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Getting slapped in the balls

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My opening chapter

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Poison’s point of view

I looked at my watch, it read 6:45am, wow it is still early, I keep waking up early for some reason. I guess that crazy night was making my self conscious keep me from sleeping. Heck my girl is usually up before me. Well I could take advantage of it and maybe wake her up and have a little action. We haven’t really had any action since Grace came on board, it is bad enough she got into the habit of cursing.
I slowly creeped over to her still sleeping body and started to trace the shaped of her collarbone. I nuzzled my face into her neck. When I started to nibble her a little, I felt something slap my crouch. “Holly fuck...giba...ragga....friccicn” I said grabbing it in pain. “ I was aiming for your thigh as a warning but I guess we had to skip the warning” Sec said giving me the evil smile. “’” I said struggling in pain. “ Hun were in a cave that could collapse any second and plus it isn’t even noon yet.” Sec replied. The rest of the gang started to wake up from the sounds of my screams. “ Poison did you try to have sex early in the mourning” Ghoul said in a half asleep voice. “ What is sex?” Grace asked looking right at me. “It is something fun that adults but in most cases now teenagers, do when they really love each other. What they do is...”Ghoul started to say. “UMMM THATS ENOUGH GHOUL!!!”I yelled at Ghoul starting to cover Grace’s ears. I like to sometimes take responsibility for Grace. I see me in her sometimes, growing up in a fucked up world all the time. I at least want her to have some kind of "normal childhood".
We ended up sleep in the unstable cave of rocks and sand since we just battled BL/ind agents again and nearly died this time. They started setting off bombs all over the place when we came close to getting to a safe area. We are now put back a step. We stopped somewhere off the map and parked the car by this old rock cave of sand and stone. We set up a small camp there. We were just way to tired to go on. I didn’t want to cause my sleep deprivation to do something stupid.

Kobra’s point of view

I was actually sleeping tonight like a baby for once. Then it all got fucked up when someone had to be immature and get kicked in the fuckin balls as punishment. I woke up to screaming and other bull shit. Sometimes I feel like I’m more mature than my older brother and that I am the older one. At least I don’t try to seduce Meth all the time. I give her the space she deserves. I know she likes it that way, we are having a responsible and mature relationship.
Hopefully we will make it out BL/ind’s sight for now to get Grace away from Battery City. I am surprised Poison took a little responsibility with her. Well taking on this side mission for Grace was kinda his idea so he should take some responsibility for her. Don’t get me wrong I love that kid to death but Poison should have some control on the situation. I saw Meth was beginning to wake up next to me. I loved when her dark brown hair was all messy and crazy. “Who punched someone in the balls” Meth said sitting up. “ Poison tried to be dirty in the early mourning. It did not go that well” Jet said. “ Shut up a kid can dream of ecstasy” Poison said with a girly attitude.“Ok we all know now that Poison ruined everyone’s joyous sleep” Sec said.

Poison's point of view

“Ok now that my “balls” have recovered a minor set back lets get an early start to get out of here” I said. Then everyone started to moan and groan like children. “ First you all wake us up early because you had to satisfy your horniness. Then you want us to give up an hour of sleep because we are all awake at the moment” Ghoul said. “ Ya I umm...guess”I replied back. Ghoul got me on that comeback. It was just a suggestion I mean they are not the ones driving so they are complaining that they have to sit their asses down in a car. What a bunch a whimps. But they are all still awesome. I wouldn’t trade them in for any other ones. “So are we going to do the early start or take another hour” I asked just wanting an answer. “Mine as well get going since were all up any way” Meth said. “ Your such a Killjoy” Jet said rubbing his eyes and yawning. “I know I am one” Meth replied back with a girlish attitude. Everyone just broke out laughing.......

