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I Am The Wind - circa 1993 (age 11)

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May be my oldest surviving bit of writing.

Category: Historical - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2006-05-22 - Updated: 2006-05-23 - 86 words

"I Am The Wind"

(1993 - age 11)

I am the wind

Mighty and fierce as a tiger.

I am hated

To throw ships at sea.

I am feared

When I am a storm.

I howl threats

Through angry and wild nights.

I whisper secrets among the sky

On Halloween evening.

I rush through a maiden's hair, golden as the sun.

I have explored every land known.

I have discovered every land unknown.

Do not try to capture me, I will escape.

I am the wind,

mighty and fierce.
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