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Even Knowing

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Gerard punishes his bad girl.

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“My drive is coming up on the left.”

Gerard slowed the car then made the turn. The drive was shaded on both sides by large, oak trees. It took a minute before the house came into view.

“Wow, it’s nice.” Gerard said gazing at the large two-story stone structure. “When you said a farm house this wasn’t what I imagined.”

Anna was pleased he seemed to like his first glimpse of her home. “It was built in 1799 and has had quite a few additions made to the original structure over the years.”

He slowed the car taking in the property surrounded by huge trees. “It’s kinda secluded out here. Don’t you worry about leaving it empty when you’re gone?”

“I have a caretaker who looks after the place when I leave on extended trips.” Anna informed him. “I believe he was here this morning making sure the house was ready for my return.”

Gerard stopped then car then cut the engine. “How many bedrooms?” He was still surprised by the size of the home.

“There are six bedrooms but I use one for a study and one for an art studio.” Anna said as she unlatched her seat belt. “Only two are actually used, mine and Claire’s. I know the house is much larger than I need but when I first saw it I fell in love.”

“I can understand why.” He said as he opened his door.

Anna met him in front of the car. “My property goes all the way to the stream.” She said pointing. “I own ten acres.”

“Wow, nice.” He glanced up at the huge porch that wrapped around three sides of the house. “I can totally see us here. Spending our days sitting under the trees, painting and writing.”

Anna gave him a beautiful smile, “I had hopped you would feel that way.”

He took her hand as they walked towards the front door. As they climbed the stone steps he asked, “How long have you owned it?”

“I purchased this place not long after I found Claire. At the time I was living with Jacob but I felt it important that Claire and I had a place of our own.” She suddenly felt melancholy, “It was the prefect place for a young girl to live. Claire and I would stay here for months at a time when she was growing up. She loved to climb the trees and play in the stream.”

“You miss her, don’t you?” Gerard asked softly.

“Yes but I am happy she now has a life with Bob. Still I can remember so easily her running through the long grass chasing butterflies.”

Gerard could see the sadness in her eyes. He wanted to see her smile again, “So I demand a tour.” He said as he watched her pull out a key to unlock the door.

Anna laughed, “My, you demand?”

He grinned, “Yeah, I demand. You got a problem with that woman?”

She pushed open the door leading them into a large entrance hall. “Well sir, if you demand a tour than that is what you shall get.” She glanced over at him, “But I seem to recall earlier you spoke of another plan.”

In all honestly he still had that plan in mind but he hadn’t been sure of her mood. Now, however, he could see in her eyes she was willing. “Oh yeah. I almost forgot I have to punish my bad girl.”

“Me? Bad?” Anna batted her eyelashes. “Whatever did I do to be termed bad?”

His heat rate picked up speed as he thought back to what had happened while he was driving. “I was attacked while I drove.” He said narrowing his eyes.

“You were attacked?” Anna said fringing surprise. “I have no idea what you are talking about, sir. I was simply amusing myself while you enjoyed driving that fast machine.”

“Uh yeah, sure.” He glanced to the left and saw the large living room. Taking several steps he glanced around at the furnishings. There were two large overstuffed sofas, tables and stain glass lamps. Then his eyes fell upon a large ornately carved wooden chair. Bingo! Just what he was looking for.

Anna watched as he walked over to the chair and sat down. He pulled out his pack of cigarettes and lit one. “Annabelle, come here.” He said after taking a deep drag.

She slowly walked towards him. “Yes?”

“You have been a very bad girl. Very bad and it’s my duty to punish you.” He hoped she was as into this role-playing as he was because his jeans were getting tighter by the minute.

She gave him an innocent look, “I did not mean to be bad. I just could not help myself.”

“You couldn’t help yourself?”

She smiled, “No.”

“And why is that?” He asked taking another drag off the cigarette. Too late he realized he should have asked if she minded him smoking in the house but it was obvious by her answer his smoking was the last thing on her mind.

“Well when I realized that driving that car gave you a hard on I just had to see it.”

“You had to see it?” He loved how she was playing along.

Anna nodded, “Yes, and once I saw it I just had to touch it.”

Gerard took another drag off the cigarette. “You had to touch it?”

Her smile was anything but innocent; “Yes and once I touched it I just had to taste it.”

The memory of her hot mouth sucking in his cock made him slightly moan. “Is that how a good girl acts?”

She shrugged, “That depends on your deification of good.”

Gerard took one more drag off the cigarette then snuffed it out in the crystal ashtray he spotted on the table by his chair. “Well, Annabelle now I believe you are being mouthy with me.”

She smirked, “You did not seem to mind my mouth earlier when it was on your cock.”

He’d never heard her say the word cock before but he liked it the way the word sounded on her lips. Speaking of lips he noticed as she ran her tongue over her bottom lip. He tried not to moan again.

“Tell me Anna, did you like putting you mouth on my cock?”

“Oh yes.” She purred. “I did.”

He shifted in the chair, “Well maybe after I punish you I’ll let you put that beautiful hot little mouth on it again.”

