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29 Scared

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Almost to the end.

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Party looked legitly scared. I mean, I’ve seen him scared, but not like this.

“I don’t know, Violet,” he said, running in the diner and pulling his spaceman glasses off, sprinting out of my sight.

“Wait, Gerard!” I yelled, running through the main room to the diner part of the diner, pulling my sunglasses and my scarf off, trying to follow Party as best I could. “Where’s Current?”

Party just kept running through the diner, looking into little holes and through doorways, which there were really none. He stopped and pulled out his radio. “Double P to anybody out there, anybody seen Double K, JS, The Boogie Man, or a blue haired girl names Shockwave Current?” He barked into the radio, pacing in the diner part. A cackle of static greeted Party, and he turned to his radio, looking at it anxiously.

“You got Double L to Double P, just saw the Death Machine at the Black,” a female’s voice said over the cackling, and Party nodded, even though it was a radio.

“Gracias, Double L. You see any of the gang?” Party asked, looking at the radio with concern.

“Hell yes. They were walking in and talking about a BL/ind fight…” Double L trailed off, static overpowering any words she might have said.

“Thank you, Double L,” Party said into the radio, putting it back on his belt and running outside to the camo garage.

“Gerard, wait up!” I yelled, trying to wrap my mind around it all. “It’s almost dark!”

Party looked at me as he jumped into my army truck, something that hasn’t been used in forever. “Good thing trucks have headlights. You have any nitrous in this thing?” he asked, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel anxiously.

I ran to the back of the truck, pulled out a tank of NOS, and ran to the front, popping the hood. “30 seconds. Time me,” I told Party, who watched me as I unhooked the empty tank, threw it aside, hooked up the new tank, and slammed the hood shut, jumping in the passenger’s seat. “Go.”

Party smirked and hit the metal with the pedal, my truck screaming in protest. I patted my dashboard, hoping this thing wouldn’t break down. “That was 24 seconds, by the way,” Party said, shifting from 3rd gear to 4th gear.

I smile-smirked and put my Bans on, looking into the eyes of the sun. “I’ve always loved looking into the sun…” I said, my eyes watering. “It’s like a never-ending game of Chicken, you know?” I asked Party, looking at him putting his glasses on.

“Violet…” he said, smirking even bigger. “You shouldn’t stare at the sun. It’s bad for your eyes,” he said, looking at me and smiling. “You don’t want to be blind, trust me.”

I snorted once, my smirk turning a little sour. “I have been. Korse…” I said, looking out the window at the horizon. I sighed and shut my eyes, wishing for more sleep. My thoughts jumped around again, and I drifted in and out of consciousness, wanting to sleep but wanting to stay up the three hour drive.

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I see my mom, smiling. Her red hair is loose around her shoulders, and her green eyes are shining, looking at me lovingly. She’s clad in a white, billowing dress, one that looks more like bipolar shadows hanging on her slender figure than a dress. She holds a hand out to me, still smiling. “Jennifer,” she says, making me cringe. “Don’t lose yourself.” I looked at her, confused but not saying a word, as she begins to fade into the white light that’s coming from behind her, blinding me. I nod as she departs and she smiles even wider at me, standing still, the dress billowing around her like wind. “Remember who you truly love, Jennifer.”

“Violet?” I heard Party say as my mom begins fading, and I opened my eyes, my face touching the dashboard and my mouth slightly open.

I groaned and sat up, facing total darkness. “Gerard, I’m blind,” I said, worried, feeling over my eyes with my left hand and touching a piece of cold plastic. I knitted my eyebrows together and felt around the plastic, laughing softly as I realized it was just my Bans that I had on. I pulled them off my head, but it was still dark. “Uh, Gerard, I’m still fuckin’ blind.”

Party sighed. “You’re truck died on us, Vi,” he said, and I noticed the silence that hung between us once he stopped talking.

I bit the inside of my cheek. “You have a flashlight on you, Gee?” I asked, turning in the direction of his voice. I hear him moving around and I bent over my knees, feeling the bottom of the truck for something that could provide light. I felt my headphones brush my fingers and smiled, grabbing the headphones and pulling them up, praying to God that my iPod was still attached to the audio jack. My iPod hits me in the face, making me curse and rub my face when it already felt hot from the impact. I swing my hand through the air, trying to catch the silent ninja of my iPod, attempting to stop it within mid-air. I got hit in the face again, the same spot as before. “God damn it!” I hiss, putting my hand over my eye and setting my headphones on my lap. I felt for the cord on my lap and went down that with my fingers, searching for my ninja iPod. I felt the cold rush of steel and smiled into the darkness, turning it on and changing the settings so it would always be on for a while at maximum power.

I looked at Party, who was smiling at me. “Thank you, Violet,” he said, kissing my lightly on the cheek. I smiled sheepishly and blushed a little, taking my iPod in my hand and searching the ground for the flashlight I should have. “Got it!” Party said, pulling it from under the driver’s seat and turning it on, blinding me with light.

I blinked. “Damn, forgot how bright artificial light was,” I mumbled, taking the light from Party’s hand and opening the passenger’s door. “Gerard, you might want to play some music while you wait, this may take a while,” I called, walking to the front of the army truck and glaring at it.

