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The fight is mentioned.

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I mumbled something incoherent, to me even, burying my head deeper into Party’s chest.


“Urrrggghhhh, go the fuck away,” I said thickly, waving off the mysterious nudges and shutting my eyes tighter.

I heard the rustle of a whole bunch of cloth and I knit my eyebrows together, confused at who, or what, the nudger was. I took a breath and smiled, telling myself, You’re hearing things, Violet… That’s all.

“ARGH!!!” I heard four different voices say, and felt four bodies land on Party and I, who were still on the couch. I flinched as somebody landed on my chest, very close to adding pressure to my right arm, which was safely tucked away between the couch, Party, and I.

“Frank, you dumbass, you weren’t supposed to land on Gerard only!” I heard Jet say, and couldn’t help but giggle and try to pry my eyes open as best I could with my left arm trapped.

When my eyes were open, I saw Party first, who was looking a little pissed and quite confused. I turned my head, facing the direction of my legs, and there the guys sat, crushing me and Party together. Frank was laying on Party on his side, his head propped up by his left arm and staring at Party and I with a look on his face that I couldn’t tell if he was trying to be seductive or just needed to use the loo. Kobra was sitting on my chest, grinning like mad and scaring me just a little bit. Jet was lounging on Party’s and my legs, stifling a yawn and smirking. Moon was all the way at the end of the couch, sitting Indian-style on Party mostly.

“Yes?” Party asked, annoyance clear in his voice. I looked at him, and he was glaring at the guys. I looked back at the guys, interested to hear their story as to why they were on Party and I.

“’cos you a sexy beast,” I heard Ghoul mumble as Kobra smirked.

“Gerard, you and Violet need to tell us something,” he said, sounding demanding with authority that caused Party to shrink by my side. Kobra raised an eyebrow and his eyes bored into Party, looking a little amused.

Party bit his lip. “What do you want to know?” he asked, sounding very composed even though I could feel the anticipation radiate off him into me. What the fuck is Kobra going to ask?

“Gerard, has Violet been shooting your laser?” Kobra asked, making me burst out laughing and Party lighten up next to me too, the guys still looking serious though.

“Answer the question, Gerard,” Jet said, gripping my arm as if to say ‘shut up’ without speaking a word

I took a breath, feeling my fingers touch my gun. “Guys, you know I haven’t even wa---“

Jet increased his grip on my arm, using bitten nails to press into my skin, as Moon spoke, shocking me with his normally deep voice sounding accusing. “Gerard, have you and Violet fucked at all?” he demanded, shifting his weight so he was sitting on me more than Party, crushing my legs and making me bite my lip. The guy felt two hundred pounds, and I briefly wondered how the hell he was 200 in the Zones.

Party narrowed his eyes at the guys. “Why the hell do you want to know?” he asked, sounding angry. I was too, seeing as the guys weren’t even going to let me talk. “Are you that nosy as to know everything? Should I record everything Violet and I do together?”

“Gerard,” Kobra said, looking angry at Party and I, “have you and Violet been sleeping together on the couch?”

I narrowed my eyes, gripping my gun. “Why the hell do you need to know? Is it that important that you’re practically frothing at the mouth?”

Score, I confused them, I thought as all the guys’ faces added some kind of confusion. “Violet, you’re not in this…” Kobra said, looking at me with eyes that could burn.

I raised my eyebrows and pulled my head back a little. “Excuse me? You’re sitting on me, literally trapping beneath your fat asses, and then you tell me I’m not in this?” I asked, sounding incredulous. “What the fuck, Kobra?! If I’m not a fuckin’ part of this fuckin’ conversation-slash-gangbang you’re going to do to Gerard, then get the fuck off of me or bring me in the fuckin’ group.”

Kobra narrowed his eyes, Jet dug his nails into my skin, drawing blood, and Moon put all his weight on me. Ghoul looked apologetic as Kobra spoke quietly. “Violet, you will die if you touch Gerard.”

I glared at him as I began to growl. “Kobra Kid, you will die if you touch me,” I spat back, pulling my gun from underneath him and holding it to his face.

Kobra smiled a Tim grin, making me sick to my stomach. “I’ll never die, Jennifer,” he said in a thick country accent, and I felt my breath hitch in my throat. I shut my eyes and pulled the trigger to my gun, feeling angry. I shot that motherfucker, twice now, what the hell?

