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Confusing temptations.

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I weaved through the cars and fires, making a beeline for the Black’s entrance. The only thing on my mind was alcohol. The only thing I wanted was alcohol. The only I felt was the need for alcohol. The entrance for the Black approached me, and I dashed inside, going up the crowded stairs to the third level. The smell of food began wafting through my nostrils, enticing my stomach and making it growl, but I reached the third level and passed up the little food stores left and right, heading for my favorite bar here in the Zones, called “Margarita Alleyway”. The bar was literally an alleyway, only large enough for a bar, a row of chairs, and a little walking room around that. I smiled darkly as I approached the bar, and tilted my head as a voice I recognized went over the quiet chatter in the bar, hitting my ears and pulling me closer.

“Violet Rage!” I heard the voice say as I walked in, noticing a short woman walking up to me. She was wearing a black jacket covering a white shirt, short shorts, and black boots. I smiled. “Good to see you again! How’s the mask?”

“It’s good, Sign, how’s the shop?” I asked her, smiling as she walked me back to a small section of the bar that turned towards the wall outward, creating a little gathering spot for three people, where a person was already sitting, drinking what looked like a Rum and Cola. I turned towards the person and nodded. “Hey.”

The girl smiled and also nodded. She was wearing a navy blue jacket with an ivory tank, a pair of dark wash jeans over black pumps, a grey scarf that didn’t look as dirty as mine but appeared just as worn, and had a dark eye shadow covering her eyes. She was slightly tanned, like me, had cupid’s bow lips, blue eyes, and a small freckle right at her slightly pointed chin surrounded by thick blonde hair. “Hello,” she said in a small voice, looking down at the floor.

I nodded once more and walked over beside Sign, sitting on the cheap barstool by the girl, diagonal to Sign. “So…” I said, waving down the bartender, “what’s your name?”

The girl looked up at me through thick lashes. “My name’s Scarlet Sun,” she said, smirking. “You look like Violet Rage.”

I nodded again and smirked, raising my eyebrows slightly. “I am Violet Rage.” I turned to the bartender, who was waiting on my drink, looking impatient. “One Cranberry Turbo,” I told the guy, who was looking at me, appearing confused. I sighed. “Just put cranberry juice, vodka, and tequila in a glass and give it to me.” The guys nodded and walked off to the other side of the bar. I turned to Sun. “How old are you, Sun?”

Sun looked at me and smirked again. “I’m 16 and drinking, okay?” she said, looking at me with a face that said, I will drink and you won’t stop me.

I raised by hands and leaned back. “Hey, not complaining here. I had my first hangover at 14, so I know how you feel,” I said, looking at Sign. “What brings you here, Sign?”

Sign smiled and took a drink of what looked like a margarita that needs much more lime. “Well, since you got everybody here for the storm tomorrow, I figured I’d close the shop for the night and come here. Scarlet was here looking all alone, getting stares from a handful of guys standing outside that looked like bad news, so I came in here to join her.”

I nodded, watching the bartender come with my drink and a straw. I took the drink as he set it down on the bar and threw the straw behind the bar, staring him down and drinking the Turbo as if it were water. He gawped at me. “What?” I purred, removing the glass from my lips and wiping one side of the open mouth with one finger, looking on with wide, seductive eyes. “Never seen a girl before?”

The bartender walked away from me, stumbling into the bar and knocking over a few bottles, getting a chorus of boos from the other bar bugs.

I smirked and turned back to Sign and Sun, both of which were staring at me confused. “What?” I said, looking at them and raising my eyebrows. “I can’t have a little fun before I get senseless?”

Sun smirked along with me as Sign chuckled and shook her head, looking down. “That was awesome!” Sun said, drinking some of her R&C. “I’ll have to learn that,” she said, tapping her unchewed fingers on the bar, not that mine were chewed on or anything...

Sign looked at me and shook her head again. “Violet, I thought you were with Party,” she said, taking a sip of her limeless margarita.

I nodded and took another drink of my Turbo while Sun raised her eyebrows. “Wait, the Party Poison?” she asked, her mouth gaping open just slightly.

I nodded, blinking. “He and I have been together for days it seems,” I said, despite the fact that we’ve loved each other for about three months. “What?”

Sun smirked again, a thing I think she did a lot. “I didn’t think he’d be with a girl,” she said, drinking her R&C.

I put a hand up to my chest and faked shock. “A girl? Honey, I’m in my late twenties, and he’s in his thirties,” I said, watching Sun’s mouth gape open even more.

“You’re in your twenties?” she asked, actually a little shocked. “And he’s in his thirties?”

I rolled my head, rubbing my right shoulder’s muscles that still felt a little numb. “Mhmm. Don’t look it, do we?” I asked, putting my hand down and shrugging my shoulders to relieve the little bit of tension I was getting. “That’s why I had to ask how old you were. Watch.” I nodded to Sun and pointed to the bartender. “25.” I pointed to a group of guys at the end of the bar checking Sign, Sun, and I out. “34, 23, and 27.” I pointed to a Barbie doll standing at the bar, ordering something from the bartender, who was still looking just a little shocked. “37. Need I go on?”

Sun looked at me, incredulous. “How can you tell how old they are?” she asked, sounding a little dazed and looking at the guys at the end of the bar.

“It all depends on how they look at things, Sun,” I said, pointing to the bartender once again. “He’s glancing around the bar with slight confidence and some ignorance.” I pointed to Barbie doll, who was walking out of the bar. “She looked at things with confidence and understanding, wisdom. The bartender hasn’t had anything happen to him while Barbie doll has experience under her belt.”

Sun looked at me, still gawking. “Okay, you have to tell me how to do to that!” she declared, drinking her R&C, tipping her head back and setting the empty glass on the counter. “Oh bartender,” she called over, giggling evilly.

