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Bloody Arms and First Kisses

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This chapter has a focus on how Poison and Sec's relationship started

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Ok this chapter might get boring if you don't like a little romance. This chapter has a main focus on Sec and Poison's relationship

Ghoul’s point of view

Everyone was just as panicked as me. Poison always had nightmares of this kind of shit happening but it actually happening was a different story. I looked over at the two kids we had just saved. “Nana I think these guys can help us, they are fighting against them like us” the boy said. “As a matter a fact we can help you guys” I said dropping on their conversation like everyone else. “It would be amazing if you guys could” the boy said and reached into his pocket a pulled out a capped test tube with a brown liquid. “This is a serum from one of the BL/ind labs. It is the serum that can make you immune to the BL/ind’s pills.” The boy said. “How did you guys get it?” Jet asked. “ Me and my sister Nana are twins and we were test subjects for this BL/ind lab in Battery City. My sister is half albino which means the mutations in her blood stream cause her to be immune to the pills. They are going to use it to make stronger pills with more permanent effects.” the boy said.
Everyone became wide eyed. “We need to get the serum to this refuge everyone talks about. It could be a weapon against these guys. By the way my name is Xavier” the boy finished. “If you guys can, come with us we are going to the same place” Kobra said.

Poison’s point of view

Thank god Meth knew what to do. I felt stupid because all I was doing was holding her hand the whole time. She was able to patch it up with some paper towels we had under the seat. She cried the first couple minuets till her hemophobia got the best of her and she kinda passed out. She has passed out before over this stuff so tends to wake up minuets later. “Ok she is patched up and I stopped the bleeding.” Meth said. “Thanks Meth” I said and she walked out of the car to the others. I gave her a kiss on her soft pink lips and carried her to the front seat.

“Meth’s point of view*

“Hey you guys we can get in now” I said rallying up the troops. They all filed into the car. I learned the names of the two teens that we just saved. They then told us their story. “We will get you guys to the refuge. Something as powerful as that could bring them down.”Poison said while driving. “By the way I’m Party Poison, and the one passed out on my lap is my girlfriend Toxic Triple-Sec.” he finished. “Jet Star at your service” Jet said. “Fun Ghoul” Ghoul said. “Korba Kid” Kobra said. “Krystal Meth” I said. “ My girlfriend” Kobra said and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “I’m Grace but I really don’t have a cool nickname.” Grace said. “How about Curly Top” Ghoul said. “ No, not after that Shirley Temple chick!” I said laughing at Ghoul. “ You mean it isn’t just a drink....uggg...sorry Grace, you can use the nickname though if you like it” Ghoul said. “I think the nickname sounds like bullshit.” Grace said in a cute girly kid voice. “ Watch your mouth young lady” Ghoul said giggling. “Touche” Grace said back.
“Yo Poison put on the radio were getting all grey and mopey back here”I said to him while he was driving. Poison turned on the radio and put on the one and only Dr. Death.

“Look alive, Sunshine
109 in the sky but the pigs won't quit
You're here with me: Dr. Death Defying
I'll be your surgeon, your proctor, your helicopter
Pumpin' out the slaughtermatic sounds to keep you alive
A system failure for the masses, anti-matter for the master plan
Louder than God's revolver and twice as shiny

This one's for all of you rock'n'rollers
All you crash queens and motor babies

Listen up!
The future is bulletproof!
The aftermath is secondary!
It's time to do it now and do it loud!
Killjoys, make some noise!”

We all started to bang are feet to the car’s floor and screamed when he said KILLJOYS MAKE SOME NOISE! Sec was awake now and joined in on the fun. Then Dr. D put on a really crazy hard rock song. We all then started to hang bang like brainless rock n’ roll worshipers on crack.

Sec’s point of view
Yep I blacked out at the sight of blood. Call me a whimp all you want but sorry I'm not perfect. If you want to break Poison’s swagger just do something that will harm me. Trust me I have been with the guy since high school. I loved head banging like some crack head to Dr. D’s tunes. “I am feeling better P” I said to him. He had his arm around me and I had my head on his shoulder. “Good, you scared the shit outta me when you went down. He said a kissed my forehead. Then we heard something hit the car. “Guys we got company. A bunch of shitty Dracs on motorbikes.” Jet said. Kobra and Ghoul stuck their bodies out the car window and started to shoot them.
I got my green and black designer gun out and was starting to stick my body out of the window but Poison grabbed my ass and pulled me back down. “I love you to much to see you get hurt twice in one day” Poison said. “ I am fine it is just a small slice in the skin. It doesn’t make me fragile.” I said. “That shot could of hit you completely instead of brushing off of you. Please just take it easy and sit this one out.” Poison said with puppy dogs eyes leaking through his mask. “ Fine, I will sit this one out for you” I said in a bit of a sarcastic voice. “Hey to bad your sitting this one out, because me and Meth are gonna shoot the big one and we are gonna need some help. “ Me to I want to shoot the big one to” Grace said.

