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Under A Nearly Impossible Moon: A Comedy - 2000

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Listening to too many murder ballads and wearing too much black.

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Under a Nearly Impossible Moon: A Comedy

The rain fell through the light like feathers from the wings of injured angels. The moon hung frozen outside the dusty window, and I licked my teeth and pulled my knife out of its sheath.

Some strong old hand pushed me back into this town and had been on my shoulder ever since. Tonight I would find pretty little Julia lying at the edge of the forest, mouth open to the rain. The door squealed liked distant rust-voiced demons as I stepped into the night.

Once upon a time I had loved that girl, and she had left me. Left me dreamless, cold and changed my soul into something you wouldn't want to show your mother. Once upon a time, she laid her head on my chest, her damp brown hair curled around me like satin vines. Her warm mouth kissed my cool skin with the muscle of a small fire. We knew what was beyond the stars, and she always smelled of roses.

And she had left me. Now I'm stalking through the night in a straight line, a thin maniac with a knife in my hand, and I haven't forgiven her. The forest cracked beneath me like forgotten bones, frailed by time. A wolf howls somewhere, and I know it's thinking of her.

I came upon her soon enough and with her back to me she was smaller than a memory. Moonlight slapped against the blade, and savoring the drama, I decided I should smile. Tomorrow there'd be one less person to see the sun.

I sucked my breath through my teeth, and Julia turned her face to me, skin smooth and silver as a starlet, her eyes glamorous with the dreams I despised. She said my name with a voice like a violin that kept the earth on its axis. I stepped ahead, letting the light slip grey onto my body and my grinning teeth. I was the wolf, come to bury her heart like the dirty piece of meat it was.

She puckered her mouth and stopped blinking those sparkling eyes as I crouched beside her. I covered her lips with one hand and held my knife before her with the other. She breathed too quickly to scream and didn't move as I traced her neck with a shaking finger. Her eyes had been thrown out of their dreams and twitched with my every movement. Your time has come, sweet Julie love, I whispered against her face, my breath colder than it ever should have been.

Gently I lifted her from the ground and for a moment as I stood; I was the same regal man she remembered.

And with a strange sudden grace, I lifted my arm and slid the blade fast against that unforgiving skin. It was then that she screamed, her voice slamming hard into the frozen dark.

I felt the blood on my throat and with one final move, wiped my hand against her cheek as my knees fell weak beneath me. Her tears felt like acid as they fell from above, and her face had never been closer since that last kiss.

Her hands scratched my chest and when she finally cried that she hated herself, I closed my pretty eyes and I hissed my last words.

You'll won't forget me, sweet Julie love, and I never want to see you at my grave.
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