I felt myself shaking as I heard yelling and a piercing scream and opened my eyes. Party was trying to take the gun out of my head while shaking me. I felt my hand lose the gun and let it drop to my side, me burying my head into Party’s chest. I groaned, hearing the scream stop.

I felt Party shake beneath me, and I turned up to look at him. He looked worried and was biting his cheek. I groaned again, sticking my face in Party’s chest again. “I never get a fuckin’ break,” I mumbled into him. I shut my eyes, trying to picture my grandmother’s cotton field to calm down, my little library in a little shed under an ancient oak tree, so big you couldn’t get three children hold hands and wrap their arms around the thick brown trunk.

Party took a deep breath beneath me and pressed his face into my hair for a second. “Tell me? Maybe it’ll help, Violet,” he said, speaking into my hair, which was turning redder by the day.

I bit my lip and played with the hem of Party’s jacket. “The guys were asking if you and I… And then Kobra went all Tim on me and I shot him before he could really do anything… That’s why I shot my gun actually…” I chuckled nervously. “I’m not insane, am I?” I asked him, looking at Party’s face.

Party shook his head. “If you’re insane then I’m just as insane for being in love with an insane person,” he said, chuckling breathily and smirking. “You’re just… Bothered, that’s all. Tim seriously messed you up, and I need to kill that son of a bitch…”

“Already done. Twice,” I piped up, smile-smirking. “I just hope he isn’t coming back again. I think the second time I saw him here Korse had made him an android or something, because I shot him between the eyes, literally blowing his head apart.”

Party nodded, remaining silent. I took a deep breath and shut my eyes again, thinking about everything, mostly because my train of thought is this long. I think a squirrel has a longer train of thought than I do. I first started out with playing music in my head, then went to thinking about My Chemi, then went to other bands, then went to middle school and playing the French horn, then went to how BLI started, then went to Korse and trying to figure out his weaknesses, then went to water, then went to nature… All in the space of about ten minutes.


I took a sharp breath, listening for other lungs being filled besides Party’s. Nothing.

“Hey, Violet?” Party said, making me let out the sharp breath.

“Hmm, Party?” I asked, faintly wondering if I should call him ‘Gee’.

“You want some fun?”

I backed away from him on the couch and stood up, walking over to a chair by the table, crossing my arms over my chest and giving him the worst look I could give a person. “Gerard Way, you know very damn well I don’t,” I snarled, feeling my hand twitch for the feel of Ricky in my hand.

“Violet, not that kind of fun. I’m talking about BLI fun. You know, a fight?”

“Oh,” I said, feeling like a fucktard for assuming. Hey, it’s not like you can help it, Violet, I told myself. You’ve had that asked before and look at what happened with Tim. I shivered, just the name of that son of a bitch unnerving me.

Party walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder, sitting next to me in the chair beside me. “Violet, you’re shaking,” he said, pulling me in a hug.

I sighed. “You know how the one thing you’re not supposed to think about, you always think about?” I asked, hoping Party knew what I was talking about.

Party nodded. “I used to think of you, Violet. I saw the way he would quietly snarl at you in public, and then hit you in the shadows. I told myself not to think about it, not to say anything, but… It was impossible for me not to.”

Instincts were telling me to push Party on, to tell the rest. “What happened? Did you talk to Tim? Did you tell anybody?”

Party nodded. “I asked Tim about it, on your birthday at the club that one year? He punched me in the face,” Party chuckled breathlessly, shaking his head. “I saw him turn off to you and grab your arm, dragging you through the crowds and out of the building, and I knew I had only made it worse.”

I shivered and shut my eyes, remembering that night in vivid detail. “I think that was the night I coughed up blood for a week and really couldn’t deny the fact that I had Stockholm Syndrome,” I mused, my eyes far away and distant, remembering the beating and the rape, the mutilation…

“Hey, don’t cry, Violet,” Party said, pulling me in even tighter. “That’s over now. Right now, you’re here, with me, and you’re a kick-ass fighter that could take him on any day.”

I nodded, finding myself never wanting to leave Party’s arms. “You were saying about fighting though…?” I pondered out loud, opening my eyes and looking up at Party.