Ghoul’s point of view

We have just gotten on the road and everything seams to be running smoothly. Just a normal day on the road. Poison is driving unsafely and going over the speed limit with one hand on the wheel and the other around Sec’s shoulders. Jet and I are hanging in the back seats with Gracie, lover boy, and Meth. I love how Meth always tries to get Kobra all hot n' stuff but it is like he gets overly nervous over it and has to break out that dang inhaler. It is like a security blanket for him. First it was the glasses and his inhaler, then he got eye surgery so he didn’t need the glasses. Now all he does constantly use inhaler like he has an Asthma attack every single second. I know when he is having Asthma attacks and when Meth tries to get him all horny, his nervousness and anxiety comes in the form of Asthma attacks. He just needs to just fuck her up already.
You make think that Jet and I have no love life. We actually do, we sent our girls to a safe zone which we are actually heading to. There we can find the people that are supposed to take Grace in. Oh how I long to be in the arms of my beautiful wife Jamia. She is probably sitting in the refuge thinking about me. Wondering everyday if I am dead or alive.
There actually hasn’t been any action all day. It looks like we are going to have smooth sailing the rest of the day. We should get to our destination in no time. Their we can drop off Grace and spend some time their re-grouping and getting ready for our biggest mission ever. A whole take over raid on BL/ind. We have actually motivated people over the course of the last two years we have been on the run. People we have met with the same motivations decided to join are cause as honorary Killjoys. They are all going to join us when we get to the refuge and plan the attack on them in Battery City. Were going to bring down these assholes.

Sec’s point of view

Poison’s got his arm around my shoulders, as usually, now when I am feeling really horny I can’t do a thing. Then when he is horny it is not the right time to fuck each others brains out. “ Poison I know your like concentrating in all but I’m feeling really horny now, just saying.” I said looking at him. “Now you wanna fuck....ugg...promise you will still be horny tonight if we get to the refuge” he said with a pouty face. “ I will see if I can I will just think about it all day to keep my mood up” I said teasing him a little bit moving my head closer to him a little bit. I think every time I moved closer to him he started to tighten up so I decided to be the Killjoy I am, and say something a smart ass would say. I went closer into his next and put my lips to his ear. “ Please don’t get a boner while driving we all don’t want to die when you crash into a rock because of distracted driving.” I whispered in his ear. Then he started to blush under his mask.

Meth’s point of view

Kobra was just sitting in the back seat with me holding my hand and looking out the broken window. All we do is kiss and hold hands on occasion, when I try to go farther beyond that, his dang inhaler ruins it. He is like “ahhhhh cough cough cough” or “I...need......air” then he inhales his little inhaler. “Hey Meth I dare you to try and get Kobra hot. It is so funny to seem act like he is having an asthma attack.” Ghoul said to me in a soft tone so Kobra wouldn’t hear him. “Well the sounds kinda mean...doing something like that to my own boyfriend....well...ok I will do it because I am bored....” I said. I scooted over to Kobra and started to smile. “Hey Kob you got a little something right here” I said and started to kiss him on his sweet soft lips. “I think you got it” Kobra said kissing me again. Ok this is normal because usually we will lip lock all the time but when it gets a inch farther it is another asthma attack.
I sat on his lap and continued to kiss him passionately as normal then when I start to move my hands from his smooth neck and lower them down a little, then it happens. “ Aghhh coughhh..hhhaaaackk....need...coughack....air” Kobra said getting me off of him and reaching for his inhaler in his pocket. He then inhaled his inhaler as usually. “ Ok I feel better everyone, I just had a little episode.” Kobra said. Everyone in the car started laughing. “ Meth, why don’t you let him breathe when you kiss him, maybe he doesn’t like when you try to block his airway with your tongue.” Grace said to me. Then everyone’s laughing got louder. “Ummm.....ummm....well you see, when two people really love each other and want to kiss a little......”Ghoul started to say. “Shut up before I do something really stupid to you that I will regret later” Poison said to Ghoul interrupting him. “I am old enough to know, I am going to be 10 in a couple months. Double digits” Grace said giving everyone the cutest girly smile. One day hope to have kids but Kobra will never ever make that happen.