Anna could feel the moisture between her legs. She looked directly into Gerard’s eyes then lowered her hand. She heard his sharp intake of breath when she reached under the hem of her skirt and fingered her panties. Slowly she pulled her fingers back up making sure he could see they were wet.

“Annabelle, you are being bad again.” Gerard ground out. He used one of her words, “You are being very wanton.”

Anna smiled, “Yes, I am very wanton. I should be punished.”

Gerard reached out and could not stop himself. His fingers slid up her leg, under the skirt to feel her wet, heat.

Anna moaned.

Moving quickly he grabbed her arm and pulled her closer. “Pull down your fuckin’ panties. Let them drop to the floor.”

She smiled as she did what he demanded.

Once they hit the floor Gerard pulled her down over his knees and pushed up her skirt to reveal her bare bottom. His fingers caressed her silky ass. “Seems a shame to spank such a beautiful ass.” He whispered.

“But I have been bad.” Anna pushed her pussy against the rough material of his jeans. “Very bad.”

“So you have.” Gerard raised his hand. The sound of his palm lightly striking her ass cheeks seemed to vibrate through the room.

Anna pushed her pussy against his leg again while moaning softly.

“Seems the bad girl likes this punishment.” Gerard whispered. Again the palm of his hand came down.

“Yes.” Anna hissed.

His hand came down again but this time he did not lift his fingers. Instead they brushed a path down the crack of her ass then snaked under to her wet slit. He smiled when Anna moaned again.

“Ah, she likes pain and pleasure.” He said with a small laugh. “Is that right, Annabelle?”

“Oh yes.” She cried out as he inserted one finger inside her hot core. Gerard reached over with his other hand and while the finger inside her slowly pumped in and out he smacked her ass.

Anna grabbed the leg of the chair to steady herself. She wiggled her hips trying to bury his finger deeper inside.

Gerard removed his finger dripping with her juices.

“More.” Anna cried out.

“My bad girl wants more?” Gerard laughed. “She will have more.” He thrust two fingers inside her then dropped another slap on her red cheeks.

Anna withered against him. “Oh Gee.”

He wondered just how far he should take this. Deciding to gauge her response he removed his fingers and slid one up to her tight hole. Anna moaned and lifted her hips trying to meet his finger.

“Is this what my bad girl wants?” He whispered as his finger teased her hole.

“Yes.” She hissed again.

Keeping one hand on her ass he pulled her cheeks apart. Again he placed his wet finger at her hole. She lifted her hips off his lap. Slowly he inserted his finger slightly in.

The pain made Anna moan but she wanted more.

“Spank me.” She said roughly. “Spank me while you do it.”

Gerard’s dick was throbbing. “Yeah.”

He pushed his finger in further as his hand slapped her ass.

“Oh” Anna moaned excitedly. The friction of his jeans rubbing against her pussy, the feel of his finger inside her tight hole the slap of his hand on her ass, all of it was driving her to the brink.

Very slowly he pulled out his finger then as he raised his hand he positioned it at the entrance. As his palm came down he pushed his finger in. He could feel Anna’s whole body tense moments before she came.

“Fuck, yes, Gee.” She screamed.

Gerard waited until the orgasm subsided before removing his finger. He helped her stand on wobbly legs. “Does my girl promise to be good now?” He hoped not because his dick was begging for attention.

Anna’s topaz eyes flashed, “No, I am bad and I am about to show you just how bad I can be.” She pulled him from the chair and in moments had stripped his clothes from his body. Laughing she pushed him back down into the chair.

“Gee want me to be bad?” She purred.

“Yeah, Sugar, be bad.” His rock hard dick twitched.

Anna sank to her knees keeping her eyes on his face. She wanted to make sure he was watching her. Her tongue darted out to lick her lips seductively. “Tell me what you want.” She whispered.

Gerard’s voice was rough, “I want you to take me in that hot mouth of yours.”

She smiled then lowered her head. Once her lips were poised at the tip of his cock she gently blew hot air onto the glistening pre-cum. His dick twitched impatiently.

“You are teasing me, woman.”

Anna giggled, “Yes.” She said before her tongue darted out to lick just the tip.

Gerard leaned his head back and moaned. “Anna, come on.” He was ready to beg if need be.

Still she wasn’t ready to give him what he was waiting for, not yet. Again her tongue circled just the tip but this time she slid her hand around the base of the shaft. Gently she squeezed while her tongue swirled.

He wanted to thrust into her mouth so badly he had to grip the arms of the chair to keep himself from grabbing her head.

“Patience.” Anna whispered. “Remember I am a bad girl.”

“Yeah, Sugar you are.” This was heaven and hell all rolled into one.

Suddenly her tongue glided down the shaft then back up. Over and over she repeated the motion making his dick glisten.

He couldn’t take it anymore. If she wouldn’t put her hot little mouth on him he had another idea. Grabbing her shoulders he roughly pulled her off her knees. He twisted her body so that she was facing away from him.

Anna wasn’t sure what he had in mind. “Did you not like what I was doing?’

Gerard gave a shaky laugh, “You were torturing me.”