Party nodded. “BLI is having a massive anniversary thing where they lecture everybody there about the latest improvements, ect, in two days, on Thursday…? We would be able to take over Battery City,” he said, getting a look in his eyes that almost resembled wonder. “I’ve never seen the whole of Battery City in the day where I wasn’t being shot at… Must be nice…”

I slapped Party lightly out of his dazed state. “Party, focus. We’re not here to lollygag. Would gathering all the Killjoys work?”

Party nodded. “We would need everybody. Dracs are going to be crawling all over the place, and there are some really good sharp-Kills out there. The rest would help with the storming.”

I nodded to Party’s nod. “We seriously need to stop nodding.”

Party nodded. “Mmhm, we do,” he said, and we both burst out laughing.

“You know what would be even better, Party?” I asked, getting a feint idea that hatched into a good version of a clusterfuck.


“If we told Doctor to put an announcement on the waves telling every Killjoy to meet at the Black, even though Dracs listen. That way we’ll have target practice,” I said, my fingers twitching for my gun.

“Perfect,” Party said, kissing me. “More perfect than I could have ever thought of.”

I smirked. “Nah, I’m just itchin’ to shoot something right now,” I said, shrugging and scratching my neck by my left shoulder blade, giving the muscles there a squeeze. “Man, I really shouldn’t have fallen asleep on the couch in a ball…” I said, trailing and remembering Tiger Balm patches. “Hey, Party, you don’t happen to have any Tiger Balm, do you?” I asked, looking at him in his smoldering hazel eyes with my warm green ones.

“Well, I don’t know, Violet, we might,” Party said, standing up and holding his hand out to me. “Violet, do be a dear and accompany me to Dr. Death Defying’s magic chest of medical wonders?” he asked in a falsetto British voice from about the same time as Jane Austen, one of my beloved writers when I did find a book.

Did I seriously just say ‘beloved’?

I shook my head and smiled at Party. “Of course, Gerard, I would love to accompany you. Afterwards, would you like to take a walk around the room with me?” I giggled, knowing how ridiculous I sounded.

Party chuckled too. “C’mon Vi, I don’t want your back to keep you from your fighting,” he said, and pulled me up out of the chair, taking me through the garage to a little room on the other side. He knocked on the beat up door and put an ear to the door. “Yo, D, Violet and I need to fish around in your junk chest.”

I raised an eyebrow at Party. “Junk chest?” I ask, wondering, What the hell.

Party nodded. “Only needles and gauze does D count as ‘medical supplies’,” he said, using his right pinky finger to air-quote while he opened the door with his left.

“Hey, Poison,” Doctor called, wheeling his chair from some other room in the shed thing. “You’re lucky you came in between broadcastings. Whatcha need, Poison and Violet?”

“Two things, Doctor,” I said while Party turned behind me and started rummaging through a legit chest, unlocking it then digging around. “One, Party’s looking for Tiger Balm, ‘cause I don’t know where Current is and you’re the guy with the supplies, and two, we need you to bradcast something.”

Doctor tilted his head. “What do you need, Violet?” he asked, sounding slightly amused.

I took a breath. “I need you to broadcast all over that every Killjoy is to meet up at the Black tomorrow.”

Doctor got a look of confusion on his face. “Violet, you know Korse is always listening, right?” he asked, looking slightly concerned.

“Doctor, that’s what needs to happen. BLI is having some sort of anniversary thing tomorrow and we need Killjoys ready to shoot. Korse won’t come but he will send a whole group of Dracs to the Black, and target practice is needed. Have you seen some of the Killjoys out there? They can’t shoot for the life of anyone, and for trying to take over Battery City, we need everybody.”

Doctor nodded, looking like he got it. “So what all do you want me to say?”

I bit my cheek. “Can I do it?” I asked, suddenly self-conscious.

Doctor smirked and Party came out from the chest. “Of course you can, Violet. C’mon and let me show you how it works.” With this, Doctor rolled himself out of the room and back into the room he just came from, me trailing him, pulling Party along. Doctor rolled to a table covered in junk, point to an old-fashioned microphone on the table. “This baby’s been with me since the disaster,” he said, patting the microphone. “You just press the button and say what you wanna say.”