I looked at Sign and put a hand up to my mouth, hiding it from Sun’s sight. “Did she tell you how much she had to drink?” I whispered, getting a shaken head from Sign. “I think we need to get her out of here before she’ll experience her first hangover tomorrow, and I have a feeling she’s a good fighter.”

Sign nodded and nodded to Sun once. “She is looking a little bloodshot …” she said, and I removed my hand from my mouth, leaning back. “Well, Scarlet, Violet and I need to go,” she said, loud enough to get the attention of the 16-year-old.

Sun turned around, looking sad. “Wait! Don’t go!” She said, holding a hand out to Sign and I as we began walking out of the alleyway bar. “I wanna come with you guys!” She jumped off the barstool and nearly fell over, Sign and I running over to her to support her weight.

I looked at Sign from behind Sun and nodded, who also nodded. We dragged Sun out of the bar, me winking at the guys at the front of the bar before we left to the area outside of the bar. “C’mon Sun, can you walk?” I asked Sun, slapping her face lightly.

She giggled and waved my hand away. “Of course I can. Haven’t you ever seen me walking before?” she said, grinning and pushing Sign and I with a good deal of strength.

I shrugged. “Come along then, Sun, I want you to meet the guys.”

Fun Ghoul

I felt limitless glee as Gerard pressed his lips to mine, his breath hot against my cheek. I stood still, thinking, ‘Take that, Violet-whore!’

Gerard backed out of the kiss, wiping his mouth with the sleeve of his jacket, a smile on that mouth. “Don’t ever say I didn’t, Frank,” he said, putting his hand down and sticking both of his hands in his pockets.

“Gerard,” I mumbled, biting my lip.

Gerard bit his lip and sighed, walking back over to me and laying his lips on mine again, more passion already. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed myself against him, feeling his heart beating fast against his ribcage and giving a quiet moan. I ran my tongue over his bottom lip and he opened his mouth, letting his tongue mingle with mine, just swirling around each other and loving every second of it. I ran a hand up Gerard’s back to his red locks and pulled gently, earning a moan from him and fervent kisses. He bit my tongue slightly and I groaned, already feeling the blood heading south. “Gee…” I sighed, wanting this more than anything.

Gerard broke away from my mouth but continued kissing down my jaw, making me shiver as he lightly brushed his hand past my semi, making me gasp and pull him in closer. “What, Frankie?” he asked, looking at me with a devilish grin and his eyes shining. “Want me to stop?”

I shook my head but stopped myself, remembering Violet. “Gerard, you have Violet…” I said, shutting my eyes and shivering as Gerard nipped lightly at my neck, right at the scorpion tattoo. I pushed him off me, looking at him as he stumbled back a few steps. “You love Violet, remember?”

Gerard nodded and smiled at me. “I know. This was the only way I wasn’t going to be shot by you,” he said, me giving a small ‘oh’. “You do know I like you, right, Frankie?”

I looked at him with wide eyes, his still shining. “Really?” I asked, not believing what Gerard just said.

He nodded. “If I wasn’t with Violet and loved her, who do you think I would be with?” he asked me, looking at me with a small smile.

I looked at him, as happy as a little kid who got the present they wanted. “You mean it?!” I asked, getting excited.

Gerard walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me. “Yes, Frankie, I mean it,” he whispered in my ear, kissing the shell of my ear. I shivered and wrapped my arms around him, wishing this moment could stay this way forever.

I heard a gasp behind us and I turned with wide eyes to face Ray, who had a small smile forming on his face. “Awh, a young couple hugging,” he said, me letting out the breath I didn’t know I was holding.

Gerard smiled his crooked smile next to me and I felt him nod. “Frank needed a hug,” he said, making me smile a little bit.

“That’s not all that boy needs…” Ray mumbled, and I heard his footsteps walk away. “Hey, Rage!” I heard him say, and I sighed, getting out of Gerard’s arms right as Violet walked up.

“Hey Party, Ghoul,” Violet said, smiling at us both. “Good to know you’re alive, Ghoul,” she said, looking at me and nodding once. “I have somebody you guys might wanna meet.”

I looked at Gerard and he shrugged, no emotion on his face. “Let’s go see who it is,” he said, following Violet as she disappeared around the bonfire. I bit my cheek and followed, smiling a little as I remembered what Gerard said.

“Hey, guys,” a female’s voice said, and I felt my eyebrows knit together, not recognizing the voice. “Violet and Neon here are my bestest friends,” the voice said, and I chuckled, immediately recognizing the drunken speech.

Gerard slowed down a little to walk beside me. “Who do you think it is?” he asked, still looking ahead. His hand brushed past mine, the touch electric and a cause for me to blush.

I shrugged. “I unno,” I said as a preppy looking girl ran up to Gerard and I. We both frowned as she hugged us, Violet looking at us and mouthing ‘Give her a chance.’

“Hullo, Party Poison and Fun Ghoul!” she yelled, making me wince as she gave us each a squeeze. “I always wanted to meet you guys!”

“Well, here we are,” Gerard managed to get out, and I got the sneaky suspicion that she was squeezing him harder. “If you want us to live, you have to let go…”

The girl giggled and released us both, Gerard gasping for air. “Sorry. I’m Scarlet Sun!” she said, smiling a huge grin and hiccupping. I nodded, pretending to look enthused, and looked at Violet over her shoulder, pointing at Scarlet and shaking my head, my face probably looking ridiculous as I pretended to look horrified.

Violet smiled crookedly and walked over, putting a hand on Scarlet’s shoulder. “C’mon, Sun, you need to lie down or something. You guys want a beer?”
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