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Shook Me All Night Long

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Gerard learns more about Anna, Frank continues to search for clues and Claire sees a doctor.

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Gerard loved the way the car hugged the road. “Fuck, I need one of these.” He said while making a hairpin turn at high speed.

“Gee, while I understand you love the car, could you please slow down?” Anna asked as she reached out to for the dash to steady herself when he took another turn.

“Man, I thought my Trans Am was cool but it ain’t nothing compared to this.” He laughed but did in fact slow down slightly. “Sugar, come on. Don’t you just love the feel of the power this beauty has?”

Anna smiled, “Men and cars. Why is this vehicle a woman?”

He grinned, “Because she’s a fast machine.”

“I suppose she kept her motor clean, she’s the best damn woman that you’ve ever seen?”

“Hey, you know the song.” Gerard laughed.

“You did not believe I would know an AC/DC song?” Anna asked growing serious. “I know many things, Gee.”

He glanced over knowing she sounded upset, “I didn’t mean it like that.”

Anna was still frowning, “Yes, you did. At times I believe you think I am a stick in the mud.”

Gerard laughed, “A stick in the mud? I don’t think that.”

“Well fine but you do act as if I am not in touch with things.” Anna pushed her sunglasses up her nose, “Just because I am older does not mean I do not know today’s music.”

“Uh actually that’s an old song.” Gerard said then bit this tongue wishing he’d stayed quiet.

“Well yes.” Anna nodded, “It is old and I am ancient.”

“Oh Sugar don’t be mad at me. It’s a beautiful day. Too nice to argue.”

Anna didn’t answer she just sat staring out her window at the rapidly passing scenery. Finally she broke the silence. “So why is it a she?”

He gave her a puzzled glance then laughed, “Oh the car. Well to be honest because she uh… stirs my passion.”

Anna glanced over at him, “Driving the car gives you a hard on?”

He almost swerved off the road. “Anna, what language.” He teased glad she seemed to not be angry anymore.

Deciding he was right and it was a beautiful day Anna put aside her anger. She knew it stemmed from stress and she didn’t want it to ruin their trip. Slowly she reached over and brushed her hand across his crotch, “Yes, I am right.”

Once again he almost swerved. “Sugar, you keep that up and you’re gonna make me wreck the car. Pretty sure Jacob would be pissed.”

Again she reached over but this time her hand stayed on his crotch. Slowly she began to massage the slight bulge in his jeans smiling when it began to enlarge. “You mean to tell me you can not concentrate on your driving when I do this?”

He liked this playful side to Anna. “Oh course I can. You’re not distracting me at all.” He lied thankful they were on an almost deserted country road.

“Well good.” Anna said reaching over with her other hand to unbutton his jeans. “You just keep enjoying driving this beauty and I will amuse myself.” She carefully lowered his zipper.

Gerard tried not to moan when he felt her hand touch his skin.

Anna parted the jean material as far as she could then reached in, grabbed his cock and freed it.

“Anna, what are you doing?” He said through gritted teeth.

“Oh nothing. Just keep driving. I will not bother you.” Her fingers began to softly caress his shaft.

Gerard slowed the car and tried to keep his mind on the road. He held his breath when he saw Anna shift her body. A moment later she moved down in her seat and her head was suddenly in his lap.

"Oh fuck.” Gerard moaned.

Anna laughed, “Do not mind me. Just enjoy the power this beauty offers.” Her mouth closed around his throbbing dick sucking it in and out slowly.

“Annabelle.” Gerard hissed, “You are a bad girl.”

“I can be.” She said releasing his member a moment. “But only for you.” Once more her mouth took him in.

Gerard’s fingers tightened on the wheel. Suddenly another car came into view traveling towards them. “Car.” He ground out.

Anna’s mouth rumbled against his cock, “They can not see me. You are just a man driving alone.” She continued her assault, sucking and licking.

Gerard groaned when the driver gave a friendly wave as they passed. He forced himself to wave back. “Oh fuck.” He said feeling his balls growing heavy. “Fuckin’ jeans.”

Anna understood. “Lift your hips slightly.” When he did she pulled the jeans down his waist just enough to allow her to free his balls. Her tongue darted out to lick them.