Kobra’s point of view

I got the big one outta the trunk and loaded it up. I love shooting with my brothers favorite “toys”. Meth and I got on top of the car and I lifted Grace up. “Can I shoot the big one!” Grace asked me. “ I don’t know can a kid like you handle big boy toys” I said joking with her. “You might shot you eye out kid,” Meth said. “ I am going to be ten in a couple months I am practically an adult now. So ha” Grace said sticking her tongue at us. “ We are just kiddin with ya girl of course you can shoot one.” I said and got down to her level on my knees and put the gun on her shoulders. “ Do you remember how to use it. “ I asked her. “ Why wouldn’t I!” Grace said with a big simile.Grace became a pro at shooting the big one. We don’t even have to help her aim it.

Grace’s point of view

Ok we are down to the wire with the Drac’s chasing us. Luckily you have Grace the master Killjoy at shooting bazookas. I aimed the big one at the motorbike. “FIRE!” Kobra screamed. I then fired the shot at the Drac and it pretty much blew up the bike. The Drac was killed and flew off to the side of the road. “ I AM GRACE HERE ME ROAR!” I said handing gun to Kobra so he could get his turn. I was so fired up with some much energy that I was able to get back in the car myself. I flipped into the window and into my seat. I saw the two new guys we picked up on the side of the side of the rode hiding under the seat.
I looked under the seat where they were and my head was hanging up side down. “ Hey guys you are missing all the action!” I said to them. “Well ummm the problem is they are kinda after us and we can put 8 milliliters of my sister’s blood in jeopardy” Xavier said. “Oh....that is to bad because you are missing all the awesome action!” I said to them. “Trust me we would be out there if we could” Nana said.
I sat back up because the blood was rushing to my head. “ Hey Poison” I said to Poison. “Hey what” Poison asked me. “I wanna be a Killjoy. Like I wanna be apart of your team with my own cool nickname and my own gun. I wanna be the one to always work the big one to” I said to Poison. He started to laugh and simile, “ Well maybe when your older we will be looking for new recruits.” Poison said. “ I am older I am going to be double digits in a couple of months. I am older!” I said with my cute pouty face of evil. “When your my age” Poison said. “ But your like 100 years old” I said to Poison. Dammit my pouty face didn’t work and it always works. I am loosing my touch! “Hey I am only 21, I want to live to be a 100 or 110” Poison said back to me. Then Sec jokingly elbowed him, “Ok I am a little older than 21” Poison said.

Sec’s point of view

God Gracie is so damn cute. She turned my frown upside down. I completely forgot I had to sit out an awesome high speed chase. “ we have to let her go” I said to Poison with a sad face. “ I know we all love her but it is for the best. I don’t want to keep putting her in danger. I understand how you are feeling” Poison said to me. “I just love her like a daughter. It makes me want to have kids of my own.”I said to him. He turned his head to me and gave me a passionately hungry kiss on my lips. “I promise when we save the world from being more fucked up from what it already is, I’m gonna marry you and make beautiful babies with you.” He said and smiling at me. He moved his pale boney arm from my shoulder to my small somewhat boney hands. He held my hands tight with his free hand. “So that is were babies come from. You have to make them" Grace said.

Jet’s point of view

Sometimes I think I am getting to fuckin old for this. I guess because it was a long day. I mean if Poison didn’t have to get ball slapped I wouldn’t be as cranky today. I hate waking up when I am not supposed to. I was up on top of the car with Kobra, Meth, and Ghoul. It was cool we were kinda in the weird figure 8 formation. “DIE DRAC DIE!!!” Meth said just blasting the shit outta her newly restored gun that was black with painted splatters of blood. “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND” Kobra said shooting the big one. “PREPARE TO DIE OF AWESOMENESS” Ghoul said.
Soon the Dracs had dwindled away and we all climbed back into the car. “HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS SHOULD OF BEEN OUT THERE WE DID THIS REALLY COOL FIGURE EIGHT ON TOP OF THE CAR AND WE JUST KILLED THE BULLSHIT OUTTA THEM.” Ghoul said. “ I would of loved to join you guys” Poison said. “ But am the one sitting on my ass in front of the wheel” He finished. “Hey Kobra you wanna drive and give your older bro a little break” Poison asked. “” Kobra said.

“Ghoul’s point of view*
Hours in the car can really take a tole on your neck. I hope we get to this refuge so I can see my awesome wife Jamia. She can give me a nice neck massage which leads to a little R&R time if you know what I mean. I wonder if Poison knows I have a full bag of weed in my bag. Poison and Sec would go crazy if they knew. Should I tell them or should I keep it for me and Jamia. Well if I give it to them they will probably smoke it in the car with a couple of beers tonight while at the refuge. They will get stoned and wasted and have long passionate sex in the bathroom. If I keep it for myself, me Jamia could smoke it and have long passionate sex in one of those old bedrooms at the refuge. Ok I made my choice, if you know what I mean.

