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The Best System

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I grew up in the rural midwest.

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The Best System.

Any given night, you can drive through farmland and see them perched near the top of telephone poles. Grey-blue nimbuses showing the moon up, young upstarts casting its electric light on a lonely scene. Decomposing barns and stables, weary centuries-old houses that have only ever seen one bloodline on their deeds.

I wonder whoever steps into these lights. When you work on a farm, you get tired and by the end of the night you want only to sleep. If you don't want to sleep, you make for the woods with a bit of scrap wood and some beer or whatever you have. You bring some friends. You build a fire. Whoever has the best system in his truck pulls up right near the flames, opens all the doors and lets the music spill out. There you drink, talk, hook-up, smoke and if you get drunk enough maybe you'll dance.

You can't build these fires in the city, even when the work has been just as long and just as hard.
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