Jet’s point of view

I think were actually going to have a day without any action today. Hopefully everything will run smoothly today. I looked out my window and I saw BL/ind peeps torturing two teenagers on the side of the road. “Hey Poison..” I said to him. “ You already read my mind, Jet” Poison said pulling the car to the side of the road. Everyone started to suit up as always I got ready to take out my guns from my holster. We pulled over and started to file out of the car. Of course it always the Draculoids causing bullshit. We have Grace under the backseat to keep safe. She is so tiny she can fit anywhere. I hope she ain’t claustrophobic though.I would imagine that to be uncomfortable.
Poison wanted us to not run out of the car and just walk out so it wouldn’t cause a bloody shoot out to put the lives of two teenagers getting tortured in danger. “Excuse me, is there a reason why you guys have one harmless teen in a headlock, and a another one with her hands to her back.”Poison asked the group Dracs. He just stood their waiting for an answer but the were sill causing problems to the teens. One of them was a girl with pale white skin and black hair that looked like it was chopped off at different levels with a dagger, who had her hands tied to her back with the Dracs holding them. The other one was a boy that had olive tinted skin with black hair also but was short with tiny gelled spikes, he was in a head lock with one of the Dracs. “Listen dude we have this under control, you can go” The girl said struggling to get out of the Drac’s clutches. “I beg to diver” Poison said taking out his gun. Two other Dracs then came and they started to pat down the both of them. Before they could reach them we all pulled out our guns and started to shoot at them since we had no other damn way to stop them. Then it got action packed when their back up came.

Kobra’s point of view

Dammit were back to shooting the fuckin brains outta these vampire faggot fan boys. It got intense when the back up came. I shot about 5 of then in last couple minutes. I noticed the teenagers were still in the clutches of Dracs every time I kill one and turn around. What do they want with these guys. “Now tell us, which pocket is the serum in.”One of the Drac’s asked the girl who started to pat her down again but he was killed by me before he got to her pockets. “Can’t you basterds leave us alone we have it under control” the boy started to say and kicked the Drac that had him in a headlock to the ground. “Your just drawing more attention to us” the boy said. He then ran over to the back of the Drac holding the girl and did this weird pinch on his shoulder causing the Drac to pass out.
“Holy fuck kid how did you do that.” I asked him completely blown away. “ Practice dude” the boy quickly said kicking the shit out of the other Drac. Then I saw him whisper something in the girls ear and she reached in her pocket and handed him a capped test tube with a brown liquid in it. Is this why they were after them.

Poison’s point of view

Bangs, booms, and blood was everywhere. Can’t a kid get a break for a day. I killed about six Drac’s so far and it has only been a couple seconds. Are these kids just like Grace getting chased by BL/ind for who they are. “Hey you two if you guys value your lives get in are car,” I said to them. “We told you assholes we have it under control!” The girl said fighting the Dracs like no tomorrow. “ He is right Nana, they will just keep coming for us as long we are still here we need to get out of here” The boy said. He took the girl called Nana by the hand and lead her secretly to our car. The rest of us just keep shooting the shit out of our guns at the Dracs.
The numbers of Dracs started to dwindle as we battled them for the next couple of minutes. Now there were only three left. “Meth, Kobra, and Jet, go back to the car and get it running we will handle this” Ghoul said. The others head back and it was just Sec, Ghoul, and me up against three Dracs. Easy enough when we started shooting one after another. When the last one standing was shot and started to fall down he shot one more shot with his remaining energy and my worst nightmare had then happened. The Shot brushed against Sec’s right forearm. She then went down holding it in pain. “ SEC!!!!!” I said screaming in horror and running over to her.
I ran as fast as I could to Sec in misery on the hot sandy ground. I got down on my knees to her. I could see her low cut green stripped jacket sleeve was tore and stained with blood were the wound was. “Holy fuck, please hang in there Sec your pain just kills me” I said to her scooping her up and carrying her back to the car. “HOLY FUCK, SHES BEEN HIT” Jet said getting out of the car with the others. I laid her down on the back seat. She was crying her eyes out. She could never take any kind of pain well. She is such a beautiful delicate flower that only the trust worthy can handle. “ Ok hun, take your hand off your arm so we can see how bad it is.” I said trying to help her grab her hand slowly off the wound. I had Meth in the car with me because she had some understanding of medical things because she wants to be pathologist. Right when she got her hand off the wound she saw the blood coming out and she went extremely woozy. She is Hemophobic so she doesn’t take blood so well.
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