“Anna you’re gonna make me cum.” Gerard said in warning.

“Mmmm.” Anna’s mouth sucked in both balls while her hand continued to stroke his length.

“Shit.” Gerard could feel his release coming. “Anna, take my dick in your mouth.” He begged.

As soon as her lips closed around his tip he exploded. Anna sucked until he was dry.

Sitting back up she licked her lips. “Oh we are almost to the turn off.” She said as if nothing had happened.

Gerard took a deep breath, “Yeah, good. That means we’re almost there, right?”

Anna nodded.

“Good, cause as soon as I get you home I’m gonna spank my bad girl until she screams.”

Making sure he was watching Anna licked her lips again to remove the last trace of his cum. “Oh, my.” She purred. “Are you going to turn me over your knee?”

He nodded letting himself imagine the scene, “Oh yeah, I’m gonna turn you over my knee and pull down your panties.”

Anna felt herself growing wet. “You are going to spank my bare bottom?”

“Yeah, what do you think of that?”

She reached over and took his hand. Her other hand pulled up her skirt then she placed his fingers on her panties so he could feel the wetness, “That is what I think.”

Gerard groaned and the car once again sped down the road.


Clair sat drumming her fingers on the arms of the waiting room chairs. She glanced over at Carol and Bob who were chatting about something. She wasn’t listening to their conversation; she was concentrating on taking deep breaths to calm her nerves. Unfortunately it wasn’t working. After taking with Carol she had discovered what this first appointment would entail. While she understood that did not make it any less frightening for her.

“Honey, you okay?” Bob asked. He’d turned and placed his hand on her arm comfortingly.

“Yes.” She nodded slowly. “I am fine.” She lied. The truth was she was worried. As far as she knew she had never been to a doctor. She could not remember her mother ever caring enough about her health to take her for medial attention. And being with Anna since she was six years old she the need for a doctor had never been necessary. Anna’ blood had kept her healthy. It was that exact thought that was scaring her the most. Now that she could not long have Anna’s blood until the baby was born how was her body going to react? Would this pregnancy be plagued by illnesses? Her concern for not for herself but for her unborn child.

“Mrs. Bryar?”

Claire snapped out of her thoughts when she heard her name. Slowly she started to stand but not before Bob gave her arm a loving squeeze. As she followed the nurse she took another deep breath.


“How much longer?” Gerard asked glancing over at Anna. Damn it he couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything other than what he planned on doing as soon as they reached her home. Shit, he felt himself stirring just remembering how wet her panties felt to his fingertips.

“Not long.” Anna smiled.

Gerard had to get his mind on something else or they’d never make it. His body was demanding he pull the car over and make love to her right now. Searching his mind the tried to think of something to talk about. “Uh, so Jacob’s home is really something.” Okay, it wasn’t the most exciting topic but it seemed safe.

“Yes, mine is not nearly as grand. It is simply a very large, old farmhouse.” Anna said fondly remembering her home.

Gerard smiled, “Yeah well that sounds nice. His kinda reminded me of that mansion they used in the Great Gatsby.”

“I have never seen the movie.” Anna admitted, “But I would imagine Jacob has. He has a great love for his old friends work.”

Gerard frowned. “His old friend? You mean the movie’s director?” He searched his mind trying to remember more about the film.

Anna laughed, “No, I mean F Scott Fitzgerald.”

Gerard’s head snapped around to glance at her, “He knew F Scott Fitzgerald? For real?”

“Yes.” Anna nodded. “For a time they were very close friends.”

“You’re shitting me.” Gerard said.

Anna laughed, “I shit you not. Jacob and the author we’re close friends.”

“Fuck.’ Gerard said in awe, “Oh man, did you know him too?”

“You forget at time how long I have lived.” Anna said softly. “Yes, I knew him. However I was closer to Zelda.”

“His wife.” Gerard said trying to remember all he knew about the author.

“Yes, she was a remarkable woman before mental illness changed her.” Anna said sadly letting her thoughts travel back to that time period.

“I forgot. What mental illness?”

