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30 Excitment

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There's a kiss, but when you know the answer, think again.

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That’s the only thing I felt as Party drove my truck, me literally bouncing in the passenger’s seat, and Current sitting between us. I was antsy to shoot something, and the fact that tomorrow I was going to have the opportunity over hundreds of times was making me trigger happy.

“Rage, chill,” Current said, putting a hand on my shoulder, making me stop bouncing up and down. “We’re only a few minutes away from the Black. Look, you can see it on the horizon now.”

I looked out the windshield, and, sure enough, the Black was looming up to my truck, making the sky brighten with the light pollution. I smiled at the sight, watching a few laser beams cut through the night sky. “How many Dracs here already?” I asked to nobody in particular, my finger still itching for my gun from earlier today.

I felt Party’s gaze on me. “Violet, calm down. We’re just taking over Battery City and getting rid of BLI,” he said sarcastically, making me bite my lip. “No worries. We’ll make it out okay.” Solemnity marked his last words.

I looked at Party and nodded, running a hand through my hair. “I just want them dead…” I said, trailing and looking past Party.

Party nodded and bit his cheek as Current looked up at me. “Wait, who, Rage?” She looked confused, probably wondering who I was talking about.

“Korse and Tim,” I whispered, my voice heavy with disgust and anger, dangerously sharp and clear. “Them.”

Current nodded with wide, understanding eyes and looked out the windshield, leaning forward a little. “Okay, Poison, you’re going to go all the way around to the far side of the Black. There should be a large bonfire with the guys around it,” she said, leaning back in the seat. “The Trans Am is right by the fire.”

Party nodded and I turned toward the front, marveling at how the cars outside the Black were arranged in an orderly fashion, the fires scattered about them. I saw Current’s finger out of the corner of my eye, pointing to a huge bonfire, set away from the Black. “Right over there, Poison,” she said, and I noticed a blond head sticking out among the rest.

“Moon,” I said, smiling. I turned to face Party, who was also smiling and looking relieved. I looked back out the windshield, anxious to get out of my truck ASAP.

Party stopped my truck by the bonfire and turned it off, taking the key out of the ignition and handing it to me. I looked at him and flashed a smile his way, who looked at me and grinned. “There’s your second love,” he said, smirking at me and nodding towards the Trans Am sitting by the fire, getting out my truck stiffly and walking away from the truck towards the far side of the bonfire.

I smirked into the air and opened my door. “It doesn’t count as my love anymore,” I called, stepping out of the out of my truck and leaving the door open for Current.

Current climbed out of the spiking her blue hair up so it did actually look electric against the night sky. She walked over to the bonfire, shutting the truck’s door with a click. “Hey, Fun, Star, Kid, and Struck,” she said, looking for the guys. “Got Poisoned Rage with me.”

I felt somebody wrap their arms around my stomach and give me a squeeze, lifting me off the ground. “Violet!” Kobra’s voice said, sounding excited and happy.

I raised an eyebrow, remembering what Party told me before we left with slight annoyance and anger. “Kobra Kid, put me down right now,” I said quietly, my voice sharper than Ricky. Kobra set me down. “Where are the other guys?”

Kobra shrugged. “Check the Black,” he said, looking around me. “I saw Star and Ghoul walk that way an hour ago, but Moonstruck disappeared.”

I nodded, walking past Kobra, glaring at him ever so slightly. “Don’t you ever make Gerard do something he doesn’t want to, Mikey,” I said in a hushed whisper, walking by him towards the blond head. I rolled my shoulders back and put a hand on my ray gun, loving the feel of it in my hand. “Moon?” I called, walking towards the Trans Am.

“Hey, Violet!” I heard Moon say, and he stood up from behind the Trans Am. “Where have you and Poison been?”

I looked at him, smirking and tilting my head down a little. “That’s what I should be asking you. Party was worried sick at whether or not you guys were dead,” I said, raising my eyebrows. “He was going insane.”

Moon nodded, looking down. “It’s nothing compared to what he did after you left…” he said quietly, kicking up dust with his boot.

I looked at Moon and tilted my head. “What? What do you mean?” I asked, softly walking forward a step.

Moon sighed. “Violet, he died. Literally. Like Kid told you, no fluids, no food, and almost no air. He was just wallowing away at the diner. All of us had lost hope in him ever returning.” I nodded, looking down, past the ground. “He said he saw you, you know. When he was dead. He said he saw you as an angel, coming to him. I thought he was going insane.”

I bit my check, nodding again. “I fucked up…” I said silently, breathing deeply. An old song came into my head for no reason, no warning, and I looked up at Moon. “I’m back at my truck, okay?” I asked, looking into his crystal clear blue eyes.

The eyes nodded. “I’ll tell Poison you know we’re still alive,” he said with a small smile. “Thanks for the broadcast, Violet.”

I nodded and smiled diminutively. “You’re welcome, Blondie,” I said, smirking, and turned around to walk to my truck, the smirk falling off my face. The bonfire was crackling as I walked by, lighting my way and casting flickering shadows across the ground. I didn’t think Party’s situation when I left was that bad… I thought, shoving my hands in my pockets of my orange pants and wishing I had a jacket to shield me from the light nip my skin was getting from a chill in the air, despite the fires illuminating the night. I got to my truck and pulled the door open, poking my head inside and looking for my iPod with my headphones. I smiled ever so slightly when I saw them lying on the seat, inviting me to listen for a while. I grasped my iPod in my hands, setting my headphones on my head, over my ears tightly to block out the sounds of the world. I looked under Artists, looking for Staind. I clicked the center wheel once, clicking again when I saw the song I wanted. ‘It’s Been Awhile’ began softly playing in my ears, and I nodded once, backing out of my truck and shutting the door. I walked to the back of my truck and climbed on the bed, going up the mounds of tools and junk in my truck to reach the dusty roof. I hoisted myself up and laid down, putting my hands on my stomach, facing the stars and turning my music up.

