re a show off.” I looked up at Party and kissed his jaw again, something I was beginning to like.

Party smiled as I kissed him. “Ghoul told me you were shooting with your eyes closed,” he said, amusement making up his tone. “You’re the show off here.”

I giggled and hugged Party, hearing Ghoul chuckle behind me. I felt my face fall just a little as I turned to face a smirking Ghoul, who had his bandana pulled down to his neck. “What are you laughing at?” I asked, just a little agitated at Ghoul’s chuckling.

Ghoul continued smirking and shoved his gun in his side holster, sticking his hands in his pocket and whistling, walking away, looking amused, happy, and smug. I flipped him off and turned back to Party. “You don’t happen to have a box of purple hair dye, do you?” I asked, expecting a ‘no’.

“Hmm…” Party mused, looking distant for a moment before coming back to this world. “I think we might back at the Diner but not with us. You need some, don’t you?” he asked, smirking and playing with my hair.

I swatted his head away, smiling and scrunching my nose up. I stuck my tongue out at him and his freshly dyed hair. “Of course it’s at the diner… Wanna come and help me find some?” I asked, opening my mouth wide in a smile and pulling my right leg up, turning my body and swinging my bandaged right arm so it cut across my chest without touching it.

Party chuckled and looped his left arm through my right. “Eh, what the hell. As long as we get some food too. I’m starving, and I bet you are too,” he said, looking at me with a small smile and eyebrows raised.

I scrunched my face up again. “I’m not hung—“ My stomach grumbled quite loudly, making Party smirk. I sighed. “Fine. But only because you wanted to.”

Party nodded once and smiled. “Go on, my darling, to find your hair care product.”

I punched Party in the arm as we started walking along. “Shut up. I hate my hair color,” I said, scowling playfully and looking at the ground, where the dust from Party’s boots and my combat boots were mixing together.

Party took a lock of my hair in his fingers and began twirling it. “On the contrary, I like it,” he said, making me look up at him as he held the lock up to his hair. “It’s almost as red as my hair, and your color in natural.”

I giggled and stuck my tongue out at him. “Since when did you start talking about ‘colors’?” I asked, using my left hand for an air quote.

Party smiled devilishly. “When I realized I absolutely hated jocks in high school,” he said, taking his arm out of my arm and wrapping it around me. “Now are you going to keep complaining or are we going to get your violet color?”

I stuck out my tongue again. “And you call me a whiner…” I mumbled, looking around me as we approached the Black. Killjoys all around were dusting themselves off and putting weapons away, stopping to wave at Party and I, some glares and some ‘aw’s. I looked up at Party. “Can we please get to the Black quicker? It’s weird being stared at, even if it’s in the good way…”

Party chuckled and nodded. “It’s scaring me a little too, Violet, so don’t worry.” Party quickened his pace just a little, and I bumped up the speed too. We finally got to the Black, which was just as crowded as usual.

I let out a sigh of relief. “Thank god…” I said, walking with Party at my side to the place I go to on default. I stopped. Shot’s dead, Violet, my mind told me, and I shook my head, shutting my eyes.

“What’s wrong Violet?” Party asked, pulling me out of the middle of the Black’s main passageway into a smaller hole in the wall shop. “What happened?” I bit my lip and looked at Party, not wanting to speak out loud, for fear my voice might fail me. “Oh,” Party said, pulling me in a hug. “It’s okay, Violet, it’s all right.”

I nodded, sniffling. Just when it got better… I thought, burying my head into Party’s jacket and sighing. If only, if only…

“Violet?” I heard a recognizable voice ask, and I took my head out of Party’s jacket to see Sun coming towards me, a cocky looking boy in tow. “Hey, Violet,” Sun said, smiling. “I want you to meet somebody I just met.” The nudged the boy and he perked up.

“Oh, hey,” he said in a large voice, his brown eyes shining. The boy looked 17 or 18, a little taller than Sun, tanned from the big ball of radiation we call the Sun, and was wearing a blue v-neck under a black leather jacket, a pair of light wash jeans, what looked like black Vans, a blue holster with a white gun nestled inside, and black fingerless biker gloves, like the ones I’ve seen Party wear occasionally while fighting, like now. The boy had black hair a little bit shorter than Party’s, with fringe that swept over his face and into his eyes. I frowned. Reminds me of somebody… “I’m White Fighter.”

I couldn’t help but smile a bit at his name, so I did smile. “Okay, Fighter, nice to meet you,” I said, trying to be cordial while slightly annoyed at how it’s like I’ve seen this guy before.

Sun smiled naughtily at me. “He’s a roamer, from Zone 7,” she said, sounding curiously devilish. “Just got here because of your message, Rage, and wanted to fight beside us.”

Fighter smiled, a glint of something making his eyes light up. Hmm… Can’t tell if I like that or not… “I want to be a part of the downfall of Better Livings Industries,” he said, shrugging and looking at Sun, making her giggle. “This one here came up to me though.”

Sun smiled wider, if that was even possible. “You looked all alone, wandering the Black…” she said, giggling. “It looked like he needed somebody to show him around.” Sun’s eyes twinkled, and I smiled.

“Well, good for you guys,” I said, smiling at her and tying to put the elephant in the room on a back burner. “Party and I are on the hunt for some purple hair dye. Wanna come?” I asked, smirking at my poor choice of words around two teenagers.

Sun looked at me and then at Fighter, smiling. “No thanks. I need to show White here the bars,” she said, and I swear I saw little devil horns pop up out of her head. Sun turned towards me. “Good luck on your search, though, Violet.”

I nodded. “Thanks, Sun. Good luck with the bars,” I said in reply, nodding my goodbye and turning away from Sun and Fighter as Fighter leaned down to kiss Sun. I chuckled as Party and I walked back into the hustle and bustle of the Black. “Where do you normally get your color, Party?” I asked him, looking up at him and smirking.

Party looked down at me and kissed me. “Right this way, Violet,” he said, taking my hand and leading me into the bowels of the Black.
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