“Schizophrenia.” Anna answered. “Up until she was hospitalized in 1932 Jacob and I often visited them. Sadly her illness affected both of them. His drinking increased and once he took a mistress I broke off contact.”

“Wow.” Gerard said trying to imagine Anna during that time period. “What did you look like back then?”

Anna laughed, “I had very short blond hair that I wore in a bob that was fashionable in the 20’s. I suppose I should have changed it when the style was no longer in fashion but it was a hair cut I always liked.”

“I like your hair like this.” Gerard said reaching over to touch her long flowing hair.

“Thank you.’ She said softly. “It is silly but I had decided that when it was time for us to truly meet I wanted my hair to be like this.” She paused trying to explain but Gerard spoke up.

“Because this is like it was when you we’re young.”

“When I was mortal.” Anna whispered touched by the fact he had understood. “But of course it was a true blond color not this white.”

“I love this white.” He said letting several long strands fall through his fingers. “It is beautiful.”

Anna smiled, “I am just thankful that the day you first saw you I was wearing my hair like this.”

His mind traveled back to the vague memory of that day. “Yeah, my angel woman’s hair.” He said softly.

She smiled, “Not long after that meeting I dyed it black.”

He gave her a puzzled glance, “Why?”

“I always feared you might catch a glimpse of me. I did not want you to notice me as I followed you through your life.”

It was still so hard for him to imagine she’d been with him as he’d grown. “I think I would have liked knowing you were there.”

Anna shook her head, “No, it would have been as if I was stalking you.” She sighed, “Which I suppose is what I did.”



She looked up from her cup of tea. “What?” She yelled back knowing her husband was still in front of the computer watching old videos. She didn’t understand why this was so important to him.

“Come here.” Frank yelled.

Sitting down her tea she got up and walked into the family room. ‘What now?”

“Look at this.” He said excitedly. “This is that VFW gig we did.”

Jamia laughed, “The one we talked about on the bus the first time we met Anna? She glanced at the screen, “Shit, look at Gee. He was doing circles.”

“Don’t look at him. Watch the crowd.” Frank said impatiently.

Jamia leaned closer and watched. Suddenly the camera panned away from Gee and into the people closest to the stage.

“There.” Frank said pausing the video. “Look.”

“It does sorta look like Anna.” Jamia admitted.

Frank sat back in his chair, “It sure as fuck does. You were there, remember when we talked about that gig? She never said she was there.”

Jamia searched her memory of that night on the bus. “You guys were talking about it and someone said there was a video of the gig. Anna said she’d seen it.”

“Yeah, like she’d seen the video but fuck, she was there. Why didn’t she tell us that?”

Sitting down in a nearby chair Jamia asked, “Frank, why does this matter? Gee and Anna seem very happy together.”

Frank had been asking himself the same question for hours. “I dunno. I mean why would she lie?”

“She didn’t really lie.” Jamia said softly. “She has admitted to seeing your shows.”

“Yeah, but how many and why does she look so different? Frank asked.

Neither said anything for a few minutes while they thought the situation through.

“Are you really thinking Anna’s been stalking Gee for years?” Jamia asked finally.

He sighed, “Well it sorta seems that way.”

“Are you gonna tell him?” Jamia asked looking her husband in the eyes.

He shrugged.

Jamia stood intending to go back to her cup of tea, “All I know is Gee is happier than he’s been in a long time. I think he and Anna are truly in love. I’m not sure bringing this up would be a good thing.” With that she left the room.

Frank turned to look at the screen again his feeling conflicted.


“Mr. Bryar could you please come on back?”

Bob nervously glance over at his sister. Claire had with the doctor a long time and now they wanted to see him. Fear traveled up his spine, was something wrong?

Carol smiled, “Lots of times the doctor simply wants to talk to both parents.”

Bob took a deep breath then crossed the waiting room to where the nurse stood waiting.

As she ushered him through a maze of hallways he tried to get his fear under control. “Uh, is everything okay?”

The nurse gave him a small smile, “I was just told that the doctor wanted to talk to you.”

She stopped in front of a door, gently rapped then stood back.

Bob’s eyes went immediately to Claire. She sat in a chair in front of the desk wiping her eyes.
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