It's been a while
since I could hold my head up high,
and it's been a while
since I first saw you.

I took a breath, letting it out slowly and shutting my eyes. The night air felt better up here on the roof of my truck, where the fires couldn’t make one side of me warm and let the other side freeze.

It's been a while
since I could stand on my own two feet again
and it's been a while
since I could call you.
And everything I can't remember,
as fucked up as it may seem,
the consequences that I've rendered,
I've stretched myself beyond my means.

I opened my eyes, missing the moon again. Patched of the sky were dark without stars, and I guessed clouds for an acid rainstorm were rolling in. I shut my eyes again, laying my hands down beside me, palms up.

It's been a while,
since I could say that I wasn't addicted and…
It's been a while
since I could say I love myself as well and…
It's been a while
since I've gone and fucked things up just like I always do.
It's been a while,
but all that shit seems to disappear when I'm with you.
And everything I can't remember,
as fucked up as it may seem,
the consequences that I've rendered,
I've gone and fucked things up again.

I stopped my music, wanting some silence for a while. My headphones blocked out the sounds of the world around me, giving me a world of my own. Thoughts jumbled around, running into other thoughts, and I sighed, wanting nothing more than a drink. I opened my eyes, a slow smile spreading across my lips. Violet, you’re at the Black, I thought, remembering the whole third level of the Black that was one bar after another. I sat up and pulled my headphones off my ears, setting them around my neck, the world around me suddenly bringing sound to my ears, in a way a sweet relief. I placed my iPod in my pocket and swung my legs over the side of the truck, sliding off and jumping to the ground. The dust lifted up and flew around me after I landed, and I began walking to the Black, where the rest of my night belonged.

Party Poison
I watched Violet as she walked away from her Army truck after getting out for three hours, smiling softly. “It doesn’t count as my love anymore,” she called over her shoulder, sauntering to the other side of the bonfire, following Shockwave, who was spiking her hair up. I felt my smile grow huge as she disappeared out of sight, feeling no better feeling in the world.

“’Poisoned Rage’?” I heard Ray say from behind me, and I turned, the smile still on my face growing even bigger as I saw Ray, Frank, and Bob. Mikey was nowhere to be seen, and I was a little glad for that. After I told Violet what happened, I wasn’t exactly happy at Mikey, so this was cool.

“That’s what Shockwave decided to name Violet and I…” I chuckled, feeling my cheeks grow hot and I ducked my head slightly. “I can’t help it if she’s overly enthusiastic about us…”

“Aw, Gerard, getting hot from the fire?” I heard Bob say, and I laughed silently a little more. “Don’t worry, a beer’ll cool you down,” he said, and I looked up and nodded, still happy to see the guys. “I’ll go get a few from the Death Machine.”

I nodded again. “Thanks Bobbert,” I said, smirking. He glared at me and gave me the finger, walking off. I chuckled and looked at Ray and Frank. “So where have you guys been?” I asked, putting a hand on my hip and raising my eyebrows, mocking what my mom used to do whenever she was angry.

Ray laughed as Frank scowled a little. “Well, I don’t know, Mom, why don’t you tell us where you’ve been?” Ray asked me, earning a punch in the arm from me. “Okay, okay,” he said, raising his hands in defeat. “Mikey thought we should go to the Black to stock up on food and stuff like that for the Diner, and then Rage’s broadcast came on the radio. We all just looked at each other and shrugged, saying, ‘Eh, what the hell.’”

Frank snorted. “If you mean ‘we’ by you, Mikes, Bob, and Shockwave, then yes,” he mumbled, crossing his arms and looking into the abnormally large bonfire.

I raised one eyebrow at Frank. “What, Frankie?” I asked, walking over to him and looking down at him, directly in his green eyes, slightly pouting. I remembered what Violet had said in her drugged stupor earlier today and laughed internally, hoping I wasn’t staring into his eyes like Violet had said I was.

Frank looked up at me, seeming like he was trying to stop himself from glaring at me. “You and Violet have a pet name?” he said quietly clear, so as not to let Ray hear, who looked like he was straining to hear what Frank was saying.

I turned towards Ray and held up a finger. “Give Frank and I a second, please Ray?” I asked him, and he nodded. “I think Bobbert needs some help with the beers too,” I said, smiling a little at him and his untamed hair.

Ray smiled a crooked smile and nodded, looking at me with his head slightly tilted down. “Fine, but only for the beer,” he said, walking away from Frank and I. “You’re not getting a beer though!” He yelled, disappearing behind the fire.

I flicked the fire off and turned back towards Frank. “Shockwave gave Violet and I the name, Frankie,” I said, looking at him with wide eyes. “I didn’t come up with it.”

Frank glared up at me. “Would you have?” he spat out in a whisper. “Would you have called Violet like ‘Sugar Booger’ or something like that?”

I shook my head, my red hair flopping in front of my face. “No, Frankie, I---“

“Don’t fuckin’ call me Frankie,” Frank said, backing away from me. “Don’t you fucking call me Frankie, Gerard.”

“Frank,” I said, taking a step towards him.

Frank pulled his gun and aimed it at me. “Don’t come closer, Gerard. You know I will,” he growled, looking wild in the eyes.

I walked over to Frank swiftly and grabbed his arms, pushing my mouth to his before he had time to react.
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