She tried to turn to face him but he held her arms tightly. “Sit on my lap, Sugar.” His knees nudged her legs apart so that they were on either side of his. Then he slowly pulled her down.

Anna moaned as his rock hard dick slid inside her.

“Wrap your legs around mine.” His breath was hot in her ear. His hands circled her body and his hands cupped her breasts.

Instinctively Anna started moving up and down on his dick.

“Yeah, ride my cock.” He pinched her nipples loving the sound of her soft moaning.

Anna reached back and grabbed the arms of the chair allowing herself more leverage to lift her body. Soon she was pumping up and down, riding him while he pinched her nipples and bit her shoulder.

“Oh fuck.” Gerard cried out. Without realized what he was doing he bit down hard as he exploded inside her. Her blood touched his lips and he mindless began sucking.

“Gee.” Anna cried out as another orgasm tore through her body.

Her blood took over his mind and body. He lifted her off him and she sank to the floor. His eyes were glazed but hers were on fire. Reaching out he pulled her head towards his crotch with one hand while the other stroked his throbbing dick.

“Fuck, please.” He begged.

Anna understood. She licked his inner thigh while he continued to pump his cock. He moaned when she smiled to reveal her fangs.

“Do it, Sugar.”

Anna leaned down and bit into his skin.

“Oh fuck.” He exploded again as she sucked feeding her hunger.

Minutes later Anna licked the wound than slowly sat back. When he looked into her eyes he saw sadness.


She sat back and lowered her head.

Gerard slid out of the chair to sit in front of her. “Sweetheart, that was incredible.”

Still she remained silent refusing to meet his eyes.

He reached out and tilted her face to his. “Anna, are you thinking that blood was controlling us?”

“It was.” She whispered.

“No.” He voice was strong and determined, “It added to our lovemaking but it didn’t control it. The desire we feel for each other comes from our love.” He paused trying to think of a way to make her understand. “Sugar, when I take your blood the feeling that washes over me is something I can’t explain.” He gazed away a moment looking slightly sheepish, “And the fact that it makes it so I can cum again so quickly well… hell Anna it’s an ego booster.”

Anna looked up in shock.

Gerard laughed, “Well, it is. It makes me feel pretty fuckin’ good and I don’t mean that in a selfish way. It makes me feel good that I can please you again and again.”

She stared at him.

Times like this made him realize how in many ways she was so innocently unaware. “Anna as a mortal guy I love the fact that your blood has that effect on me. Uh, usually we cum once and it takes a while to do it again.”

“Yes, I am aware of that.” Anna whispered slightly embarrassed.

“So then you should understand how I feel. It takes our lovemaking to another level. But the bottom line is with or without the blood our love is so fuckin’ strong that the desire we feel for each other is more intense than anything I ever imagined.”

“What if I denied you my blood?” Anna asked softly.

The question surprised him but a moment later he realized why she’d asked, “It would not change my love for you. Nothing will ever change it.” He reached out and took her delicate hand, “You worry about that don’t you?”

“Some mortals become addicted to the blood.”

He sighed, “But Anna I loved you before I ever tasted your blood. I loved you before I knew you were a Healer.”

She gazed into his eyes. “I am sorry I always seem to ruin things with my thoughts.”

“Sugar, you didn’t ruin anything. I’m glad you told me how you feel. Please don’t ever keep things from me. I want to know what’s going on in the beautiful head of yours.”

Anna leaned forward and brushed her lips against his. “Thank you.”

He smiled, “For?”

“Trying to understand me. I do realize it is difficult at times. At times I do not understand myself.”

“It is hard for you because you are a woman from both worlds, Anna. The Healer blood tells you to be one way while the human part of you pulls your emotions in another direction.”

“Yes.” She was touched he truly understood.

There was something he felt he needed to say but he knew he must word it correctly. “You fear the blood.”

Her first response was to deny the truth in his words. “No.”

“Anna, you fear it will take over and make you lose your human emotions.”

She lowered her gaze, “At times I do believe that.”

“That ain’t gonna happen, Sugar. You need to realize that the Healer blood is a gift.” When she looked up he added quickly, “Jacob gave you an incredible gift. You have the ability to heal, to save.”

“But it can be a burden.” Anna spoke quickly releasing thoughts she’d kept locked inside for years. Thoughts she had never shared before. “I do not always know when to heal and who to heal. Jacob told me once upon a time Healers instinctively knew when to do these things but that ability has been lost.”

Gerard nodded, “Yes, he told me that.”

Anna was shocked, “Jacob told you? He spoke of the Healer world?”

“He and I talked about a lot of things.” Gerard admitted. “And the fact that Healers have lost the ability to always know when to use their gift was one of the things we discussed.”

“So then you can understand how difficult it can be. I have stood back and watched mortals die that I knew I could save. Sometimes I truly felt it was the right thing to do but other times I was not sure.”

Gerard could see the anguish in her eyes, “I’m sorry you don’t always know for sure.”

Anna so badly wanted to tell him. However the words would not leave her mouth, “Even knowing it is right to let someone die can be difficult. I have struggled to accept that I must not intervene.”

As her words rang in his ears Gerard saw something in her eyes he did not understand.
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