I smiled. “Wow… This is cool.” I said, walking up slowly to the microphone. “Do I have to wait until the song is over?” I asked, looking at Doctor.

“Not if it’s important, I always say,” he said in reply, and I smiled, turning to the microphone.

I placed my finger on the button and took a deep breath. “Hey, you crash queens and motorbabies,” I purred into the microphone, trying to catch everybody’s attention. “I have a message for you. BLI is having a party, as much as a party a bunch of soulless creatures can, tomorrow night, and us Killjoys are planning to take Battery City for our own. We need everybody, from all over the Zones and beyond. We’re taking BLI down, once and for all. Meet up at the Black tomorrow, we’re planning to have some target practice. And Korse? We’re on to you.” I pulled my finger off the button and sighed, smiling.

I felt hands wrap around my waist and pull me close to a body, and I tensed for a second before seeing red. “How was it, Party?” I asked, turning my head to kiss Party.

“If I was were way out in Nevada and heard that, Violet, I would speed over here,” he said, kissing me back.

I smirked and let out a breathy chuckle. “No shit, Sherlock. I’m just wondering if Korse heard…” I thought out loud, taking a whiff of essence of Party. I will never get tired of the coffee, cigarettes, and dust smell.

Doctor coughed behind us, and I turned toward him. He had a small screen in his hands, and something was playing on it. “Looks like Korse is already mad, Violet,” he said, holding up the screen and showing us Korse pacing in a white room with silver furniture, a man holding a radio. I narrowed my eyes at the man, looking at his onyx hair and stiff posture. He looked right at the camera and I gasped at the shock of bright green eyes.

“Shit,” I said, stalking out of the room and walking to my truck, going to the back and pulling out a bottle of vodka. I climbed up to the roof, pulling my sunglasses and scarf over my face, and sat over in the corner, right in a nice patch of shade.

Party climbed up not thirty seconds after I sat down. “Violet, did seeing Korse make you nervous?”

I glared at Party and folded my arms over my chest, looking out across the horizon at the setting sun. From here it felt like I could see the world, even though I was twenty feet off the ground.

Party sighed and sat down next to me, pulling his spaceman glasses on and his bandana up. “Whad you see, Vi?” he asked, pulling his knees up and folding his arms over them, waiting for an answer.

“I killed that son of a bitch… Twice…”I said quietly, feeling my lower right eyelid raise a little and I was staring at nothing in particular. “He should be ghosted by now…”

“What? Who? Tim?” Party asked, looking at me and pulling his bandana down. “I thought you killed him too!”

I shook my head, still staring into space. “I killed him back in Battery City, then when you were dead…” I let my mouth open a little and I looked at Party. “You were dead… What the hell?!”

Party sighed next to me and hung my head. “Mikey’s idea, not mine. I was perfectly fine with sitting with you up here when Shockwave finished up with you, but Mikey told me you would be better if we played dead for a minute, and I was drunk so what did I know? I agreed, and Mikey told me to take some blood and lightly drip it on my head. I didn’t have any but he made me…” Party opened his left palm and showed me a red line, just barely beginning to scab over. “Then you came up, and it took every ounce of me not to move. You had seemed so sad before, then the little charade I did didn’t help…” Party sighed and turned towards me. “I almost moved, Violet. I almost told you I wasn’t dead. I did tell Mikey though that I loved you, and heaven knows he probably told the guys and Current…”

I nodded, looking back at the sunset against the green methane sky, turning the sky orange and purple. “Current told me Jet, Ghoul, and Moon were dead though…” I said quietly, frowning. “Did they fake it?”

“If we hadn’t heard any yelling yet, then…” Party trailed, and he looked at his hands. “They didn’t come in this afternoon when you shot anything… But Shockwave did tell me she’ll tell the guys when you screamed not to worry… Man, are they alive or not?” Party mumbled to himself, standing up and dragging me up with him. “I need to go and check something, okay, Violet?” He asked, looking me in the eye.

I nodded, swallowing. Party looks worried… The guys aren’t dead, are they? I asked myself, following Party. “Wait, Gee!” I said, rushing down the ladder, trying to catch up to Gerard who was already on the ground. “You mean you don’t know?”
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