I opened the hood of my truck, putting the flashlight in my mouth and holding it as best I could with my teeth. “Herrrr…” I said to myself, propping the truck’s hood up with a thick, durable piece of wire and taking the flashlight out of my mouth. I scanned the engine, looking for anything smoking or leaking. Nothing. “Hey, Gee,” I called, pulling the oil rod out of its plastic tube, “what was the car doing before it died?”

“Well, we were almost to the Black, and your truck just kinda died, no lights, no signals, nothing. Thank god your truck has non-electrical brakes, because we were hauling ass,” Party replied, looking at me and opening his door. “What happened to your truck?” he asked, stepping out of my truck and walking over to me, using my iPod as a small source of light.

I looked at the oil rod, examining the oil, deep in thought. “Yes, yes it is…” I mused, frowning at the oil. “Needs a change,” I said, putting the rod back in the tube. I looked at the battery, my frown deepening. “Hey, Gerard, go and turn on the truck, please?” I asked, staring the battery down.

Party nodded and walked back to the driver’s side of my truck, leaning in and turning the key in the ignition. The battery shivered, sending sparks flying around me and lighting up the night sky for a second. I palmed me face at the sparks. “Duh, Violet,” I said, watching the sparks dance around with the stars. “Gerard, under the driver’s seat there should be a box of flares. Light up a few.”

Party nodded, smirking, and bent over the seat to reach under the seat, giving the dark night and I a nice view of his grey-jeaned butt. I smirked and looked back down at my work. “Gee…” I mumbled, shaking my head. “Damn battery,” I said, beginning to unhook the wires and cables of the engine from it. I tossed the useless battery behind me, one handed with a twenty pound battery, hitting something with a loud thump.

“OW!” the thing behind me said, and I pulled up my mask and whipped my gun out, spinning to face the dark behind me. I raised my gun, finger itching to pull the trigger, searching the dark and meeting a pair of yellow eyes, illuminating a little blast of blue something by the eyes.

“Current!” I yelled, lowering my gun and raising my flashlight towards the eyes. I broke out in a smile. Sure enough, Current was standing in front of me, smiling. “Where the fuck have you been?!”

Current’s smile grew wider and she walked over for a hug. “Sorry, Rage, the guys and I went to the Black as soon as we heard your broadcast. Death has it on replay.”

I smirked at Current. “At least tell people where you were going. Party and I had to call over Station 5B just to find somebody who saw you guys.”

“Shockwave?” Party called, raising his head from the truck, holding a number of flares and making that sexy butt of his to disappear. “Where are the guys?”

Current smiled and let out a short breath, almost to do a snort. “They’re gathering people up at the Black. We went as soon as we heard Rage’s message. Nice job, by the way,” Current said, looking at me. “If I were out of the Zones and heard that, I would haul ass to come destroy Korse forever.”

I smirked. “Second time…” I said, looking into the night. I shook my head and looked back at the engine. “Can one of you hold the hood open and keep the cables from touching?” I asked Party and Current, looking at them, raising an eyebrow. “I need to go get another battery from the back.” Party and Current both nodded, chatting quietly and taking the wire’s job of holding the hood open. I nodded once and walked to the back of my truck, digging through piles of alcohol and tarps, coming to an enormous black steel box. “My precious,” I whispered, feeling a little Sweeny Todd-ish as I opened the box’s lid. I dug around some more for a car battery, pulling out one that’s seen better days but still worked well. “I’ll need to buy another one of you guys at the Black,” I said to the battery, shutting the box and stuffing it back in its mound of tarp and alcohol. I walked to the front of the truck, holding the battery, shifting it from hand to hand.

Current walked up to me as soon as I got to the front of the truck. “Awh,” she said, hugging me. I looked up at Party and mouthed, Help me, to him, but he chuckled and shook his head, a sleepy smile on his face. “Rage, you shoulda told me you and Poison were Poisoned Rage,” Current said, smirking. “Does this mean you two are going to get married or something?”

I raised an eyebrow at her. “Current, two things. One, I don’t think Killjoys can marry until they retire. Just all the fighting and stuff… And two, Party told you?”

Current smiled and nodded. “I think you two should get married. Fun might be jealous, but it’ll work out,” she said, still smiling.

I groaned. “Can we talk about this later and get my truck working again?” I asked, exasperated, and Current nodded, still being a little ball of sunshine. She walked over to the hood of the truck and held the hood open again, letting Party light up a few flares.

“You guys might wanna but your sunglasses on, besides Violet, of course,” Party said, looking at me and giving me a warm smile. I blushed and looked down at the engine, beginning to connect the battery to the engine. He gave a flare to Current and walked over to me, watching me work. “Can Killjoys marry, Violet?” he asked softly as I wrapped a wire around the positive side of the battery, making me shock myself.

“I don’t know, Party,” I said, shaking my shocked finger around and sucking on it. “Maybe.”

Party nodded. “If Killjoys could, would you and I…?” he asked, looking up at me with his hazel eyes looking dreamy.

I looked up at him with my green eyes and smiled a reassuring smile, taking my finger out of my mouthe. “Of course we would. Why wouldn’t we?” I hooked the last cable to the battery and smiled bigger. “Go turn the truck on,” I said to Party, and he smiled, walking to the driver’s side and turning the key. I saw a spark of light, and then the truck was running again. “Hell yes!” I said, jumping in the air and doing a karate kick in the air. I turned towards Current. “You need a ride?”
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