Poison’s point of view

O’ my god how far it this damn refuge. I have been holding in my boner for sometime now. God all day, all I wanted to do is rip off Sec’s clothes and fuck her brains out. I am holding her hands tight with my free hand. Why am I so fuckin horny today. I need to stop lucking at Kobra and Ghoul’s porno magazines. I sound like a fuckin man slut. Snap outta it Poison. It drove me over the edge when I said I wanted to make babies with her, god that night will be the best night of my life. Hopefully tonight we will get to the refuge and we will have a couple beers and will smoke Ghoul’s bag of weed. God I am so happy Ghoul has some weed. I have been cigarette less for 2 days now. I even smoked some of Sec’s lady cigarettes because I was so desperate.
“Guess what guys, we are officially now leaving the outskirts of Battery City and will be at the abandoned army station aka the refuge in a half an hour.” I said with joy as turned the car to the road exit. “WOOOOOOO” everyone screamed in the back. I then noticed that the sun was starting to go down. Wow we have been on the road all day pretty much. “Let’s see what Dr. D is doing” I said and turned on the car’s radio.

Doctor Death would like thank you for tuning into station 109 IN THE SKY.
Your all with me now and there is no escapin. The sun is goin down with you to my lair were there is a Stairway all the way down to the fiery depths of Hell. Lets all start this journey to Hell with this next song!!! KILLJOYS WERE EVER YOU LITTLE MOTHER FUCKERS ARE...MAKE SOME MOTHER FUCKIN NOISE!!!!

Everyone started to make some noise as always when Dr.D said his famous line. He then put on a good headbanger sound to get us in the mood of reaching the refuge. It feels like I am a teenager again. Driving this car when it was in it’s glory days down to the beach with everyone. When BL/ind was just company that sold high end electronics that were cooler than Apple products. Then The fires of 2012 hit and they turned out to be fucked up sick people that are trying to take over the world. When were all just Gerad,Mikey,Frank,Ray,Dani,and Krystal. I remember driving down to the beach with the whole gang. I got the Danger Machine at a junk yard when my brother and were going through allot which caused us to be wondering around all the time. We pulled all our money to fix it and make it what it is today. I remember driving this thing to the beach for a night on the sand. I remember that day like it was yesterday. We were all in the car driving down for a night on the beach. The sun was setting we were headbangin and we just got outta school for summer break. We drove down to this beach that hardly anyone goes to which always makes it feel like it is our own private beach. I knew tonight was the night I was going to get my first kiss heck I even brought a rubber just in case for more firsts. I was so mad that Mikey got his first girlfriend and his first kiss before me. That was when Mikey wasn’t afraid to go farther then kissing Krystal. I guess I have to be “the late bloomer”, heck Mikey probably wasn’t a virgin by this time on the count of how fast they went when they were young.
We would pull up to the beach and just hang out, have a couple beers, smoke some cigs, start a fire, and just play around and enjoying the beach at night. The night we went when school let out all I could think about was how I was gonna say to her that I liked her. I am mean Dani was in a fuckin lime green bikini. Yes she liked green allot it always complemented her. When everyone left to go get Ice cream in the town, Dani and I stayed. She never was a big eater of sweets. She was sitting on the rocks and I was sitting on a beach towel by the fire. I brought my sketch book and started to pencil a drawing of her sitting by the rocks. I started to get a little nervous. She started walking towards me and all I was thinking is holy fuck she is walking towards me. I was like ok say it now or forever hold my peace.
She sat down next to me and smiled, she saw me drawing in my sketch book. She talked about how one day I would live my dreams as a comic book artist. She didn’t realize I was drawing a picture of her and I kinda made it look like she was this goddess. I got really nervous when she asked me if I could show her the drawing. Ok this was it once she sees the drawing she will know how I feel about her. I closed my sketch book and slid it over to her. She opened it up and looked at it and looked back up at me. She was stunned, she knew now that I liked her. Several cheek blushes and confessions of feelings later, it turned into Dani and I sharing our first kiss. I didn’t end up using the rubber that night but it came in handy in the future. I hope one day I will bring her back to that beach an propose to her.
“Poison....Poison....POISON!!” Sec screamed at me. I jumped when she then poked me in the shoulder. Shit I spaced out. “What, what is it” I asked her. She told me to look down. Holy shit, I gotta stop thinking about this stuff. I was able to hold it in all this time. “Hun we are only five minuets away. You couldn’t hold it for another 10 minuets,” Sec said. I felt really embarrassed. “ Poison you gotta stop fantasizing on the road, you might do something stupid” Ghoul said. “ Why does Poison have a giant stick in his pants” Grace said, “Doesn’t that hurt his nuts?” She asked with a concerned face. “No he likes it, it doesn’t hurt his nuts at all” Jet said. “Well I am surprised someone wants to put a stick that big in tight jeans.” Grace said back. “Well my brother thinks bigger is better. He wants to show he still has it” Kobra said laughing. “SHUT UP” Poison said crossing his legs.
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